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I just received my box of Microtex needles and it arrived with a cracked box that had been scotch taped shut before placed in a tiny ziploc and shipped anyway!
VERY unhappy. Used three and each one broke almost immediately. I never break needles normally! Switched it back to my usual needle package and no breakage. I will not order again
Fantastic bargain
I received my order yesterday. Please check your order that all boxes are Microtex needles. One box of mine had regular needles.
Has anyone who ordered on this latest drop from Canada received their order?! My tracking shows it landed in Canada on January 11, and then that’s it. No further tracking and no package. Help!
Yes I received mine a while ago from last drop.
A fabulous deal..... usually 4.59 for5
Just ordered these. This is a good deal. They are over $56 on Amazon. 👍🏻😊
I am in need of machine embroidery needles. Will they be offered anytime soon? I saw that these needles can do either, but I would feel better knowing that my machine won’t break on me from using a universal needle rather than a specific needle only for machine embroidery. Thank You.
I use these on my Bernina for embroidery
Thank you!
Anyone know if I can hange the type of needle after joining? Grabbed the wrong one...
Hi Anester,
Yes, you can. While a drop is live you are able to make changes and /or cancel as needed. Just go into your profile in the top right corner of the page. Once there, click on transactions and you'll see this drop. You can make changes once there.
Thank you!
You can get the exact same thing for a lot cheaper on - $25-30.
I believe those are for the universal needles and not Microtex.
My mistake, you're correct. Thanks.
Hello does anybody know how much shipping would be to Australia for 1 box please and thank you
Hit the join drop green bar. You can find shipping many steps before real commitment.
Hi Vajtagal,
thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction
kind regards