SAXX Vibe Boxer Briefs (2-Pack)search

SAXX Vibe Boxer Briefs (2-Pack)

SAXX Vibe Boxer Briefs (2-Pack)

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Is that a Cantaloupe in your pants--or are you just happy to see me?

Mae West; look her up...
No pp hole, I'm out.
One size and color only. Pass!
I got these in a past drop and I loved them so when this one came around again I got sets of the drop because I just wanted more. That was a lot of money for 4 sets of underwear. I had no problems the first time, this time though I had to pay $40 in customs fees when they arrived. I guess just be careful when getting these shipped to Canada and be prepared for it, hopefully it's not a mistake on Massdrops side
Hi was wondering, I normally wear size M on Calvin Klein underwear, what size do I get for these SAXX?
Buyer beware.... These are great underwear, I own several. I would highly recommend. However, I have purchased twice on Massdrop and after waiting 3 months, neither were fulfilled. The order was just canceled. Even when purchasing from their website, there was a large lag time in fulfilling. Try to get your hands on these, but try to stay away from Saxx doing the fulfilling. Buy on Amazon or something.
If, you know, god forbid, you ever get into a bad accident, and they have to take you to the hospital, and you happen to be wear'n theses--you know, they're like going to undress you right? And I'm thinking you'd probably rather they would be fixing you or sewing you back up, instead of all rolling around on the floor and laughing in hysterics. 'Cause it's really important that the doctors and nurses can keep a straight face and be able to concentrate--'cause you know, they say the first 30 mins are critical--just say'n...
First hour. Not 30 mins. Golden hour..
You're allowing extra time for the laughter to die down, then?
If you can get the Platinum Saxx in a Drop - I’m in all the way!
thats all I wear, and the are top notch briefs by far.
really enjoy being able to pick from more than 3 patterns for once!
Does anyone else have trouble with Saxx riding up their legs? Bought two pair in different styles a while back, and neither will stay in place for more than a minute. Granted, that is a very comfortable minute, but having them bunched up around my thighs is less than desirable.
Buy the next size up and you won’t be bothered as much. I’ve found if I buy a size larger than what I would buy normally they fit better and don’t ride up as much.
Light the Fire to the MASSDROP MODS !!!!

Any chance on getting a Drop on the SAXX KINETIC Boxer Breirfs ?
All Black.

I ask since they are more breathable / functional for active use.

Thank you kindly for your time and thought.
I'll just throw this out there, Saxx are decent, but they are definitely not the best (IMHO, YMMV).

For those who want something comfortable to cradle their junk, try a pair of 2UNDR stuff.

Alternately, Icebreaker or other merino wool ones.

As far as pure comfort though, I can honestly say 2UNDR wins out over the SAXX any day of the week (and I'd love to love the SAXX more as they're Canadian, so closer to home).
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I have the powershift ones so maybe that's the reason for the difference in our prospective on this one.
I have some of those as well that I use while biking and they still maintain comfort after 4+ hours on the road
More camo and navy medium, please?
I use Saxx and they are...without a doubt...the best underwear I've ever had. No joke. Get a pair to try them and you'll see.