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Sierra-2 Reference Ribbon Monitor

Sierra-2 Reference Ribbon Monitor

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Any thoughts or feedback for those that got in on the last drop? Love to hear your thoughts.

I have the monitor audio gold 100’s with their ribbon tweeter and I really like them. Still would love to get a pair of Sierra 2’s or Sierra Luna’s for my office.

I'm sure you can find a ton of impressions on the Ascend forum.

Very detailed and sweet(not harsh) sound, Wide sweet spot, Pin point imaging

Bamboo cabinets are rock solid and the speaker looks great in both my Natural and Expresso colors

Massdrop purchased speakers did not come with Ascend stickers and hand gloves, which was a bummer but i didn't worry too much about it

UPS shows delivered today. Gonna unpack them this evening
Wow, this drop shipped almost 3 weeks early - not the norm here at MD.
Do thanks go to MD, Ascend, or both?
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Yeh, thats all that matters

There should be a magnetic cover on the ribbon tweeter that you need to slide it(upwards?) to take it off. Be careful not to touch the tweeter itself during this
I'll see how these compare to my P3ESR's.
Thanks for the warning about the tweeter.
These look incredible and so is the warranty!

Any plans to do a drop on the Sierra Luna speakers any time soon? I am thinking those smaller speakers would be a better fit in my office application. I really want to get some of your speakers. Thanks
I recently got the CBM-170 speakers. They are excellent. Even though these cost a lot more, I would have no problem buying the Sierra-2 without hearing them first.
or buy Adam Audio f5 nearfield studio monitor with proprietary accordion tweeter and get comparable sound for under $500 per pair
Can these compete with a pair of Harbeth shl5 or c7es3? How do they compare in terms of soundstage width or depth?
Are these active or passive monitors? I'm looking for a good pair of active studio monitors to sit on my desk. These will be paired with my Mac, as well as a pair of M50X headphones. Possibly with a pair of openback headphones in the future. Thanks!
these are passive, you'll need an external amplification source
Not to seem trollish, but would these speakers sound 5x better than, e.g. the new Monoprice Monolith bookshelf speakers, or the new Emotiva equivalents? Both have a similar RAAL tweeter, smaller, but high quality midrange drivers, are well reviewed, sold direct to consumer, yet cost around $300/pair.

I'm not even sure there are significant build quality differences, either. The Monoprice cabinets, at least, are surprisingly well constructed, feature the nicest binding posts I've ever used, and to me at least, aren't aesthetically inferior when compared to the Sierras.

I'm certainly not golden-eared, and don't engage in any critical listening, but if the Sierra's can be expected to sound significantly better in a 5.1 home theater setup, I might try them.

Can anyone comment on their sound quality versus bookshelf speakers such as those I mentioned above?
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I had the emotivas before my Sierra 2s and can tell you with certainty they sound significantly better.
You don't have to do any critical listening to enjoy good speakers. I have a pair of Emotiva speakers and they are fine for what they are, but it's not really a fair comparison. I don't really like them as they are very flat sounding. There is no separation of sounds, all the highs bleed together, same with the lows, and the soundstage is very narrow meaning there is no spaciousness in what you hear. I don't own the Sierra-2's, but I do own the towers and a center with RAAL tweeter. For surrounds, I have the Acend 340's, which you could say is a closer comparison by price. The 340's are hands-down better than the Emotivas. It's not even close.

Since you can't quantify opinion, it's hard to determine value. Will a McDonald's burger fill you up? Yep. Is a Saltgrass Steakhouse Rib-eye 15x better than a McDonald's hamburger? It is to me.

So, the answer to your question is, yes, the Sierra's can be expected to sound significantly better. Until you try them or another good pair, though, it's hard to know if you will find value in them. To figure this out, Ascend offers an in-home trial. I'm not sure if it applies through Massdrop, though. In either case, you could try the Sierra's in stereo and get something cheaper for surrounds. Don't skimp on the center channel, though. I would get a 3rd Sierra for center when you are ready.
Another owner here. I bought them with the last drop and have them paired with the Linear Tube Audio Zotl 10 MKII which pushes 10 watts per channel and I cannot go past half volume [someone has to explain that to me]. At any rate, easy to drive and they sound fantastic no matter where you are in the room, but they sound incredible in the ribbon sweet spot which I have found to be fairly large and to be where you would normally sit for a listening session. I bring people into my listening room, sit them down, start a song, and watch that smile come across their face. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have.
" sound fantastic no matter where you are in the room" - This is so true
On KEF Q100 , if i dont sit in the sweet spot and shifted slightly to the right, i can hear the center image shifted left in the plane of speakers. This means on music, movies, Youtube vids, you always hear the dialogue coming at an angle
With Sierra 2, sound comes from the point in the plane between speakers, that is located straight across from your position. This image follows you if you move left or right. This, along with the detailed sound brings the feeling of realism, i think.
BTW, speakers are relatively large in size. So 28 inch stands are probably the correct height for most users with sofas/recliners, as it puts tweeter at ear level