Smart LED RGB Bluetooth IP68 Strip Lighting 5Msearch

Smart LED RGB Bluetooth IP68 Strip Lighting 5M

Smart LED RGB Bluetooth IP68 Strip Lighting 5M

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Does anyone know if this works with Amazon Echo Dot?
this does not work on echo dot
it says it can be used outside but i live in northern sweden so....can it survive -40 C?
it should be able to unless water somehow gets in
Before anyone buys this, if you are suing an Android phone or tablet running Android 7.0, this strip does not connect and you cannot change the lighting on it. Just so that no one else gets these just to store them away because they don't work.
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probably yes
They work with my device and I have 7.1
Why not buy the same thing for the 3rd of the price?, from ebay instead 16feet for 15bucks ?

This is similar, but other kind of remote, in total everything 16$, free shipping world wide.
PSU - Controller and 16 feet of waterprof, 5050, RGB lights ==>
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The 1st link I gave you was IP68, 16 feet, for 30 bucks less then massdrop

And for 30 bucks, u can easy find a PSU and controller at E-bay. Not to mention world wide shipping.
the construction is clearly different. There is a trapezoid construction of the waterproofing, whereas the cheapies have crescent-shaped silicone. This may be polyethylene instead of silicone giving it longevity.
Add in a bluetooth and app controlled controller made with higher quality components and you have your money's worth. The cheap chinese stuff breaks all the time.
I was wondering, it is listed here as "Input Voltage: 100 - 240V" but on the label of the power supply it says "Input Voltage: 100 - 120V".
If it is 100 - 120V then it is not safe for me to plug it in directly.
Has anyone knowledge if it really supports 100 - 240V?
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No, I received the same, but since I had to get another power supply anyway. Sorry to tell you that.
I really don't know why the wrong power supply is included.
I contacted the factory making the power supply. Here's the reply:
Dear Kao,
This power supply is 100-240Vac,It's no problem for 264Vac if they are produced from our factory.
Best regards,

So with a lot of apprehension and a fuse, I plugged the power supply in and meter the output.

Guess what?! He is right! output very stable at 12.12VDC.

problem solve.
Any update from the vendor as far as their app being broken for Android 7?
Is this iot/IFFFF compatible?
not comptaible to ifttt
Finally it's back! Thanks Massdrop! :D
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