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I forgot to order this. Mind opening the drop again : p
I'm planning to use this in my bedroom with Q Acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers. Figure this will be better for the space at a much lower price than a PS Audio Sprout. I eventually want a Sprout too though. Not sure about trying to use a subwoofer with this.

Wow, just saw this for $139.99 on Amazon. Glad I found Mass Drop!
This amp is incredible, received it a few days ago from the last drop, I had been using this with my desktop speakers (zensor 1's) but for fun I have just tried it with my ls50's and it sounds better than my main amp (pm6005)!
This looks like a DAC/Amp in search of a headphone jack! Seriously, just add the jack, increase the price by $100 and call it a poor-mans Jotunthiem--or however you spell that damn name!
SMSL did add a headphone jack, Bluetooth, and some other tweaks for $30. They called it the AD18:

But these units were made for passive speakers. The Joutenhiem is a DAC/amp with RCA/XLR inputs for feeding powered speakers.
I know, I really was tempted to buy that cute little AD18 (with the BT), but you're right, if you've got powered monitors (I have the MD JBL3XXs), the Joutenhiem (and the XLR cables) is the way to go. I ordered it from Schiit three weeks ago and it's still on back order (guess I wasn't the only one interested).
Considering getting this amp, but I want to be very sure of one thing before I get in on this drop: the Q5 Pro has a subwoofer line-out, right? The pictures seem to show that, and some of the comments mention it, but I want to make absolutely sure that the item being sold on in the drop ending in three days (Jan. 30th or 31st) is the one that has a subwoofer out, since the description completely ignores this. Thank you!
It has a sub out but it doesn't do any bass management. So the speakers get the full range even if the sub is in use.
This is my favorite amp of this class of amp.

I’ve had a number of Indeed, Topping, and other small class D amps, and this one sounds the most musical to me. Sometimes head and shoulders above the others.

There‘s an organic, supple quality in the sound that is much more emotionally communicative than the others I’ve tried. The others sound stiff, or more dead and mechanical by comparison.

So I highly recommend this amp if you are setting up a small desktop system and shooting for moderate (sane) volume levels.

This also seems to be a great price at $85. When I bought mine, it was around $105.

Currently, I have it driving a pair of CEntrance Master Class speakers, running an analog output from a Amazon Echo Dot. Very musically satisfying, and I couldn’t be happier from a small system.

Highly recommended. If I didn’t already have two of these amps, I’d be jumping on this price.

Someone who owns this already -
Do you hear a speaker pop when you turn the amp on or off?
Is there an audible hiss when no music is playing?
No speaker pop, however I keep the power switch on at all times and just flip off the power brick the amp is plugged into.

No hiss at most volumes, only when set to high volumes. This may be attributed to my speakers not the amp. My speakers are Micca MB42x + Dayton Sub 800.
I'm a dumb-dumb, are you able to plug via USB an iPhone to play music, or is it only for hooking up a computer for USB DAC?
Computer only
Does anyone know what file formats the system can read from the USB port? Does anyone know which power amp ic is being used. It is most probably a TI PWM but I don't know?
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Can I use usb port to connect Android device?
I haven't tried, and I don't have the appropriate cable to try, sorry.
How would this work as a headphone amp?
It's for speakers not for headphones.
Will this work well with a pair of JBL Control One speakers?
will this also come with a Euro Powerplug/brick?