Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphonesearch

Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone

Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone

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Get on the Right Track

When you’re on the road or working in a small space, you need to condense your equipment into a few tools that can do it all. A powerful microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern, a built-in mixer, and a headphone output that lets you record instruments at the same time as vocals, the Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone is a portable and versatile device that replaces pounds of studio equipment.

Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone

Hype Machine

The first USB condenser mic with a built-in interface and mixer, the G-Track features a shock-mounted 19 mm diaphragm that can process high quality audio at soft and loud volumes. Able to capture up to 16-bit, 48 kHz audio, the accurate articulation is bolstered by a hypercardioid pickup pattern that ensures a smooth, flat frequency response. As you can record through the microphone and a line input at the same time, you can lay down tracks with both guitar and vocals without having to repeat yourself. If you need to adjust audio while recording, you can switch the mic input level and other playback options right on the microphone.

Samson G-Track USB Condenser MicrophoneSamson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone

Condensed Power

The G-Track is compatible with most computer-based music software, but if you need some help getting started, it comes with complimentary Cakewalk Sonar LE music production software. If you need to monitor without any latency, plug right into the 1/8” headphone jack. Small enough to take on the road and powerful enough to use in a dedicated studio, the Samson G-Track includes a desk mic mount, audio I/O cable, and a USB connecting cable for your complete convenience.

Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone
Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone


  • Samson
  • 19 mm diaphragm
  • Supercardioid pickup pattern
  • USB audio interface with 16-bit, 48 kHz resolution
  • Built-in mixer
  • USB bus-powered
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • 1/8 in (3.5 mm) stereo input for mono instruments and stereo line level devices
  • 1/8 in (3.5 mm) headphone jack for no latency monitoring
  • Input and Direct monitor selector switches
  • Volume, Instrument, and Mic level controls
  • Dual color Power/Clip LED
  • Solid, die-cast construction with heavy gauge mesh grill
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -40 +/- 3 dB/Pa
  • SPL: 132 dB
  • 6.32 x 2.87 in (160.5 x 73 mm)
  • 1.38 lbs (0.63 kg)


  • Cakewalk Sonar LE digital audio workstation software
  • Desktop mic stand
  • Audio I/O cable
  • USB cable


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