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Sony MDR-Z7 Hi-Res Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-Z7 Hi-Res Stereo Headphones

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Was considering this price but amazon had the same price and shipped to Canada. But in the end i settled on ebay direct from japan. Now waiting for my hd 6xx, then i will have one open back and one closed back. Wish the z7 came with a standard xlr cable so i can take full advantage of my schitt jotunheim , gotta buy another f**king cable I guess.
I love my Z7 and I'm also waiting for the HD6XX. Do you have any suggestion for the XLR cable for the Z7?
I ordered one of ebay 50 us it works very well. I dont believe in expensive cables. Just buy custom ones that were taken from balanced cables that are used for microphones. If it is good enough for recording music in the studio then it is good enough for me.
I don't get these drops when there seems to be even no warranty advantage compared to cheaper Amazon and eBay prices.
I began a quest of having a good can setup a little over two years ago. Now - after various iterations that we all have been though - end up spending enough money that we should have bought something at or near our end game up front comes into play. For example just in Audeze, I have the LCD-Xf, LCD-3f, LCD-2f, EL-8 (Open and Titanium both with Cipher and std cables, and various DACs and Amps ranging from my first Massdrop CEtrnace DACport Slim through Deckard, Micro iDSD BL and even Pro iCan. Yes I am a hoarder - flat-out - and leave typically 4 sets of cans at a time on my desk with Woo Woo Tandem Stands - okay this is getting too long - so to the point. Even among my Focals, various standouts such as Fostex TH-900mk2s, Shure IEMs, some Sensh's and Ultrasones I love - I gotta say if I'm grabbing a single non-NC set for literally anything - i.e. connected to Roku Ultra Remote to directly from CX-A5100 or iPhone 7 and I want great sound with no fuss - the Sony Z7's are my favorite easily. With them I'm not messing with Amarra SQ+, often no Amp, External DAC or even fancy cables - they just work great - isolate great and can rumble with movies or sail along streaming MQA via Tidal HiFi. Honestly I think dollar for dollar they are the best thing that ever happened to a one or two pair owner with a non-crazy person budget. While I wouldn't recommend the cable for true portable - a small velcro org strap from one of your HDMI purchases or the like can help. When younger guys who work for me look at my conditioned power supply or linear DC upgrades, or even my AQ Cables with 72v noise suppression wizardry I give em their first dose of point of diminishing return speech and tell them to keep it simple. Tell em to skip a dedicated hi-res player for now and stack a dac/amp with their phone and a set of Z7's - its just dead simple quality. For $700-$800 bucks they can use the Z7s for portable, work, gaming and entertainment system - and the right portable dac/amp can link to their receiver, Roku, Blu-Ray, Phone or gaming rig.
That is good to hear, I have been leaning towards these for a while for closed back cans to bring to work. I am happy to hear that they work in well under any conditions and isolate well. Especially coming from someone that also has Audezes to compare to (though I only have the EL-8's lol)
I own the Z7's but did not pay as much as this drop is asking. They are great headphones and even better after doing the upgrades. The headphones are very comfortable also
I also have them and totally love them!

May I ask you what upgrades have you done to them as well as what Headphone Amp you're using?
I replaced the internal cables to pure silver, put surgical tape in the cups plus carbon fiber, raised the pads. I also have pure sliver cables going from the headphones to a 4 pin XLR
I bought this headphone in Japan for about $600 at 2014. Now 2017, it still can have price sticker of $499-$539 on Massdrop? Wow, I suddenly feel I made a very worthwhile purchase!! Thank you, Massdrop!
Has anyone ever bought these from Massdrop? I can't imagine there's alot of demand since everyone seems to be able to buy these for cheaper online and there are WAY better headphones being sold on here...
They are 499.00 on Amazon prime, right now, brand new, why wait till October plus to get them and pay 39 dollars more. Mass drop is something else!
I got mine from a local store in Guatemala and you would not believe how much I paid for them. I got them for $199!

The only thing was that they were on an open box and didn't include warranty but they were in mint / like new condition. No signs of use of any kind, so I can say that they didn't even have them as a display model.

I know mine were a bargain and can't compare to any other's found on Ebay, for example, but you're right about the price from Massdrop not being an actual deal compared to competitors.
Bought it used but like new on ebay, including Sony Kimber Cable for EUR 250....
$439.99 on eBay with free shipping.

$499.00 on Amazon, free 2 day shipping with Prime.
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Oh, I know about it. This last Prime Day was a shit show. Just confused how my comment reminded you of it...
Not necessarily your comment, just how the lowest drop price is automatically default price on other sites, not to mention higher than on ebay new. I think in this case, it reflects more on Sony than Massdrop.
same price on amazon
Am I allowed to say that the lowest price bracket is still higher than ebay prices?
I bought a pair of these half a year ago on eBay for $500. At the time that was the best price anywhere, but is does seem that they have come down some now.
Not much really. But there are folks who claim to be authorized dealers who are under-cutting these numbers. $450 would have been a worthy massdrop price in the lowest bracket. Until then spend 10 bucks less and buy it on ebay. Shipping will be fast and you have plenty of purchase protection.