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Received mine. Does its job for what I'm using it for which is hooked up to my Nintendo Switch via an optical cable with an HDMI audio extractor. Powers my K7XX and HD598SE just fine at pretty loud levels when turned up.
Apparently i ordered the wrong voltage,i need 220v and i ordered 110v,
what do i need to do in order to use product properly when it arrives?
How does this sound with Sen's HD 598's? I'm looking at this or the e10k for mine, since for the moment I'm just running it out of my ux2. The bass boost seems quite appealing on the e10k but I also heard the sound stage on it is quite small. Thoughts?
doesn't sound as good as my pioneer HT receiver via optical, a little muffled to me...

EDIT - it was a lower quality mp3 i was listening to, sounds decent on lossless, my baddd :)
Newbie here!
Do I need an AMP for my AKG K553 PRO?
And another dumb question, does it come with all the cables needed? (and if not please specify which ones are needed).

Thanks in advance!
You're gonna need an optical cable, presuming you plan to use it with your PC. If your source doesn't have optical output, you need coaxial cables. I recommend the Monoprice optical cable, or the Amazon Basics one.
Almost clicked "Join" before looking at the total! Glad I had my morning coffee!
50$+shipping+taxes = ~current Amazon price LOL No!
only if you live in a state that wants $10 in tax....
Ding, ding, ding...
Will this hook up to my macbook pro to power up my AKG q701? I also have a Komplete Audio 6 and an ART dj preamp 2.
Look up fx-audio DAC-X6 on chinese market, much cheaper and better with no shipping rates.
I have one and it's very good for my AKG K7XX. Just keep in mind that they don't have great QC.
For those wondering this is much better than the Fiio E10k imho, the Fiio is sterile sounding in comparison and saps all life from my music, it also has a smaller soundstage. The SD-793II sounds excellent for soo little money. Just as a note this doesn't have usb, I use it with an optical cable.
I have my 793 hooked up to my iMac via a Toslink Cable. My 793 is then hooked up to my DarkVoice 336SE. To me this sounds really good.
I got one from AliExpress and I'm pretty satisfied with it. Since this is my first external DAC/amp, I can't really say much about sound quality (nothing major to compare it with), but folks on Head-Fi seem to like it:

I chose this SMSL because I can hook it up via optical port on my motherboard, which means 1 less occupied USB port (also, possible EMI from USB) and because it's a DAC+amp in one package. Although it's rated just 130 mW @32 ohm (as opposed to 200 mW on FiiO E10K), it drives my 32 ohm Presonus HD7 (Superlux 681) with no effort. I mostly keep it at 25% volume, when I want to listen some loud music I crank it to 50-60% and it's crazy loud, never needed to go higher. I don't know how it would fair with hard to drive headphones but I'd say it should work great on 150 ohm and less.

Considering what you get for the price - a metal body, DAC and amp in one little box, good sound - it's a great value for the money, good entry level DAC/amp.
which one I should choose.... 110v or the 220v?
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Dont' know which one I should choose between the Objectif 2 and the SMSL SD 793II... can you help me?
soo, 110 for USA, yeah?
this or the FiiO E10K?
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Would you say they are enough to drive hd650\6xx?
Looking at the specs my impression is that it's not powerful enough to bring the best out of my Sennheiser... but I'm really tight on budget and I can't think of another solution in this price range.
I find it drives my q701's to ear splitting levels which is a notoriously hard headphone to drive even though the ohm rating isn't too high. I honestly don't know how it would be with the 650's