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Just received mine, nice watch indeed. Packaging is as Kavik said, failed. When I first saw the box I thought Massdrop must have sent me three watches (with plenty of space to spare) by mistake.

I must say the quality of nylon band is not up to what I expected. Nylon kind of falls apart at some edges of the band giving the band an used look, but I am sure the watch is brand new just the quality of the band.

Overall, happy with it.
Thank God Roue has some very solid packaging inside their boxes, because Massdrop totally freaking failed on boxing this. I'm pissed. 😠

This is the second small item I've received in a hugely oversized box recently. The other was a knife, didn't matter much, but the box was well padded so nothing could move inside.

This is a freaking delicate piece of electronics, and they throw it in the box with ONE air pillow thing. Leaving enough room for the watch box to shake around so much that it actually worked its way out of its cardboard sleeve!
Box is 20.5" long.

13 INCHES of that was empty space inside. Are plastic bags full of air really so expensive that you can't spare 2 more to pad $100+ worth of electronics??

That said....the watch itself looks super nice.
The hands on the cream face are more visible in person, as others said, but the orange ring isn't as vivid as it is in pics unfortunately
Still not sure I'm going to be able to tolerate wearing one after 20 years of not wearing anything on my wrists, but gonna give it a shot.
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Hi Kavik,

Thanks for your comment about the packing. I will share with MD about this.
I am glad about you saying that you do not wear a watch for 20 years but this one changed it.
I am sure you will like it even if sometimes.

You're welcome Alex. Hopefully the packing was just a singular oversight, would hate to think this is their normal for watch shipping.

I'll be honest, there are still some days where I can't bear to keep it on all day, it distracts me, and all I can focus on is the extra weight and the feel of something on my wrist.....but that's entirely in my head, and not the watch's fault lol
On good days I do enjoy it. And this model works equally well with jeans and a t-shirt or business casual, in my opinion.

No new complaints after a week (in case I don't remember to follow up with something more long term lol)
After 7 days it's gained 1 second (compared to my phone, time set by gps)
Is that good? Seems good enough my my needs lol
I'm in the same boat as a few others here, haven't worn a wrist watch in about 20 years.... But, something about this one....

Also a little concerned about the light hands over the light face, but the lighter one definitely looks classier than the black

Hmmmmm, decisions.....
how the heck are you supposed to read the cream colored hands on a cream colored dial????
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. They are not cream-colored though but probably a faint green because of being coated in luminous paint.

I would have liked to see the hands in the same gold accent that circles the dials edge, then apply the luminous paint down the center of the hands.

The hands probably stand out more in person. Photos just don’t convey much more than a 2D representation.

Hi, No worries about it, guys. If my father sees them... believe
me, the hands are super visible...
It’s so funny how many folks come into the forums here and sneer, “Well, it’s only $xx on Amazon!” Sometimes they have a point, other times they’re comparing 🍎‘s to 🍊’s.

That said, have you seen the price on Amazon for the CAL 1?!! $160.00!! I’d say the maker is being quite generous with this offer through MD.

I have not worn a watch in 16 years. But this just might get me to buy my first watch in decades. 😳🤭🤗
Might have to make this my first quartz in a while. Very cool design.
I'm really tempted, as well.
Gentlemen, I also opened a post in the "Talk" session with lots of other CAL photographs. Please visit!
Hi Alex,
Any chance this drop can ship earlier than May 10th? Hoping that I can get this before my trip!

Great designs. Wish you the best.
Although I believe so I am not sure because it is handled by Massdrop.
Literally ordered this from Amazon today. So glad I checked Massdrop! Thanks, Massdrop.
Lume on the hands?
Hi, Yes, lume on the hands.
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