Serge Panchenko Thorn Generation 2 Slipjointsearch

Serge Panchenko Thorn Generation 2 Slipjoint

Serge Panchenko Thorn Generation 2 Slipjoint

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Is this custom made?
No. It's considered a mid-tech- a step above a production knife (purely subjective). The parts were made by Millet Knives and then assembled and finished by Serge Panchenko's shop. Some mid-techs have a limited number they make. In this case 40 will be produced. Hope that helped!
While I can't personally justify the cost of this one, I just wanted to say that I love that it exists. Very unique and I dig the design
I agree with you here! Really unique design, the price though, the price! The price completely made it an instant nope.avi for me!
Again Spain is out of the shipping game. Please review laws as the size is not as big to have any problem with Spanish government. Thx.
Well respected designer, great manufacturer, interesting design, unfortunately not for me. I'm not a fan of the overly distressed look and the oddly large offset between blade and handle. For those that like it, this looks like a good deal on a quality midtech here.
I've got a cleaver bean and I LOVE it for use at work (I do a lot of breaking down boxes). At $175-200, I'd recommend one of these in a heartbeat, but at $275, I'd be more likely to only recommend it if you REALLY like the design or have a very specific use case for it.
The bean is closer to $400 isn't it? For about the same blade length and functionality of the the thorn. This drop seems like a good deal if you are into this sort of knife!
These are in stock at a couple of online retailers for $350-375 so this is a good price, if you can accept they are worth it. I’ve been trying to downsize my knife collection but I’ve also wanted to try a Serge/Millit knife. Tempting...
It's a beautiful knife and being I spent $200 on my Spyderco Techno I'd say it was a fair price for a custom, of course my Techno is built like a little tank.
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Yes, you're right, a custom would be a one off with input from the buyer, while the Thorn is more of a limited run.
That and when I think "custom knife" I think hand made, or a lot of it is. I think these are more of designer production knives.

Serge's design are all pretty cool and unique looking.
This thing sold out in a few days at $370 on another site. So... $275, yes please.
I got my Thorn last week, so after a bit of pocket time I wanted to share my take on it. First, I understand it may fall into the love it or hate it category function, design and materials wise. I really like the distressed brass and the blade shape of the Thorn, the fact that it's different from the knives I currently own is the reason I went for the drop. The fit and finish is great, expect nothing less from Millit Knives, the action is smooth and the blade is sharp. The gold anodized spacer is a cool touch. The detent slip-joint keeps the blade closed and opened, obviously with less than standard slip-joint force, but it's also easy to open and close with one hand. I'm happy to be able to own and use a piece of Serge Panchenko's functional art and I hope to see more of his designs on MD in the future. Happy 2018!

tldr- Cool little knife! 😎

@BrainFlush I don't think he/she was being RUDE or NAIVE, he/she was being realistic. No way that knife is worth $275.00 I don't care who made it.
Doesn't really matter, it's what it costs and Serge has no issues finding buyers lol. Not everyone wants to just buy Kershaws.
its worth it to the many people who think it is and buy it.

and yes, this wouldn't sell well in Wal*Mart at this price
Again no Spain delivery... :_(
I'm not into knives, but this is pratty cool looking.