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Why isn't this drop becoming active again?
The massdrop price isnt even a discount sometimes. Another failed attempt to join a drop
The 350 ones on Amozon have a mic so you can turn one a setting to hear your sarondings wother still hearing your music
How come you don't ship to Canada? Really unbelievable....get it together please!
Really .....? no shipping to Canada either...get it together
FYI, it's now $159.99 newegg (08.10.17).
can't find them on newegg when i search for them
Exactly the same price as amazon. Why buy from Massdrop?
Bought these for 169 from newegg 10 days back, I saw it for the same price on newegg before too
i can't find them on newegg when I search them.
So, about $20 off Amazon price? Anything else I'm missing here?
B.Hutch is there a confirmed ship date from the supplier?
Can these be charged any other way than with a computer, say with a portable charging device? I am planning a trip and did not want to haul a laptop! Thanks!
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No, I meant higher voltage. Some fast chargers aren't just 5V, but support faster charging speeds with 9V, 12V and even 15V - see Qualcomm Quick Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, and even USB Type C Power Delivery (out of the three samples, only USB PD is an official standard).

But most of these are irrelevant, since these headphones will charge only with 5V, and even at that, with a limited current (based on the specs sheet, I'd say around 200-300mA@5V).

End of the line: Use whatever 5V USB charger you find, just make sure it's a quality one.

Above USB standards, there's Qualcomm Quick Charging (mentioned before), and some other protocols that are usually dubbed "fast charging" - not just higher amperage, but in general, higher voltage options, where the device, after initial connection to the charger, negotiates maximum charging wattage and the matching profile (e.g. a charger can support 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/2A, and 20V/1A, while the device supports up to 12V/2A).
hoping for more international shipping options too!
Can we get a drop with more colors?
these are always 180 its never 350.. 170 happen a few times on groupons
How long should I expect shipping to take, I've never joined a drop before
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Burlierquill Softy504 The estimated shipping date for this drop is 21st of August. From then, it's 1 - 2 weeks in the US or 2 - 6 weeks internationally.
So if I'm in the US it'll arrive between one and two weeks from 21st of August?