Royal Glam x BKD Colored Wood Wrist Restsearch

Royal Glam x BKD Colored Wood Wrist Rest

Royal Glam x BKD Colored Wood Wrist Rest

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Handmade Wooden Wrist Rests in 4 Colors

A collaboration between Royal Glam and artisan BKD (two of the most prominent keyboard accessory makers in the mech keys community), these wrist rests come in four bold colors to pair with a wide range of keyboards and caps. Of course, that color doesn’t come easy: First the wrist rests are cut, then solidified in fire. Next, they’re treated with paint, sanded, and finally cleansed with oil to bring out the last bit of color and preserve the wood. The result is a completely new look for wrist rests. As each one is painted by hand, they may vary slightly in appearance.

Note: At checkout, choose between gray, green, purple, and yellow in sizes 60% (- $2), 80%, or 100% (+ $2). 


  • Royal Glam  (wood finishes - trimming, fire, sand, oil treatments)
  • Big Kid Designs (color treatment, finishes)
  • Material: Wood


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