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Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control System

Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control System

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Regain That Loving Feeling

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot, only to be repelled by eye prescriptions or practical decisions, now’s your chance to claim your rightful glory. Putting you in the cockpit of a precision plane with a full set of controls, the Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control System is a combination of a joystick, a throttle, and a multi-function display that makes any flight simulator feel all too real.

Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control System

Highway to the Danger Zone

After the success of their X52, Saitek returned with the PRO model, adding a few extras to sweeten the pot. A complete Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) kit, you can access every flight setting without touching the keyboard. On the joystick, there is a two-stage primary trigger, four other fire buttons (including a missile trigger with a safety cover), two eight-way hat switches, and three toggle switches. To ensure centering and sensitivity, the joystick features an internal dual spring meahanism.

Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control SystemSaitek X52 PRO Flight Control System

Feel the Need for Speed

For the throttle, the central device is surrounded by a control stick at the thumb, a hat-switch, a slider control, two rotary controls, a scroll wheel, and two more fire buttons. Using a knob on the stick, you can alternate between three different control sets, giving you immediate flexibility between taking off and entering a dog fight. Within those three sets, you can also program two subsets each, allowing you complete customization.

Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control System

Cruise Controls

At the base of the throttle, Saitek included a multi-function display to greatly improve the potential of the device. After touching one button on the throttle, the display will show your assigned actions for the rest of your current set. Once you’ve mastered basic flight, you can use included software to program the display to show any setting or game detail you want, from radio channel frequencies to whatever else you can come up with. Solidly built, fully programmable, and a thrill to use, the Siatek X52 PRO Flight Control System let’s you get your Maverick on without worrying about ending up like Goose.

Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control System


  • Joystick
  • Precision centering mechanism
  • Non-contact technology on X and Y axes
  • Constant spring force
  • 2-stage metal trigger
  • 4 fire buttons including missile launched with spring-loaded safety cover
  • Metal pinkie switch
  • 2 8-way hat switches
  • 3D rudder twist
  • 3-position rotary mode selector switch with LED indicators
  • 3 spring-loaded, base-mounted toggle switches for up to 6 programmable commands
  • 5-position handle adjustment system
  • Throttle
  • Progressive throttle with tension adjustment
  • Detents for afterburner and idle
  • 2 fire buttons
  • Scroll wheel with built-in button
  • Mouse controller/hat switch with left mouse button
  • 8-way hat switch
  • 2 rotary controls
  • Smooth-action slider control
  • Clutch button initiates safe mode
  • Multi-Function Display
  • Advanced multi-function display (MFD) for real flying interaction
  • Two dedicated MFD buttons
  • Software development kit for creating game-specific programs to interact with the MFD
  • MFD backlighting
  • General
  • Adjustable hand size
  • Illuminated buttons in choice of red, green, or amber
  • Cable management system
  • Connectivity- USB 2.0
  • Compatibility- Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, XP64, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X


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