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Shure SE846 Reference IEM

Shure SE846 Reference IEM

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Been using the Shure Se535 already 2 units had to go back due to distorted earbuds. Hope these are worth the money anyone experience any issues with the Se846 and are these good for listening to rnb hip hop. If they are will be looking at getting these bad boys :) hope the drop wont be to long
Are these ever coming back?
Still waiting for a massdrop on these. Please please do one its been too long I want to get these so bad to upgrade from my other shures but not for the price of 1k its too expensive any help and discount is better than nothing would appreciate it
I ordered mine three days ago! Not from here but from a site called E-Infinity, for _579 euros_, like 40% lower than anywhere else I've seen, including this drop. It sounds too good to be true; free international shipping from their British location to Sweden, import fees included and a ridiculously low price, so I'm kinda worried.

I've been googling like crazy about the company, and they seem to be legit, and they have tons of positive reviews on I paid through PayPal, the order has been shipped, I have a traceable shipping number (DHL) and they've included a photo of the product + package + my credentials before shipping.

Has anyone else here ordered from them before?

EDIT: Forgot the link to the actual IEMs:
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any updates on the headphones, did everything turn out alright?
did they arrieve?
Want them so bad :(
Still hoping for a new drop...
Hi guys, I am sick and tired of using my Se535's and now decided it's time for an upgrade. I am interested but would like some feedback on these 846's before spending best part of £800....
Make a MassDrop edition of these XD
Hey, if you ever get the chance to read this, please do so.

I understand that you might not have any more than like 23 units, but you gotta understand that I actually need a pair of these.
The reason why I say that I "need" these is because I loved collecting earbuds and whatnot... particularly the cheaper ones, and I needed these to be added to my collection of earbuds and other things at home because I actually want to use this app for some very beneficial reasons. If I don't have these, my life won't ever be happy again, however it is understandable that it might be randomly generate for a winner or whatever, but if it isn't, then it's at least worth a try. The reason why I love these specific type of earbuds is because of how much gear is packed into one tiny brick. It's kind of cool. The best part of it all is of the fact that I'm one for extensive amounts of listening to dynamic tunes, sounds, bass, and other things that only these earbuds have, so these would be perfect for me.

This may not sound legit, but it's best if you give the un-affordable to the poor. I may not seem poor, but my parents might consider selling the house if we can't pay bills, so why not give this a shot? After all, I am in WA, the state, so it shouldn't be much of a major issue.

Like I said, I understand if you can't pick specific people, but this is still worth a try.

Thank you for acknowledging.

Sincerely, a new user to this website and the audiophile community.
Hi, I have just joined MD. Am interested in the SE846 as well but note that this discussion has gone on for 2 years. Does that mean it is pretty hopeless? In that case what is purpose of this discussion and any polling system? Like most people I don't like being jerked around.
Got tired of waiting, so I went ahead and just bought these from a store.
Truly a worthy upgrade over the SE535s which I've been using for nearly 6 years.
Love this one! When will it be active again?
Requested so hard.
The share button has never been more purposeful. Love the pic haha. Come on Shure!!!
Would love for this to come back. Missed it the first time
@massdrop when can we expect this drop?
Any word if this is coming in the near-ish future?
anyone know how much was the last drop? thx!
was around 779.