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Looking at the msrp, does this compare with a modi+magni?
im not sure dac wise, but the magni is much much more powerful
Got this a few days ago. It is the new version ( with pre out, DSD capability, and a TDK display. It will decode an ISO file. I find the the audio quality to be truly excellent. I also find that it pairs well with Beyer DT 660s (32 ohm impedence!?). I can detect no grounding problems connecting (pre) with Little Dot (talkaplan4474). I am very impressed. Hats off for SMSL. I think people are going to be very happy. I am.
A few questions:

1) How's this measure up to the objective stack, in terms of fidelity and soundstage? I'm trying to figure out whether the O stack would just be a sidegrade.

2) What op-amps does this thing run? I don't have the right sort of screwdriver to disassemble mine, and I can't find a spec sheet.

3) Info on amp class (A, B, AB, etc) would also be much appreciated.
I had the M6 for quite some time, I've upgraded since to the Schiit Jotunheim which is truely amazing.
The M6 was definitely one of the best buys I made, it's a really good value for money, in my opinion it takes both the Fulla 2 and the Audioengine D1 which I also own by having more clarity.
The only thing that annoyed me a little is that it doesn't play nice with my tube amplifier I tried connecting it to a Little Dot MK IV SE but there was a lot of static noise to a level of being unusable I figured it must be because tube amplifiers are much more sensitive and prone to having static, but it seems to have something to do with grounding (this uses standard 2 prongs 100V-240V AC to 12V DC without any third grounding prong) with other amplifiers which are not tube amplifiers it worked just fine.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a nice entry amplifier to the world of headphones amplifiers, it can drive almost any headphone even the more demanding HD6XX which has 300 ohms of impedance.
Note that out of the box on windows it only support up to 32 bit with up to 192Khz and in order to get 384Khz you have to use DSD (not that much of headache).
Also I had the older model of the M6 with the only difference that the newer model (this model) has a remote which is a really nice touch instead of pushing the tiny joystick to use it.
i believe hd6xx is 300ohms
You are correct my mistake, haven't even noticed that I wrote 600 instead of 300...
How would this compare to, lets say a Fulla 2? Especially given that the Fulla uses AKM4490 whereas this only has a 4452 (and Amazon lists this as having a 4390EF)
should i use the XMOS (m6 Remote control version) or the CMEDIA (m6 Driver) driver??
I got one of these on Sep 7, 2016 for $134.99. Last month it started randomly going quiet, a couple times per week, requiring a manual power cycle. Today it died. It worked and sounded great while it lasted, but keep in mind that it may not survive more than 2 years. The manufacturer only honors warranty for 1 year, so I'm out of luck.
This versus Topping D30 and A30? Last Topping drop was delayed and I have the option to cancel it now. Is the SMSL better?

Pairing with HD6XX and Denon D7100.
SMSL M6 with Yamaha HS8 Pair, will it be any good?
would like to know as well... I have the JBL LSR 308
In Ebay it cost even less with free delivery... What is going on?
This against Schiit? I'm looking for an amp for my HD6XX.
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You don't have to wait. See
Don't work for me, my address for Massdrop is in Miami.
Been on the Tidal free trial, when I choose exclusive streaming and Passthrough MQA and the device defaults to 24bit/48kHz - does this mean that MQA is being passed through WASAPI direct to device (digital MQA audio transfer?)
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Right, but jury is still out for mqa as a is not lossless so it's questionable whether there is any benefit over flac. Also, some audiophiles have noted that software decoding of mqa has no noticeable difference to their ears. This is all the more concerning for mqa as a format.
I agree on MQA format debate.
Some people say its awesome, some people say worse. it comes down to user preference.

As far as what kind Gear to pick, I rather have hardware that can take full advantage. Passthrough that you are mentioning is suppose to done by hardware. Good luck with you finding right Dac for your need