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Pretty disappointed with this player. Not going to lie, it was an impulse buy with NO research before I bought it just because I thought it was a deal.

First purchase with massdrop - no issues there. But this thing is a giant piece of sh*t. I havent been able to watch 1 movie (bluray, 4k bluray, DLNA server) without it freezing up, sometimes multiple times. I have to restart the movie, skip to the chapter and watch it again only to have it freeze again. I called sony and their fix is to unplug it for 2 mins then hook it up directly yo the monitor (really???)

The ONLY selling point that interested me was that it played DVD-A. That is, unless its a burned DVD-A. Nope. Plays an original fine, but not the backup. Thats great (?????) Plays off the NAS, not a physical disc.

Good thing I only invested 99 bucks on this piece of sh*t - time to box it up and flip it on ebay for a (small) profit to put towards a real UHD player like an Oppo 205.

Bottom line - do your research - you get what you pay for!
Received mine yesterday, and have to say, initial impressions are great! The player feels heavy and solid, and is the perfect width to fit nicely on my TV stand and still have a flat top unlike my last Sony. The player is very fast and responsive, I'm not sure I've used smart apps that are this fast on any device previously (Smart TV's, older Blu-ray players, our TiVo Bolt, Xbox, etc). Also works great for playing downloaded content off a USB stick via the front USB port that's behind a little flap if you didn't realize it's there. Thank you Massdrop for a great deal on this premium player.
Ours came yesterday - super happy with it already! Updated itself quickly, picture looks great, and while the UI isn't the prettiest, it's responsive which is apparently a lot to ask.

Personally I love that the exterior finish is a textured black metal - makes it feel and look really nice without holding onto fingerprints or smudges.

Thanks Massdrop!
I just bought the Sony UBP-X800 from Amazon for $198 no shipping, no tax. Massdrop has to do way better than that.
We did, its the same thing for $100 cheaper!
I know the drop is over, but for future reference. Is this model 120V-240V or only 120V? Thanks
How much was it
Not bad
This is my first drop. Now that it is sold out early -- does not mean it will ship sooner?


It might since the shipping time was so soon, but based off of past drops it probably won't.
We got ours yesterday in the DC area - PDQ for a Massdrop shipped product.
If this is the same as the UBP-X800 then get ready for lockups. I've had mine for probably eight months now and it freezes while streaming YouTube, Netflix, etc. It used to crash so that I had to unplug it to recover, but now it "only" crashes so that I have to wait for full power off and then boot it back up.

I don't watch tons of disc movies in it, but it also crashes on blu-ray and 4K blu-ray as well, though not as frequently as streaming. I've tried firmware updates and factory reset, but it hasn't really fixed it. I've just learned to live with it.

If they fixed the crashing it'd basically be perfect.
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Yes, I've had it crash while playing DVDs. Purchased from Massdrop in the last run. Otherwise, a nice player. Different than the OPPO BDP-93, with additional, more current features. The sound is certainly different. Seems a little clearer, but lacks some of the warm midrange. Anyway, my wife and I get frustrated at the crash.
Yeah, it's a really good machine, but the lockups are so annoying. It's ridiculous that something built almost entirely to play discs would lockup while playing those discs.
Just ordered mine. After reading some of the reviews, it isn't a perfect, future-proof product, but had a reputation for being solidly built for long term use. I needed a replacement for a dead Samsung DVD player and I'm planning on upgrading my TV to a 4K one later this year. Awesome drop price!
This player is fine for DVD's, but it kind of sucks for streaming. I have never had issues with Netflix, but I have to restart the device (literally uplug it) when watching Youtube for a while. I do this at least once per week. In addition, there is no Twitch. I am not joking. They have sites you have never heard of, wierd stuff, but no Twitch. It is absolutely bizarre.
So this model comes with the 4K hdmi cable?
Almost every modern cable will do 4k at 30 FPS. You only need 2.0+ if you want 60FPS (bizarre for this device, usually you would only want this for gaming or some activity that you actually can have a frame rate over 30).
Got mine yesterday. 1 day shipping. Super fast. Great unit! Thanks.