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Good news! New egg are offering the VEGA limit edition for $569 today 10/17/2017. and i just got it.
Nice :) just got rx 56 for $449. Gonna bios flash it to an Vega 64 nd have fun overclocking it. :D
" Estimated ship date is Oct 16, 2017 PT. "
and the drop still not started yet... interesting...
Wait what did the price here went for? Judging by the comments I guess it was over MSRP?
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Going for $449-$469 currently on newegg. Rx vega 56
That’s much lower than it was just a couple of weeks ago. I’d still get a 1070 instead Massdrop had a gigabyte 1070 for $399.
Wtf? $749.99?!?! What is this a listing for a Jesus shaped corn flake on Ebay?!
Is it still available on your profile?
No, I read other people's comments hoping it was listed at MSRP. :T
Thank you for taking this drop down Massdrop. Wise choice.
Also, the ASUS Strix Vega will be out, in about a month, with WAY better cooling, and likely about the same price. I'll pass...
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Plus, let's face it, reference cards are ugly AF. lol
My other point was that it's going to be overpriced just like all the other RX 64s.
When Massdrop first came around, it had some actual deals, but now it's just a site to buy things for Newegg prices, except here, you pay sales tax. Not to mention, anyone ever try to RMA anything with Massdrop? I can't imagine that's a very pleasant experience... Who buys this $h!+, from here, anymore? Do you ppl not use Google?
You can get ass raped at this price any day of the week from Newegg. Massdrop needs 20 people before they feel it's worth their time to lube up.
Well said 😂😂😂
For the people complaining about the MSRP, this card isnt being sold by AMD, its from SAPPHIRE.. And last I checked on amazon and newegg the price for the vega64 was not $499... Just checked newegg and there was one for $649 by XFX... dunno how reputable they are.. Second cheapest two are $679 by Powercolor and SAPPHIRE..

MSRP means jack squat with graphics cards, when they released the 1070 they said it'd have an MSRP of like 379 right? well actually im quite surprised I found one even for $410. but its been a year and a half from launch. At launch the card was way above the MSRP...
If anyone can get a vega64 for $499 ill be surprised.
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What if 1080’s or 1070’s drop in price?
nooo... i already get a CF791... so thatz why