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Don't get. The light switches on randomly, has difficulty connecting to the app and the colours yellow, orange and green don't work (nine months after).
I still haven't received my product. It's been delayed twice now.
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still not received?
It's on the way, they wait for bulk shipments. I'll review once I get them
Are these compatible with IFTTT app or Google Home?
Late to the party but I finally got these set up and I thought I'd sound off. As far as I am able to tell, when working with these LED strips, you are relegated to a single, proprietary, poorly-translated ("Confirm: Is it exit program?") Bluetooth app that desynchronizes all the time, forcing a restart not of Bluetooth, but of the app itself. It's remotely possible that with knowledge of app design one might kludge something together in IFTTT but I'm pretty sure Google Home is right out for these.
Can it connect to a PC if i don't have a phone?
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I mean with bluetooth/ control with pc via bluetooth
can not do like this as well
Has anyone tryed this strip in a pc tower/case?
yes, i use it for the monitor
Is there an included power supply?
no power supply, as it is DC connector
US only?
it is DC power up devices, no power supply, so it is universal compatible
Shipping is restricted to US though.
Has anyone tried connecting this to a computer via bluetooth and running it from that?
yes, i am using it
Can you actually control it via the pc?
Why is the shipping only to the USA and Canada? Makes no sense at all.