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Royal Glam Resin & Ebony Wood Wrist Rest

Royal Glam Resin & Ebony Wood Wrist Rest

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What's the best way to clean this? I used a damp cloth earlier, and the lighter portion of the wood is actually very porous.. It is no longer smooth :(
Unfortunately, it's not sealed. The only good way to clean unsealed wood (that I know of) is to sand it, re-stain it and seal it so you don't have to do that again. Tried sealing mine with wood wax, but it's still picking up moisture from my wrists.
Can anyone recommend a more solid set of feet on these? The tiny nipples it came with keeps sliding off..
I put these on it. They stick well, but are too hard/wide which cause a bit of a wobble. Definitely looking for a better solution, but they are working for me for now.
Kinda bummed that I got one with some air pockets in the center. :c Here are some pictures.

Not happy at all with mine - many bubbles and 4 spots were the bubble broke through the resin and they tried to cover it up by filling it and re-sanding it. Massdrop support is awesome, however.

Glad to see some other people got some good ones!

Beautiful! Wish I had ordered a second to replace the boring all wood one I have on my tkl at home. It's sliding all over the place, but it sounds like it may have come with rubber feet. I'll check the box when I get home.

Definitely in for a tkl if this drop comes up again.
Nice, you actually got one with an interesting pattern! mine is pretty straight. There are 2 sets of feet in the box - one set of black and one set of clear. Try not place too much weight on it. It comes off easily if you, for example, like to rest your elbow on it. The feet could definitely be more beefy.
you got a really nice pattern on yours it looks awesome.
Got this a lot faster than I thought. The pattern of the wood isn't the most interesting in my item (I see some others got very nice patterns) but it looks very clean and I'm very happy with it.

It's been a few months, I would say I'm a heavy user of my computer/keyboard. The smooth/clear coat where my left wrist will rest while playing games is worn off making it slightly discolored in relation to the rest of the wrist rest and it feels more coarse. I still like the product overall but am a bit disappointed that this happened. I read it happened with others as well.
Just got my wrist rest, shipping was super fast! Unfortunately there are quite a few imperfections in the resin, more than I would like to see, especially the big bubble which seems to have been filled in with a softer resin and sanded down. Not a good look. I'm also slightly disappointed I didn't get a more "curvy" or natural/interesting looking piece of wood like in the product photos. Functions very well though, feels great to the touch and is much more supportive than my old gel and fabric wrist rest. Overall a decent product but the quality does not seem to match what is shown in the official pictures. I understand that blemishes are a part of the process but for $60+ I expected a little more than I received. Neat concept but I don't think I will buy again.

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but i think this is better than mine
Very neat concept, I haven't seen something like this before for a wrist rest, I like it
However, I've seen many other applications of resin/wood mixes and have to disagree with the "blemishes are part of the process" comment.
Those blemishes wouldn't fly if this were a blank for turning.
With proper molds, mixing, pouring and use of a vacuum chamber (and a quick blast of heat if needed)... there is no reason that air bubbles can't be avoided, even right at the joint with the rough edge of the wood
The drop just ended last week and delivery date is in May. I've received a shipping notification. Fastdrop incoming hopefully.
I was surprised myself. Very excited!
I bought one last go. Couldn't get it stay balanced and it was constantly rocking back and forth. Went back to my ducky wrist rest.
Almost bought but no sizing for 65% :/
Please add 96 keyboard size :(
Most 96-style keyboards are around 14" wide. You should be fine going with the 80%
when will this drop again?