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Sennheiser HD 579 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 579 Headphones

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Guys could i please have some help...I just got these headphones new...and they crackle most of the time.......even when playing music such as metal when it shouldnt be noticable. Can you guys please help with some fixes.
I dont seem to have these issues when i plug them into my iphone but only with ipad and pc
Eh... try headphones on other PCs and check how other headphones crackle on your iPad and PC. (Contact support if it is the headphone problem -->I assume it is under warranty since you got it new)
Thank you so much
i got a replacement because they kept on crackling with other devices.
Anyone looking for the short cable can find one here

Probably not the official 5x8 Sennheiser sells on their site (and is always out of stock) but just got mine today, and I can’t notice a difference between the stock cable and this one.

Also $3!
Got mine yesterday, and I have run them through a Fulla 2 for my laptop and through a Vali 2 for my turntable. Excellent sound, highs are not too harsh and the bass is a vast improvement over my other pair of cans (Grado SR60e). I'm really happy I got in on this drop.

I'm looking forward to hearing the HD-6XX when it finally arrives in another couple of months.
Could you tell me how these compare to 6xx?
Got mine today and package was in pristine condition :). They sound great on my MSI laptop which supposedly has a better-than-average dac/amp. Blown away with the sound quality for the price I paid. Thanks Massdrop!
Got mine today. Im surprised the my phone can drive them so well it struggles a little with the Game Ones and they have the same impedance.

Anyone have a suggestion for a shorter cable?
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There‘s this:
NewFantasia Replacement Audio Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD598 / HD558 / HD518 Headphones 1.2meters/4feet

Anyone have experience with this one or have a better option?
They're solid cables. I use them with most of my cans for a 4ft and 10ft cable. I will note, the mic cable version for the HD 579 does not work. By the time I got around to using it I was past return period. Not a huge deal but a nuisance nonetheless.
Got em today :) So happy, they're great.
Got a shipping confirmation email, it's happening!
Same. And 11 days early!
How does the sound signature of these compare to the 569s? Is the bass and sub-bass at a similar level? I liked the mids in the 569 since they were clear but never too harsh, same for the top end which was smooth and present just enough.
These are open back headphones. Do they leak sound pretty bad or are they all good? I ordered the HD6xxs and was thinking about picking these ups for portable headphones, but if they leak sound I might not buy these.
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i have no experience with these headphones yet, but good public headphones i use are the audio technica m40x's. i got mine on sale for 80, but i think they run usually ~100
All open back head phones are going to have this sound leak but its not a problem since that is how they design works. What you want are close back headphones for public use or IEMs
What amp/dac (preferably under $150) would go well with these HD579. They would only be used at home.
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Any dac/amp combo can drive this. Literally any ideas them. You don't need a desktop stack or expensive solutions to make it work right.
The Schiit Fulla 2 would be a nice entry level device. It pairs well with my HD599s and HD569s (excited for the HD579s to complete the set). Whatever you choose, I would recommend sticking with something solid-state. The HD5x9s I have sound a lot better on SS amps vs tubes (at least in my opinion).