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SMSL AD18 Bluetooth & USB Power Amplifier

SMSL AD18 Bluetooth & USB Power Amplifier

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Does anyone know if the volume control modifies the digital data or operates in the analog space?
So if I get this right; this has no line-out.

Hence to use the multiple power speaker sets I have and use an Amazon echo as BT input, I'm basically better-off looking elsewhere?

Shame as this would otherwise have been the missing piece of my home audio setup...
It has a line out...
Believe it or not one connection is split as the Opt1/Coax IN and Sub/Line Out. All you need is a mini (std headphone) jack to RCA cable and you are golden. I currently use it to power two Klipsch speakers and a Polk sub in the bedroom. Works like a charm.
So I could power my passive Klipsch R14's and simultaneously run my powered Klipsch Sixes using a mini jack to RCA into the Sub/Line Out?
Not sure if this is what I need to play music in my garage while working on my car.
I have a set of JBL 3-way floor speakers on top of my cabinets and would like to stream from my Android phone.

The speakers are currently powered by a Sony receiver/amp but it does not have BT and the reception is poor despite a large external antenna. The speakers are 70's vintage, completely rebuilt a few years ago and the receiver is 90's.

Will this unit work for my application or am I rolling the dice?

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Thanks for the reply. I think the unit will work ok. I am not looking for excessive power, just enough to be able to listen to music and podcasts while washing and detailing my car. hard to believe that a little unit like this will push big speakers but a lot has happened in electronics.
My unit arrived today. I connected it to the speakers plugged it in and turned it on. I had to turn on the NFC on my phone and connect it with the unit and then I was able to pair the BT with my phone. Not sure if that was the right way but it worked.
I can stream thru my phone to the 3-way JBL speakers now. I can get plenty of volume out of the speakers so no worries there. Very happy with the unit. Old amp is going to good will.
I own this. I like it but don't love it. It does the job. I was wondering, though, what the next step up might be. The TEAC ai 101/301 series? Any ideas?
good question
Has anyone gotten the sub out to work? I have tried 2 different powered subs and 2 different 3.5 to RCA cables and no sound. Didn't see any setting or EQ for the sub.
Any luck yet?
If I am reading their site correctly, the sub out is also Optical 1 In. seems crazy.
Also looks like it might be a coax digital input. seems even more crazy.

Anyone using Opt. 1 or Coax in?
Sub out work using a 3.5mm to RCA plugged into Optical 1 of the amp - HOWEVER your amp must be version 2.0 or later for this to work, info shows up at startup, mine is ver 2.1 and I'm running a SA60 pushing a passive 6.5" subwoofer
Will these power den hd6xx and hifiman 4xx ?
Also thinking about buying massdrop plus iem how do they do with lower imp iems?
Would not get it for the 6xx.
I have DT 770's 80 OHM, and that's what I'm mainly gonna be using it with, for both gaming and music, will these be good?
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I'm no audiophile so I'm sure I won't really notice, but I can adjust bass on the headphones, right?
Yes. It has full tone control.
Anyone manage to pair a universal remote with the AD18?

If so, what remote and what codes worked for you?
My Logitech Harmony One works with this. And it's wonderful... The remote that comes with these SMSL amps are complete GARBAGE. Haha. I do enjoy SMSL equipment though. I'm using mine for TV speakers. Optical out from the TV, and in to the AMP with 2 decent Polk bookshelf speakers and a powered sub.
Fantastic, thanks for the reply! I had read in a number of places how the remote was a weak spot. I'm hoping other universal remotes might work as well, so anyone else feel free to add to the discussion.