Schneider ID Fountain Pensearch

Schneider ID Fountain Pen

Schneider ID Fountain Pen

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The Right Way to Write

Larger than most fountain pens, the Schneider ID features an ergonomic, award-winning design that includes an elastomer grip molded to make the “proper” writing position feel more natural. The pen accepts both standard converters and standard international cartridges, and is appointed with a slightly flexible, chrome-plated, stainless steel nib that glides on paper offering smooth writing. The hefty cap, fixed with a wide and sturdy clip, offers a satisfying click when closed, and snug, suction-cup like fit onto the end when posted.

Note: At checkout, choose the right-handed chrome version with a broad nib; or the left-handed chrome, lemon, or purple version with a medium nib. You can also add a matching ballpoint pen (+ $12), a 0.9mm lemon mechanical pencil (+ $12), and a 6-pack of cartridge refills (+ $3.50). These add-ons are considered "vintage" Schneider, and are discontinued with limited availability.

Schneider ID Fountain Pen

Left-Handed Option

A reverse version of the ID is made available especially for left-handed writers. The “L” model features a leftie nib and a grip adjustment that feels great in the left hand.

Schneider ID Fountain Pen

Schneider from Stride

Although you may not find them commonly distributed in the United States or in other countries, Schneider is a leading international brand for writing instruments in Germany. The company has been developing and producing writing instruments to the highest standards for 75 years, and is certified by EMAS for its commitment to sustainable business practices. Schneider is offered through Stride, a certified WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise) that has been distributing high-quality office products at reasonable prices since the 1980s. Dedicated to creating equal employment opportunities for senior citizens and people with disabilities, the company has made great strides in changing industry standards.

Schneider ID Fountain Pen

Color Options


Add-on Options

Ballpoint / Chrome
Ballpoint / Lemon
Ballpoint / Purple
.9mm Mechanical Pencil / Lemon


  • Schneider
  • Blue ink
  • Elastomer grip
  • Chrome-plated, stainless steel nib (broad on right-handed pen, medium on left-handed pen)
  • Accepts standard converters and international cartridges
  • Length, capped: 5.7 in (14.5 cm)
  • Length, uncapped: 5 in (13 cm)
  • Length, posted: 6.4 in (16.3)
  • Weight: 0.9 oz (26 g)
  • Made in Germany 


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