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This Vs. Alientek D8 (XMOS) ?
D8 has much lower price and better design.

Edit : power output also the same, 32 ohm, 130 mW .
Great amp would highly recommend. Able to drive a wide variety of headphones including HD650 well. DAC is clear and amp is very clean, would compare to O2/ODAC in terms of sound. I was apprehensive of buttons before buying but actually quite like them along with the digital display so I know what volume works well with different sets. Easy to set-up in PC and has a number of inputs that are easy to switch between. For this price highly recommend.
I'm finding some mixed info in the comments, but for the Sennheiser 6XX, out of the three, what would you pick? The SMSL M6 DAC/Amp, the O2 DAC + O2 Amp stack, or the Schiit Modi 2 + Magni 3? I mean, I would honestly like to save some money, but if having the O2 stack or the Schiit stack is much better, then I guess I'll save up for that.
I would recommend schiit stack over the ODAC stack. But quite honestly if you haven't gotten the chance to at least audition one of the these a blind purchase is a blind purchase no matter what anyone says about them. The schiit stack has a lot of advantages but there doesn't seem to be any reason to think this M6 wouldn't be adequate. As long as you feel comfortable with your own decision that is what is important.
Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, these are blind purchases (no audio stores really nearby and nobody I know has good audio gear). I have thought that a separate dac and amp has been helpful since you can upgrade individual parts... But at the same time, if a dac amp combo is good enough, I won't need to upgrade.
Im completely new to Dac/ Amps so i got a question: can a dac amp combo Funktion as both or only for one at the time?
combos can typically function as both dac & amp combo (always), or just dac, or just amp.
How long will the shipping delay be?
I wouldn't pair this with the K7XX's but it actually works well with the HD6XX's. On the AKG's it's too bright for me and it takes away some of the soundstage. It is slightly clearer than the dacport (killer starter dac/amp) or xduoo xd-05 (pure junk) but the highs kill it. That's where the HD6XX's are great because of their veiled highs. This amp is not quite powerful enough to push them really high on those quiet songs but does alright on the rest. I'd still say skip this and go with a tube amp like the Valhalla 2, what a great pairing. If you did any of the mods to your HD's skip this dac/amp, or any sabre based dac, as those mods bring out the highs too much. Go with a darker dac like an akm44**. Good luck and have fun listening!
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It's just ok. Driver installation was harder than it needed to be, the huge V sound signature killed my K7XX's and it just doesn't sound as good as other amps that are in its price range. If I had a pair of HD 590's with huge mids this amp would be good, it would bring the sound back down to even. But it just isnt good for the headphones and sound signature I like. That's what I have against it. If it were 50 bucks I wouldn't complain.
Everything is ok when you have no problems with your unit. Then you try to get warranty service and you find out you are on your own. There is no warren with XDU00. Good luck... This message is for JHum22. All it takes is one time time to get burnt. Then you stay away.
For music recorded live directly to DSD, use the coupon code "ifimicroidac2" at
(1.3 GB zip file)
Wait for a m6A with a es9028 chipset ?
How does this compare to a Schiit Stack or O2+ODAC?
Just read this on (Z Review - SMSL M6)
"Just found out that you can long press the knob to the right to toggle the Volume Control option (when it's ON you can control RCA's output volume, so it becomes pre-out).
Long press to the left controls screensaver (on/off).
Kind of annoying this is not even mentioned in the manual."
My 6xx just arrived and I have yet to decide which AMP I am going to get for it. Should I get this, or the O2 and wait to get a dac later on?
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You mean using the RCA Out as a RCA In when the Dac isn’t in use...
What's up with the volume switch/button? I love SMSL gear, I have a Sanskrit 6th DAC myself. But I think that switch would drive me nuts.
Yeah, you have got a idea behind it. :) Shutting it down is sometimes painfull (just a little bit). Otherwise it is great product.