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nice keds
I never bought shoes online, how do i know what size should i get? Do they fit similar to the lookalike Vans?
I'd suggest going with your regular size that you usually wear. These are TTS (true-to-size).
Do read the comment section below as different users experience the sizing a bit differently.
I have 5 pairs of Seavees and they fit true to size. I wear 12 in Vans and 12 in Seavees. Hope that helps!
This is the style of shoes that made Nike and Adidas famous.
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these are obviously for looks, not practicality. Lots of folks, myself included, dont like modern sneaker designs.
Also, I personally find a flat footbed with no support or stabilizer gimmicks most comfortable. I have wide feet and high arch though.
I'm in the utility over looks/trend/fashion/peer-group, camp.

Two other points though: despite the cooked-up history claiming an authentic California lifestyle legacy, these shoes were made by BF Goodrich rubber company, not a bunch of cool surfer dudes from Huntington Beach, as the "marketers" would like to have you believe. ALL of the competing rubber companies sold nearly identical styles (US Rubber sold KEDs and ProKeds, for example) these guys, and I mean the guys marketing the shoes in the drop, have nor more right to claims of lineage or authenticity to anything "60s" or "California" than a McRib sandwich has to pork or Southern-Style Barbecue. What they've conveniently left out of that of that faked-scratchy history lesson (the video) is that all of these shoes, regardless of brand, SOLD FOR AROUND SEVEN BUCKS A PAIR! They were popular not because of the style, but because they were cheap.

Now I admit that "cheap" is a relative term, and if you can believe the folks at the Consumer Price Index (our government), $7.00 dollars in 1963 equates to about $58 in 2018 (shocking, no?) and if that's the case, MDs price of $49.99 is fair, but the implied MSRP $72 would be a rip-off designed to keep the aforementioned "marketers" of the lifestyle, in new Porsches, rather than resurrect and claim the Sixties for all the "cool people" on the planet. Which is to say: "never trust anyone under (or over) thirty" (so to speak).
Nice sneaker, excellent look. I like the narrow look and it doesn't bother my feet, but I can see where some might have a problem if they're used to buying mall-type sneakers.
I couldn't find these in my size locally to try on so I just pulled the trigger and ordered them on Massdrop. I really like the look and quality, but it turns out that the size 10 is both too narrow and too long for my feet. Are there any options for returns?
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I'd be happy to sell mine to you if you're still interested.
Sorry for not getting back to you. Seavees support recommended I wear my 9.5's a bit more to break them in and they fit better now.
Should have bought two pairs! Incredibly comfortable.
Glad to hear -- be on the lookout for more Seavees drops in the not-so-distant future! :)
Why is size 11 sold out in 3 of the colors? Seems odd that the only 3 sold out options are my size...
Do they run narrow? I gots wide feet...
Hi Can anyone comment on sizing? TTS, im always between a 9 and 9.5 in various shoes.

Also is the pricing good? I see these at all levels of pricing ...thanks
These are truly TTS (true-to-size according to the Brannock device) -- i'm personally a 9.5 in there and i'm a 9.5 in these.
I do like to buy sneakers a bit loose sometimes so i can get in and out of them pretty easily -- at 9.5 these fit just snug enough. I could have gone to 10 if i wanted to and be able to step in and out of them with the laces still tied (which is something i like in casual sneakers like these).
Hope that helped a bit!
I have other canvas shoes that just aren't that comfortable as an all-day wear. Even walking the mall leaves my feet aching for reprieve. Are these actually comfortable?
I'll let other folks chime in, but personally i'd say yes they're actually pretty darn comfortable, specially this model.
Against similar sneakers like Vans, i actually can wear these all day long and not feel like I want to take them off after 2-3 hours of walking.
I second that. I don't have this particular shoe but the Monterey is quite comfortable. They come with decent sole inserts that give some support, unlike a Chuck Taylor.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Chucks - but these are much more comfortable.