Ryan Krusac Studios Limerick Fountain Pensearch

Ryan Krusac Studios Limerick Fountain Pen

Ryan Krusac Studios Limerick Fountain Pen

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Does this mean I won?
YES! Congratulations @selfbuilt on receiving the most endorsements for your limerick!
Please email "writing@massdrop.com" with your preference of Birdseye Maple or Kingwood.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, there were some great entries!
Unfortunately for those who Joined or Committed, we didn't get enough other members on board to make this drop happen right now. 2 users have already requested a re-launch, and I will speak to Ryan @RKSPens about when we might be able to re-launch this drop.
Woohoo! Done and done — super excited!
WTH happened? drop failed?
There once was a website called Massdrop Not to be confused with a junk shop Such beauties they sell It casts quite a spell They could even sell me a dust mop
It's a beautiful pen you make, Ryan; Why, the grain of the wood has me cryin'. Would I like one? You know it! And though I'm no poet, That's not going to stop me from tryin'.
There once was a young man named Sven Who owned a fabulous fountain pen He'd write the dullest squib But the extra fine nib Would make the reader shout Amen
Fountain pens and colorful ink, Are a terrible addiction and a link, For enabling massdroppers to feed this habit. Every pen our precioussssss, we drop the price and grab it, Leaving our wallets empty and our families judging.
I used my fountain pens in school Although no one ever thought I was really cool I sat there watching them use their BIC What a crappy pen it made me sick Fountain Pens!! What a great tool!!
Fountain Pens
Though pens are a daily-use tool Many don't think them that cool If they just took a second to buy one I reckon They'd realize that they were a fool.
Hi everyone -- We've got quite a collection of limericks, thanks for all the contributions!
In case you missed it on the Description page: if you would like to participate in the drop AND submit a limerick for entry into contest, you are welcome to do both - if you join the drop and win the contest, a full credit will be issued after the drop ends and we'll contact you by email.
I'm glad folks are having fun with this - I want to play, too! Here is my *non-eligible* contribution:
There once was an online community Whose members sought quality, but frugally. By shopping together, They fared so much better Than consumers not buying in unity.
here's mine this is my first: Wooden fountain pens are not usually better but this one makes me want to write a letter to the people who create these certainly to the eyes the please not taking any money decided by my wage setter
And a question - is this an 'Enter only once' kind of thing? I suppose adding more limericks could only dilute my own chances, but as a recovering slam poet it's itching at me....
As for contest rules you must follow The book, you should know, is quite hollow Write more if you please But don't beg on your knees If two entries near the middle do wallow.
First time writing a limerick ... not sure if I am doing it right ...
Cannot afford to shop Now here’s another drop My wallet's empty My savings are dry I’m broke! Oh please make it stop! :(

This is my first time writing limerick. Not sure whether it is right......
hi Ryan, does this take a screw-in #5 or 6 nib? thx!
A man with a pen quite exotic Declared, "I shall write verse erotic!" "There once was a man," His rude poem began His feat - some would say - was quixotic.
Hey everyone! Thanks for the kind words from all of you who are familiar with my work, and to those of you who are not, I look forward earning your trust. Happy writing to all! The poetry so far is great - good luck to all!
To AnotherNerd, I name all of my pen styles after a genre of literature. This one is the smallest pen I make, and the magnetic cap is so much fun to play with, naming it the Limerick seemed fitting.
While we fountain pen users are giddy At a chance at a pen that's so pretty. Sure, the top rated verse It will take home the purse But, wow, some of these entries are shi**y.

This is the Limerick XDDD ^^
why would anyone buy these stupid kit pens, no matter how exotic and carefully crafted they are, they won't write better than a cheap $5 pen.
Then don't buy one.
There once was a pen made of wood whose aluminum cap was its hood It had magnetic release and a section quite fleet and a nib that was fine and quite good.
There once was an man from Missouri, Whose prose gave him cause to worry, That his writing was bad, And this made him sad, He tried a new pen in a hurry.
That's a fancy pen I dare say And to win it I'll outplay! And so I will wright Win I just might And this cannot repay
Ryan's pens are absolutely first class. Yes, he uses commercially available parts, but that is where the similarity to the weekend hobbyist pen-turner ends. The woods are hand selected and meticulously turned and finished. His craftsmanship really shines in the hand-painted pens. I bought one of his limited edition pens last year for my wife and I am looking forward to collecting others.
I had to look up the pronunciation of the ziricote (see-ree-coh-tay) wood, which I've included here to help the below limerick rhyme.
Announced are new pen drops this day "Alas, but I own too many!" I bray So I speak with my wife She says "Not on your life! Well, maybe, but just ziricote"
For Edward Lear and his silly humor.
The PenIs Mightier Then The Sword. by Dmitriy Voronin
My favorite pen has a few things I find pleasant, It starts conversation and makes peers feel like peasants. The girls find it relative that I write with elegance. Alas - my elegance has no evidence. Since I forget to jot down their numbers, now I'm cubesent.
http://www.pennstateind.com/store/PKFP5110.html If you think this is a good product for you, consider that for a total investment of about $160, you could make one for yourself with your own hands. And then make more for about $20 per.
This is EXACTLY what I was going to say. These are so fucking dumb. This is the second one like this, too.
In case you missed it on the Description, we're making a special offer on this drop:
Any member who posts an original limerick in the Discussion comments will be eligible to win one of the two pens shown in photos - the winner will be decided by the post that receives the most endorsements when the drop ends.
If you'd like to Join or Commit and also enter the contest, we'll issue a credit after the drop ends.
I don't get why its called the Limerick. It not made in Limerick or a man from Nantucket with a...
Apologies for the bawdiness to follow, but that's how a limerick is supposed to be!
With striking exotic wood and a nib smooth as glass, Every inch of this beautiful fountain pen exudes class, Only were it a gift for my wife, Would its purchase not cause fear for my life, Otherwise I’d be found dead with a pen up my ass.