Sony MDR100ABN Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphonessearch

Sony MDR100ABN Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sony MDR100ABN Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

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just got my headphones. these things are the real deal. supported ldac with my s8. just listened to the rain song by led zeppelin,heard some new things in there. very happy with this purchase
After the drop ships, whats the typical time it takes to arrive?
can we have a black colored version of this?
I'll wear polka dots as long as the sound is good. Form follows function
Any chance of getting the pink ones for my wife?
listening to tidal on nuforce edc I got on massdrop for $59. Very happy with these. I almost got the Sony's on the last drop, I'm going for it this time. All the reviews say super wide soundstage. I have the mdr-zx770bn and I really like those. I'm sure these will be as good or better.
$192 right now on amazon for black
Gray version (Sony WH-H900N) at Costco for $179.99 through Sunday.
Am I missing something, eBay has these listed starting at $109.00 plus free shipping?
If they are that cheap on ebay, my guess is that they are knock offs. I cannot find these under $220 any place legit.

$170 with a 2 week ship time... is a pretty fair deal imo.

This is a good drop.
Thanks for the reply...
Was hoping the yellow would match a nice Brooks Brother's suit I bought on sale last season, but I'm afraid the two yellows are just a half-shade off--bummer!

No shipping to Canada :( . Don’t blame raising shipping costs which you offset to your customer just say the vendors doesn’t want the hassle.
Don't you worry; Trump is going to fix all that. Pretty soon everything the US imports from China will be much cheaper to buy in Canada and Americans will be crossing the border and trying to smuggle it all back to the states--then you'll have the last laugh.
For future reference: dropped on Apr 24 2018 for $170
For future reference: dropped on June 15 2018 for $170
I own these, paid a similar price on buydig via slickdeals and they've been excellent. I use them on airplanes, while riding my riding mower, and sometimes to listen to meditation. I got the teal/blue color and it's fine, not too gaudy. Battery also seems to last forever, which is nice.
Wonder how well they would hold some black spray paint.... Wearing these over the age of 16 would be embarrassing.
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I imagine you also chase hooligans off your lawn with a cane as well?
Look on eBay... $109.00