Seeed L3D Cube (8x8x8 Full Color Kit)search

Seeed L3D Cube (8x8x8 Full Color Kit)

Seeed L3D Cube (8x8x8 Full Color Kit)

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Whoever buys this is a tool.
It's not worth $300. It's hardly worth $100. I bought it here a while back. Get the $100 one on Amazon. It's much better for the price. It was about $80 when I bought it six years ago, but it's still better than this one.
Is it just me, or does anyone else think that, with an HDMI interface, this might make a great 8 channel VU meter display for multi-channel sound systems? :) Too pricey for me to even try at this point, though.
It really Needs A Purpose.
this thing looks like it's about $30 of parts, if that. Crazy people are paying $300 for it..
I'm heartbroken :( just received my cube today and put it together, and only the back two rows (out of 8) are lighting up. I suspect the board might be broken because all the LED strips are connected properly.

Update: I replaced the first LED strip that wasn't functioning (back to front, left to right) with one of the two spares I received, and that fixed my issue! Now they all light up.

I just can't justify $300 for a lightshow, even though it is a very cool concept. I'll probably just end up taping glowsticks to my dog, like usual...
Is it just me or did the price go up $200?
This historically has been on Massdrop for $299.99. We have never sold it anywhere near $100. I think that you might be thinking of this product.
You can still get these on ebay extremely cheap!
I have received it and came back for comment. This thing is expansive as hell, but it worth every single penny.
After assembled it, it looks as beautiful as the advertisement photo. Everyone deserved to have 1 piece of this art and I hope the price could drop to like $49.99 for everyone to have it. The whole thing is very well designed include the package, which you will receive a small size package, and after assembled the actual thing is actually quite big. The acrylic cutting is very accurate and flawless (you must follow their step or else it wouldn't fit). Also it is great that it does give you some redundant led and case clip in case any piece is dead on arrival or lost.

Also for any electronic project the most painful thing would be troubleshooting. For my case, after plug in all LED I thought it may need some troubleshooting, but no, it just worked flawlessly. The only bad thing is when during assemble, one of the base of led bend badly (on arrival, not done by me), and I have to bend it back and prey it not break.
Otherwise it is very simple to assemble. The most painful process is to tear the protective sticker on acrylic case, and to screw in the screws on very edge of case, the screw is non-magnetic and it is PITA to aim it at some depth in the case where the clip can drop easily before screw in.
Expensive or Expansive? There is a difference don't ya know. imho, I think you meant Expensive, but the thought of expanding it to a 2x2 or 4x4 array opens up an whole new set of possibilities. but at 200 a pop it's a non starter for me
Expensive. Forgive me my lord for the typo . $299 a pop is very tough to swallow I fully agree this.
I just hope that it can be more affordable too, or else if nobody buy it (because of too expensive), it will be gone forever.
Didn't this previously drop for around $260? I thought it was a mite expensive at that price... $300 seems like a lot.
I did saw that drop very long time ago, but on that time I ran out of money.
Well it is sad and we need to get over it. I have bought one at this price, I received it and even at this price it worth every single penny.
Just how popular did anyone actually become after buying one of these?
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Thumbs up to you as well, Sir! Great picture by the way!
Wish I could take credit for it--just something I picked up along the way.
All the best!
please do a drop for the 16x16x16 version!
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Here's a 12x12x12, but you've got to build it. It's $321. I wouldn't want to attempt this thing though.
And how am I supposed to pay for that? My looks, perhaps 😂