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The firearms ones are available cheaper on Amazon, and are Prime eligible. Hardly a bargain.
Bought several of these (blue 21db) for my family for hearing protection at summer concerts. I also purchased some slightly more expensive ones on Amazon (Eargasm brand - Worst. Product Name. Ever). They are essentially indistinguishable from each other, and at $18 these are a pretty decent deal.

It completely changed the concert experience for the better. If you haven't used this type of earplug before, it's very different from using the regular foam or silicone type that muffle the sound. It's more like having a volume knob for the music. It changes the sound from the typical bass-heavy, hard-to-understand-the-words experience to something much more like what you hear on, say, a recording of a concert. Not only does it not distort the sound, I found it much more clearer and more enjoyable - both during and after concerts. I don't miss the ringing ears at all.

Like with in-ear headphones, fit is the biggest factor in a good experience. Try them on at home when you get them and if they don't seal well, send them back. Test them by putting them on and turning up the volume on your headphones - you'll know right away if they work.

Even if you don't get these particular ones, if you enjoy rock concerts, I highly recommend giving this type of product a shot. I was more being paranoid on behalf of my kids and their future hearing. I didn't really understand why anybody would want them until I tried them. I get it now.
How are these in industrial environments? I work around screaming diesel engines and hissing air but need to be able to hear my radio.
Hi, I'm currently using Etymotic's ER20XS for normal usage and SureFire's EP4 Sonic Defender plus for firearms usage. Will these be an improvement? I value natural frequency retainment in my daily ones and clear conversation in the firearms one- I sometimes use them on practice missions, and it is vital to pick up commands and responses.
I’m interested in these for the gun range. i know they have the -25db specifically for that but the case is ugly...would the -27dB hard rock ones be just as good? Or are the gun range plugs made differently/use special material designed for gun use?
From what I know firearms ear plugs are specially designed to minimise sudden, massive impulse waveforms, while allowing most regular soundwaves to get across
Definitely only use the ones designed for shooting when you're using firearms - they are made differently. The regular ones are great for concerts, but hardly do anything for gunshots.
Any thoughts on what’s best for warehouses with lots of conveyor noise? I have a pair of Etymotic plugs good for 12dB but wouldn’t mind a little more protection.
Guys, which would be the best for band rehearsals, and concerts??? Heavy Metal/Rock genre. I still want to hear the music of course, just not go deaf. I usually love the sound I get with just hear-o's but they wear out quickly. Any advice???
Any of these good for blocking snoring noise? Please.
Hey, did everyone have their packages ship?

I made two orders for this product, because it was in the last minute and I was scared if i canceled and made another order that I might lose the first one.

Anyways, one of my packages shipped a week ago, and the other one just says the label has been created. The estimated ship date here is May 11th, so normally I would not be worried. However, because one of my packages has already shipped a while ago it seems unusual / like my second package has been forgotten.

Can anyone who was on this most recent drop confirm that their packages have already shipped? Are there a lot of us who haven't had their packages shipped yet?

EDIT: I asked support about it but I think he just looked at the estimated ship date on my unshipped order, instead of checking whether the packages for this drop had already been sent out or not.

EDIT: Support refunded me
"And based on members' requests, this drop now includes earplugs specifically for the firing range."

I hadn't realized that target practice was a more widespread pastime among Massdrop members than going to concerts.

I'm not trying to be funny or cutting; I'm just surprised, since Massdrop started out mainly as an audio group-buy site. I wonder if that says something about the direction of hobbies in general: from passive appreciation to active.
number of people wearing earplugs @concerts (1 on 1000?) <<< number of people wearing earplugs at firing range (999 on 1000)
I hate to stomp on this drop but those Rooth ear plugs for use with firearms can be found for quite a bit less. Even amazon has them for $13.99. They are outstanding hearing protection though, and i've used them both at the range and while hunting for the past 15 years and can still get top scores on audiophile hearing tests.
The firearms earplugs are -$6, so $12 plus shipping.
I keep a set attached to the case I carry my AR15 in, so I'm never without some sort of ear protection. Super handy.
I already buy the Red ones for Heavy Metal Music. and I just try it last night when I go to the Heavy Metal Concert and I choose the front row to testing this Earplugs. The result from what I feel . The reduction of the loud sound is good and I can still enjoy the sound well without making my ears hurt after the show.
Don't get me wrong...I really like Massdrop, but always check elsewhere before pulling the trigger on a drop. Amazon has significantly lower prices for these. Even the highest priced firearm plugs are only $12.99 on Amazon, versus $$23.99 here.
Perhaps they can be repurposed to help instead with unpleasant odors--you know, since they come in pairs?
These are junk, a total waste of money. Neither set of inserts were large enough to fit in my ears. There was little difference when they were in my ears. I'm very disappointed. Is there a way to get a refund?
Yes, a refund would be appropriate in this case, I think, given the number of negative or disappointed comments.
It seems that Massdrop does a good job with bigger ticket items, but offers a lot of things in the impulse purchase price range that don't work out so well.
I've placed a defective product complaint, and have requested a refund, as I believe Massdrop misrepresented this item. It doesn't work as described. I suggest you do the same.