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Seiko Prospex Kinetic SKA Watch

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I really wanted this Seiko "BFK" watch as it's one of the dive watches that I have been looking to buy for a few years now. I have absolutely no idea when or even if this watch will be coming back for sale here on Massdrop though. I ended up buying it (model SKA371) from another online retailer and I paid a lot less than what it sold for here once sales tax was added. I placed my order on a Friday and I had it on my wrist the following Monday.

I like the idea of Massdrop and I will continue to "window shop" here in the future, but all too often it's just too inconvenient due to the long order collecting step and then the long shipping time and my last few orders for Seiko watches have been elsewhere. I ended up saving money too compared to the Massdrop prices for the exact same watches. (They were gray market sellers with vendor warranties just like Massdrop.) Sorry Massdrop. I really want to be a repeat customer but your business model often just does not work out too well for me. My last order took almost a month to arrive.

Other online retailers are able to charge less for the same watches and they are able to ship out orders the next day or even on the same day that the order was placed if it was placed by a certain time of day. This is just a hypothetical question but if they are able to do that, why cannot you? Maybe I am the only one but I don't see any advantages to buying from Massdrop when, in the end, it costs more money for a more inconvenient ordering process.
$550 no way this watch is going for waaaay less on many other websites.
I totally would have jumped all over this one, but I’ve got the SKA579 already, buyers are going to love it!
waiting for the turtle to drop again!
So Glad this finally dropped :) Committed!
This reminds me, I still need to build my arduino kinetic watch winder.
한국사람 중에 구입 하시신 분 손!!
남자는 섹시하지 않다
Is the metallic whit blue and red...?
Seiko Kinetics are very poor cousins of Citizen Eco Drives. My two Eco Drives have varied by less than two minutes in eight years.
Seiko Automatics are the longest lasting beauties. Far better than than most so called Swiss watches.
But a Presage and be in seventh heaven.
I have a SSA309 and it's the pinnacle of engineering at a great price.
The difference between the two black faced watches is just the strap, correct? Nothing else?

While I like metal bands just fine, they often put too much "shiny" on my wrist. For me, I would rather go with the rubber strap and get the price savings if the watch itself is the same. Then take it from there if I feel like replacing the strap.

Mine arrived today. Love it, and I can finally retire my old faithful SHC041.

It came in a white Seiko presentation box and outer box, with swing tag, booklets, and protective plastic all in place. Interestingly, the charge gauge indicates it arrived with about a month's worth of power reserve (20 seconds on the gauge). There was also an empty 4" x 6.5" plastic (non-ziplock) bag in with the watch, which makes me wonder whether it had been previously removed and replaced in the box. Meh, I've used the bag to hold the three links I removed from the band.

Speaking of the band, beware if you remove links yourself. This type of bracelet uses a pin and collar system, and if you're not careful you may drop one or two of the tiny collars without even noticing. Ask me how I know! If you're unfamiliar with this system, do a little googling before you start pulling things apart - I could have saved myself ten minutes of searching the carpet for wayward collars if I'd just done some research first instead of charging in unprepared.

Finally, the paperwork included the Seiko international warranty card, but of course it's not completed by an authorised Seiko dealer (it's not filled out at all), so technically there's no warranty. Which begs the question: if an unscrupulous owner was to fill out the card themselves, do the service centers ever actually check where it was sold?

Was about to buy, but with the tax cheaper at JOMA shop.
so I've been wanting to get into the watch game for quite a while now and this is the most beautiful drop I have seen.. but my question is how will this look on a 6-6.5 inch wrist? I understand that it's known to be quite big but how big? i wear a 42mm apple watch with a milanese loop band and that looks just fine. does anyone with a small wrist have experience with this watch?
I think a 42 mm case is pushing it for your wrist size. I have a 6.5 in wrist and I do wear some 42 mm watches, but not all 42 mm watches wear the same. This one looks like it will wear big, particularly that lug to lug measurement which seems likely to extend beyond the sides of your wrist.
Im wearing the SRPB55 which is a 43 mm case, but the lugs are very short so the lug to lug is only about 47 mm. I feel like this is about the absolute limit for my 6.5 in wrists.
I have this watch. Just a warning, Kinetic only makes sense if you will wear it often. The kinetic mechanism consists of a mechanical charger and a battery. It takes a lot of wear to charge the battery a little I bought the watch for use on occasion (e.g., on vacations, etc.) . Unfortunately realized after buying it that it needs regular wear to keep charged. If the battery goes too low (from non use), the battery could get damaged and may need to be replaced. Automatic or solar are better options for infrequently used watches.

If you wear regularly it should work great. I wear mine infrequently; and generally find the watch has dropped to the lowest charge level. I should have bought an automatic or solar for this "vacation" watch.
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This watch cannot be used with a watch winder. period.
They are notorious for failing if not worn everyday.
Induction charging winder necessary

Please ! I have a SUN043 . NOT SURE ABOUT THE NUMBER.
Lately I've been grabbing my watch before starting a movie. While watching the movie I'd swing the watch back and forth for most of the two hours. In handful of wearings I've brought my watch up to the second level of reserve. What a pain in the a##!!!
Can anyone confirm the difference in case diameter between the SKA371P1 and the SKA371P2? The few websites I've visited have them all listed at the same diameter. I'd like the larger diameter, but I'd also like the option of having a bracelet to pop back on for different occasions.
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P2 was $20 cheaper and I just realized I don't have any divers on a rubber strap, so P2 it is.
MD says P2 definitely 44mm while P1 is 42...