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Sony 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player (UBP-UX80)

Sony 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player (UBP-UX80)

Where's the price?
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Is there still a chance this will be available again?
same question
when will this available again? missed twice and running out too fast i think.
It’s over already?
What's the voltage rating on this?
110v-250v; I used both in Vancouver (110V) and in Hong Kong (220V)

I have one of these, great player with no issues. Maybe early firmware was buggy but since late 2017 this has been solid. Grabbed a second during this drop now that oppo is closing. Great transport for hi res mch audio, better detail than my Marantz ud5007, but no analog outs.
Don’t mean to rain on the parade, but this product has serious issues. I bought mine when it first released on B&H Photo, had the freeze issue with disc (blu-ray), 4K ultra disc, streaming. Sometimes while powering up, it takes a long time, longer then usual average start up. Most of the time, the only way to get the player to recover is to unplug from the wall (hard reboot, bad for electronics). Maybe I just got a bad one, but seems like its not a isolated issue. when it does operate, the 4K resolution is great. Gonna wait for the X1000es to drop in price, hopefully the flag ship model does not have issues.
While there is two post in this thread about the issue your talking about I will have to say that you just got a defective unit. We sold hundreds on the last drop and have not had any inbound tickets to our community support team on this issue.
I am having the same issue with freezing and needing to unplug. Please link me to how to send a "inbound ticket"
Pretty disappointed with this player. Not going to lie, it was an impulse buy with NO research before I bought it just because I thought it was a deal.
First purchase with massdrop - no issues there. But this thing is a giant piece of sh*t. I havent been able to watch 1 movie (bluray, 4k bluray, DLNA server) without it freezing up, sometimes multiple times. I have to restart the movie, skip to the chapter and watch it again only to have it freeze again. I called sony and their fix is to unplug it for 2 mins then hook it up directly yo the monitor (really???)
The ONLY selling point that interested me was that it played DVD-A. That is, unless its a burned DVD-A. Nope. Plays an original fine, but not the backup. Thats great (?????) Plays off the NAS, not a physical disc.
Good thing I only invested 99 bucks on this piece of sh*t - time to box it up and flip it on ebay for a (small) profit to put towards a real UHD player like an Oppo 205.
Bottom line - do your research - you get what you pay for!
I am pretty sure that you got a defective unit as we sold hundreds on the last drop with no inbound community support tickets in this regards. I would definitely urge you to contact our community support team if you are still having these issues and we can assist in getting you a replacement unit. (that is if you still have it)
Received mine yesterday, and have to say, initial impressions are great! The player feels heavy and solid, and is the perfect width to fit nicely on my TV stand and still have a flat top unlike my last Sony. The player is very fast and responsive, I'm not sure I've used smart apps that are this fast on any device previously (Smart TV's, older Blu-ray players, our TiVo Bolt, Xbox, etc). Also works great for playing downloaded content off a USB stick via the front USB port that's behind a little flap if you didn't realize it's there. Thank you Massdrop for a great deal on this premium player.
Ours came yesterday - super happy with it already! Updated itself quickly, picture looks great, and while the UI isn't the prettiest, it's responsive which is apparently a lot to ask.
Personally I love that the exterior finish is a textured black metal - makes it feel and look really nice without holding onto fingerprints or smudges.
Thanks Massdrop!
I just bought the Sony UBP-X800 from Amazon for $198 no shipping, no tax. Massdrop has to do way better than that.
We did, its the same thing for $100 cheaper!
I know the drop is over, but for future reference. Is this model 120V-240V or only 120V? Thanks
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I have the 2017 version ( UBP-X800 ) and am currently running it on 220v.
it is a 120V-240V. I am currently using this unit in Hong Kong which it's 220V locally.

