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I got myself an SMSL AD18 and have been very impressed with it optical cabled up to my Marantz NA6005 and wired to a pair of Wharfdale monitors - HOWEVER, the reason I got it was to pair it with my Ruark Mk1s... It didn't occur to me that it didn't have a Bluetooth output as well as Bluetooth input. Can anyone think of a way that I can have the AD18 wired to the Wharfdales and also connect it by Bluetooth to the Ruarks? I'm trying to avoid wiring in to an adjoining room and I want the same music on in both places.
thanks so much and
I've been listening to mine for about a week now and here's the run-down on how they're sounding with a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 1's:

They are pretty overall neutral-sounding and the built-in dac is clean and accurate.
There's plenty of power, and there's no way I'd be listening at the levels this thing is capable of sending.
I was surprised to see how small its form-factor was. Much smaller footprint than its predecessor, a Rotel RA-01.

No 1/4" headphone jack. I would have assumed that was a standard for stereo equipment, but isn't a deal-breaker.
The headphone output is just bad. The RA-01 filled out the low end much better than the AD18. Sounds weak.
I don't really like the volume control - it doesn't seem fine tuned enough for my tastes, and the click dial feels clunky.
Using one dial to control every function of the unit is frustrating, but once you figure it out it's ok.
Which headphones do you use? The headphone output on the AD18 is noisy with low-impedance or sensitive headphones and IEMs, but is pretty good when used with Sennheiser HD595 or the HD6XX.
I use my 12 year-old Sennheiser HD 280s
You guys think this will ship soon? I know the date is like mid May or something, but I'm wondering if I should just spend the extra $30 and have it by tomorrow afternoon???
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Thanks for the reply, I was really just going to use this as a desktop DAC/AMP for my AKG Q701'S, HD 598'S, and the 58X's whenever they decide to drop. I was not going to be powering any speakers or using the BT features so I just ordered the SMSL VMV V2 32Bit, which should be coming today. I already have a Marantz Receiver that powers my main speakers where I listen to muzic, etc, so the A13 may have been a bit of a waste for what I wanted out of it . I assume this is generally used maybe as a way to power speakers for a television via toslink, etc. Like if you did not have a HT Receiver, and maybe did not want a sound bar, this seems like an awesome alternative for a sound Bar. Also used as a soundcard on a desktop pc for the DAC feature and to power some nice speakers. Oh and I'd guess it would be nice for a turntable and some nice bookshelf speakers. Looks like it has a very nice footprint, and is easily hidden. I wish I did have a reason for owning now, lol.
No problem man glad you found your right tool for the job which is what matters.
$145 on Amazon with plenty of specs and reviews...
Is this the new updated version with the sub out? Or is it the old one?
While trying to find a reason not to buy another FDA, I found infos on the future D2160 from FX-Audio:
Amp: TAS5614
DSP: TAS5548
USB: CM6642
BT: CSR64215
Headphone: MAX9722
Power: 2x65W 8Ω / 2x125W 4Ω
Power supply: 36V/6A

Nice baby, MSRP should be around $250-$300.
How will this amp do powering 8 ohm passive monitors?
into my 6 ohm Jamo c103's this amp can push them much louder than i'd ever need them to 30/60 volume.
I have 8Ohm speakers, can tell you that I did not even get to 30, max I got was to 25/60 because I just dont need all that raw power
I've been using this for 4 months so far and I'm pleased. My desktop setup is that I have this connected to a pair of ELAC B6s and my computer is hooked up to this via USB. The remote is a little cheap, but it gets the job done.
Agreed about the remote. Can't knock it too much because it works, though.
I'm very happy with my AD18. It is EXACTLY what anyone who is looking to use passive speakers in their TV room needs (assuming you're on a budget). I have my TV hooked up via optical, my turntable via the aux in, and i play other music via usb in from a laptop i have nearby. If my laptop is elsewhere, i stream via Bluetooth and it works great. The range is better than i expected.

Check out the Topping MX3, also. I don't own one, but the drop is active now and it is an extremely comparable unit.
I did almost the same with mine.
Anyone else notice the subout sucks on this?
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it isn't true sub out
Care to explain in detail?