Sony Alpha a7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera Bodysearch

Sony Alpha a7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera Body

Sony Alpha a7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera Body

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Two things I would really like to see Sony do with A7III or any of their upcoming models is to have a better battery life (matching as close as possible to a pro DSLR) and also brush up their menu system. The Canon/Nikon menu system are far superior than the Sony.

Can't forget that we need 2 SD card slots and USB 3.0.
This is a decent price so long as it's not grey market and comes with the standard warranty.

I'd wait another (supposedly) month or two for the A7iii though. Rumor is that it will use the same sensor as the A9.
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This is all speculative, but MSRP at release for the A7 and A7ii was $1600, A7iii rumoured to be closer to $2k. Take the info with a grain of salt, this is all rumour I heard quite some time ago.
How does this model compare to a7sII or a7r in terms of handling high iso levels? 6400 specifically.
I know the cams I wrote barely show any noise in that iso, so how's this in that field?
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The 5Diii is pretty dated. The A7ii sensor beats it in just about every way, especially dynamic range.

If you're concerned with low-light, I'd wait for the A7iii. Rumor is it will use the same stacked/BSI sensor which the A9 uses and should have better low-light performance.
I'll wait anyway, since once that would come out, the current generation would probably drop in price. :)
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