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SMSL AD18 Bluetooth & USB Power Amplifier

SMSL AD18 Bluetooth & USB Power Amplifier

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bugs me you don't show the "Back Panel"........ input wise
Have this paired up with KEF Q300s, and it works perfectly, hard to beat this thing for value and features..was one of the people who read 100s of comments for different amps and setups before buying, very happy with my decision =)
I have a question, my use case currently is a Steel-series H wireless taking a usb input from my computer as well as an optical input from my Xbox and outputting both to my headset. Does this amp, or would another one out there allow me to still use multiple inputs mixed at the same time like this?
Not at the same time, but you can listen to one input at a time.
That's what I kinda thought, thank you for the answer.
Received mine and used it over the weekend with Klipsch R-15M bookshelf speakers. It sounds a lot warmer than the other amp I've been using. I think that's a good thing as Klipsch's are known for ear fatigue. I used them for maybe 6 hours straight one night. I highly recommended this amp.
I purchased this on Amazon because I didn't want any issues with returning it if I didn't like it, or ran into quality issues. Guess it was hard for me to get my head around paying less that $150 for a decent amp, which it most certainly is. Had it 3 months now and very pleased - powering KEF Q100s. Gets loud, but does reach a point of distortion perhaps ahead of where I might otherwise expect. Heck, all amps do, but just don't expect this to be 80w with headroom. Haven't tried it with other speakers so its hard to say for certain, but sure seems a little bright, but not badly so. The KEFs are known to be bright, too, and the combo is a very good sound to me, primarily because the Q100s have the bass to offset. Would have no qualms at this point ordering from Massdrop if I wanted another one, which is something you can consider at this price point.
Massdrop, you really need to say which revision you're selling on drops like this. I would love to buy it except that I have no idea whether I'll be getting something I can use with the powered sub I have already.
Good little receiver. I had two. One is setup in living room powering two ELAC 6 speakers. Plenty of power. I sold the other to a friend who hooked it up to two bookshelf and sub out and says its fine. Key on this little guy are features not fidelity. It will power smaller speakers and sound very good. I would not suggest setting up a sub unless your looking to power a small setup in which case two bookshelf with built in low frequency drivers / cone may work better without compromising what wattage you have (2 x 80). If you want good sound your speakers must have enough power.

I purchased this specifically to power two ELACs while streaming Tidal off of an APT X compatible tablet. We walk around the house and can easily use internet radio stations and any streaming services that have an Android app. Its a very functional, great sounding setup.

I would not purchase with the intent of using as a quality "headphone" Amp / DAC. Set expectations understanding this is feature rich at a low cost.

I'm guessing this does not have a subwoofer output. So this is the older revision.
According to all the documentation and previous comments, these are version 3 and have sub out.
Is this amp good for these speakers? Pioneer Andrew Jones 4" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers
Would be in a mid size livingroom and the source would be from a PC.
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Yeah i saw that thanks, but still confused cos speakers are 6ohms this amp is 4ohm 80w.
4 ohm 80w is going to be fine with a 6 ohm speaker, but it will put out less than 80w. I'm planning to pair mine with Klipsch R-15M, which I believe are 10 ohm speakers.
Can this be a good amp for a pair of HTD Level Two bookshelf speakers and a matching center speaker ?
No, it can only power 2 speakers.
If anyone is waiting to hear more about this drop: I just got an email that the shipping label was created.
It says it's gonna ship in June, is that accurate? That seems like a long time.
Can I use this thing sub out to connect it to another more powerful amp? Or is it strictly just for a sub?
Excellent AMP, currently own 2x of them, amazing set of features and quality, has many inputs/outputs to keep me future-proofed. Currently have it connected via Optical to my PC, so it's acting as a dummy amp, I can see this working with very high end speakers without any issue.