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Seeed DSLogic Pro

Seeed DSLogic Pro

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Made for Makers

An accessible and versatile electronic instrument, the Seeed DSLogic Pro was designed by makers, for makers. The DSLogic was originally funded by a Kickstarter campaign, and the Pro is an upgraded version that stays true to the company’s DIY roots: It’s open-source, extensible, and designed to allow endless innovation and creativity.

Seeed DSLogic Pro
Seeed DSLogic Pro
Seeed DSLogic Pro

Endless Possibilities

DSLogic Pro consists of a reconfigurable circuit board (DSLogic-Core) and extension modules. DSLogic-Core has a maximum sampling rate of 400 MHz, 256 MB of onboard memory, and an advanced trigger system. Alone, it works as a fully functional logic analyzer, and with various extension modules, it can also serve as an oscilloscope, a data-acquisition system, a protocol analyzer, and even an RF analyzer.

Seeed DSLogic Pro
Seeed DSLogic Pro
Seeed DSLogic Pro
  • Seeed
  • Casing: Unibody aluminum
  • Input channels: 16
  • Max sampling rate: 400 MHz at 4 channels, 200 MHz at 8 channels, 100 MHz at 16 channels
  • Max sampling depth: 1G/channel at stream mode, 16M/channel at buffer mode
  • Hardware memory size: 256 MB
  • Threshold voltage: 0 ~ 5V (continuous adjustable, 0.1v step)
  • Min pulse width captured: 5ns
  • Input bandwidth: 50 MHz  
  • Max state clock input: 50 MHz
  • Trigger position support
  • Advanced trigger stages: 16 stages
  • Advanced trigger count: 16 bits
  • Advanced trigger set: 2 sets per stage  
  • Input voltage range: -30 ~ + 30V
  • Input impedance: 250 kohm / ~7pF
  • State sample support
  • External trigger input support
  • External trigger output support
  • Support for 40+ protocol analyzers
  • Upgradable hardware
  • Compatibility: Windows, Linux, OS X
  • Dimensions: 3 in x 3 in x 0.4 in (7.9 x 7.4 x 0.9 cm)


  • DSLogic Pro core module
  • USB cable
  • Shielded wire bundle
  • 16 clips for logic analyzer


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Estimated ship date is May 24, 2017 PT.

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