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Sony MDR-Z1R Headphones

Sony MDR-Z1R Headphones

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i want this headphone so badly. if it was a cool $1000 id instabuy.
I'd really like to know what the warranty is for this. On Amazon they have two listings for this headphone: a US domestic version and an international one. The domestic version has a limited 1 year warranty (you can see the warranty info on Sony's website). The international version has no official Sony warranty, however, the seller BuyWise provides some sort of 1 year warranty.

So, Massdrop people, which version are you selling us?

$1649.99 is an amazing deal for a domestic MDR-Z1R and by far the cheapest I have seen. However, it sounds to be good to true so I'm going have to assume that these are warranty-less international versions.
This has already been discuesed in comments below, but here is the link again.
Do yourselves a favour and look at the ZMF Eikon instead. That headphone nailed the tonality right and should be seriously considered over something like the Z1R or the Ether C Flow.
sadly not in terms of weight issues. Way to heavy to enjoy fully imo.
I got these headphones from eBay for about 1,700usd. All I can say is they sound fantasic...especially the vocal sounds so real. I use the upgrade balanced cable from Kimble cable and Sony pha-3 Dac/ amp , they work perfectly!
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bad mastering
I'm gonna have to agree with the other guy; the Z1R is kinda screwed up. I tried one a little while back, and songs I'd known and loved for years just sounded distinctly... wrong. That spike in the treble completely at odds with the rest of the sound, the completely sucked out vocals, and the too-soft bass. At first listen it sounds OK, but get into it a little more and it starts to really fall apart. Switch to another pair of headphones and the flaws immediately become obvious. They're not terrible headphones; at $500-700 I can totally see myself getting a pair, even. But as a top of the line $2k set, they are severely disappointing.
There is some disagreement on whether or not there are some discrepancies in sound quality between different units of this headphone, perhaps different batches in production. They measured differently on head-fi than innerfidelity. Was some discussion on measurement rigs used. Personally I've heard them twice, really enjoyed them first time (though it was at a meet, a bit noisy), and found them to be pretty boomy and heavily encroaching on the mids the second time, which was at a smaller meet, less noise. Lots of variables there, but take it as you like.
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how do you know in what way sony calibrates their equipment and that head-fi and innerfidelity do not?
Using frequency response curves from the same source is the only way to have somewhat reliable comparisons. There are so many factors that can affect a measurement rig. This is where innerfidelity shines as they have very large archive of measurements.

1) find a headphone you own, see how it measures there,
2)find the measurements for the headphone you want
3)compare graphs to see the relative level changes between the two
4)apply those increases/decreases to your own perception of the one you own

This helps eliminate the variances when comparing graphs from different sources/measurement methodologies.
There are now only 3 left on Amazon new for $1699.00 with 1 year warranty and free shipping with Prime.
You are a real nasty dog, Who gives a f@ck about Amazon? Why did you join massdrop? If you dont want to buy it just leave! You dog!
Dog? Is he really a dog? Great typing skills!
Looks like they dropped the price below new on Amazon.
You get a 1 year warranty on Amazon combared to a 30 warrenty theough Massdrop. I think that is worth the extra $50.
Umm...these must have to sound good.
Have listened to these multiple times, realy like the build quality. However, definetly not worth this much, sound wise. Would consider buying these if price drop to 899. At this price range, PM headphones are better choices.
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I think 899 would be reasonable price. The build quality is supreme. However the sound quality is not as good as Beyerdynamic T1. It is like a Mercedes S600 with a honda accord engine. I will pay 899 for the chasis.
PM headphones has its natural advantage, PM headphone can reach a higher limit than dynamic headphone. They are usually expensive because they usually sounds good.