How much was it
Not bad
This is my first drop. Now that it is sold out early -- does not mean it will ship sooner?
It might since the shipping time was so soon, but based off of past drops it probably won't.
We got ours yesterday in the DC area - PDQ for a Massdrop shipped product.
If this is the same as the UBP-X800 then get ready for lockups. I've had mine for probably eight months now and it freezes while streaming YouTube, Netflix, etc. It used to crash so that I had to unplug it to recover, but now it "only" crashes so that I have to wait for full power off and then boot it back up.
I don't watch tons of disc movies in it, but it also crashes on blu-ray and 4K blu-ray as well, though not as frequently as streaming. I've tried firmware updates and factory reset, but it hasn't really fixed it. I've just learned to live with it.
If they fixed the crashing it'd basically be perfect.
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Yes, I've had it crash while playing DVDs. Purchased from Massdrop in the last run. Otherwise, a nice player. Different than the OPPO BDP-93, with additional, more current features. The sound is certainly different. Seems a little clearer, but lacks some of the warm midrange. Anyway, my wife and I get frustrated at the crash.
Yeah, it's a really good machine, but the lockups are so annoying. It's ridiculous that something built almost entirely to play discs would lockup while playing those discs.
Just ordered mine. After reading some of the reviews, it isn't a perfect, future-proof product, but had a reputation for being solidly built for long term use. I needed a replacement for a dead Samsung DVD player and I'm planning on upgrading my TV to a 4K one later this year. Awesome drop price!
This player is fine for DVD's, but it kind of sucks for streaming. I have never had issues with Netflix, but I have to restart the device (literally uplug it) when watching Youtube for a while. I do this at least once per week. In addition, there is no Twitch. I am not joking. They have sites you have never heard of, wierd stuff, but no Twitch. It is absolutely bizarre.
So this model comes with the 4K hdmi cable?
Almost every modern cable will do 4k at 30 FPS. You only need 2.0+ if you want 60FPS (bizarre for this device, usually you would only want this for gaming or some activity that you actually can have a frame rate over 30).
Got mine yesterday. 1 day shipping. Super fast. Great unit! Thanks.
Howdy Everyone,
I am sorry for my delayed response on this. I have been at CES all last week and catching up with my wife and 22 month old girl this weekend. The UBP-X800 and UBP-UX80 are the exact same models. The only difference is that the UBP-UX80 has an included HDMI cable by Sony. I was unaware that there were two different model numbers on this and apologize for that.
Good news is you are getting the UBP-X800 for $129.99 with an included HDMI cable and thats legit!
Sorry for the confusion on that. I will update the drop to reflect the difference in model.
Also, these are not grey market products and you will have full warranty ans support with Sony.
Lastly, I was able to shave more than a week of the expected ship time. That has also been updated now to the 29th of January.
@K.T.N @bru87tr @NickE @M_1111 @Southerngent77 @Pathworks
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The final drop price is $129.99
Ok... Sorry about that. I can assure you they are the same product.
So it looks like the UX-80 is the same model, but with the HDMI cable included?
If so, I’ll go ahead and keep mine.
I wish Massdrop would have stepped up and clarified this for us right when the issue came up.
It‘s really bad business practice to create an environment of uncertainty and unhappiness for the customer, and then leave it up to them to worry, and figure it out for themselves.
That‘s showing no respect for us, the customer. Really poor form.
Right, not advertised but that's what they got. I asked around online, this seems to be a unit that was sold in Costco. I don't believe there is a difference between the players. Just a designated model for Costco sales. The manual and firmware are the same and the only difference is the X-80 comes with a HDMI cable.
Not worried about it now. They are the same unit. One is just for Costco sales.
Good research, bru87tr That's what I've found as well, that this was a Costco model. Still..the description should be changed to show the actual model number of what is being sold and delivered.
As far as I can see there is no UBP-X80, on
I messaged them about it, waiting to hear back. This is my first drop and not sure what if any differences are between the players and if the model# changed. Still, not cool. I really want this player too, but want what is advertised.
Has anyone heard back from Massdrop regarding the model number discrepancy ?
I am new to Massdrop, and situations like this give me grave reservations about ordering anything....
Mine is also a UBP-X80 from Buydig.
I feel very confused and I don’t feel good about the purchase.
It doesnt seem like any answers are coming from Massdrop, so I’m going to put in a return ticket right away.
I don’t like it at all when I get shipped a different model that what was advertised, and what I paid for, and no one is explaining to me what is going on.
Manual does say UBP-X800/UBP-X80. Different country model ?
The model number on my player is UBP-UX80 not UBP-X800? Is this the X800 described? Did Sony just get lazy stamping model number on the box and player or is this a different player?
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As of 1/13/18
I've received an RMA for this false advertisement. I can't believe others are OK with it. I'm pissed off! How do you know the COSCO model is equilivent to the real model -- do we know what costs were shaved to deliver a COSCO run? No. How is this acceptable to you? You were sold the UBP-X800 and got the UBP-UX80. That is OK? I think not. You have a right to get what you paid your hard-earned dollars for. I'm not responding to any individuals here so I don't single one person out but REALLY guys, are we sheep? We should all be on the support site demanding our money back with NO RMA! As for the vendor Massdrop selected to sell/ship the UBP-X800 (, they should be banned from ever contracting another deal with them. They FAILED to deliver. I don't want an RMA: I want the vendor to send me what I paid for at the price I agreed to pay.
Mine arrived yesterday and WOW, what a difference compared to the Xbox One S. I'm very pleased!
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On those TVs they'll be enabling a new "lower latency" profile of Dolby Vision where the source/player has to do some of the processing instead of passing all of the processing work to the display, so I doubt they'll update the X800/X1000 with Dolby Vision.
The X700 is a "budget"-minded player; I wager they'll sometime soon introduce an "X900" of sorts that retains the premium features and build of the X800 but adds this Dolby Vision profile.
More of an audio nut than video myself, the X800's true Universal Disc capability was the allure. I'm "one of those" who still spins some old SACD's and DVD-A discs. Good to know on the Sony DV update side... I went with 900E on the TV front so I wasn't expecting to be able to use DV anyway (just the X1 processor sans "extreme").
Edit: Also wanted to point out that owners of Sony BT headphones (1000X in my case) that are LDAC capable... the X800 can output moves/music/streams in LDAC giving "CD+" quality audio. First time BT sound degradation didn't jump out at me.
Mine arrived today! That was fast.
Howdy Everyone,
Just wanted to flag everyone that this drop will be ending today at 6PM. If your thinking about joining this drop dont wait as it will only be live until 6PM PST.
I hope everyone has had a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!
See you in 2018! Cheers!
Are you OK with sending us the COSCO version of the UBP-X800?
Would you care to reply and sort out the confusion between the SONY UBP X800 and X80 models which are being discussed in this forum ?
Is there any difference between the above-mentioned models and if so, what are the differences ?
Thank you.