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Sony Streaming Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player

Sony Streaming Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player

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This seems to be much better than Chromecast or Roku. How does the miracast work from Android phones?

Why not ship to Canada?
Any experience with this Sony as a SACD/CD transport? I'm looking for a cheap but efficient transport to connect it to my reference DAC. Thanks!

" Back in 2014, Sony debuted a new, Netflix-like game streaming service dubbed PlayStation Now. The service was expensive, at $20 per month or $45 per three months, but it supported a wide range of hardware including televisions, Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation TV, the PlayStation Vita, all 2013 – 2015 Bravia TVs, and all Samsung television models. Strangely enough, PlayStation Now support for all of these devices will be turned off in August 2017, except for the 2016 Bravia televisions, which go offline on April 1. "
You should probably clarify, so as to avoid confusion, that it plays PS3 games being streamed from a console via "PlayStation Now"... There already seems to be some confusion in the comments.
How does it upscale dvd resolution? Does it find a higher resolution online or what?
This product can play ps3 games without ps3 console??
Yes, but not PS3 discs. It can stream certain PS3 games via the PlaystationNow streaming service, which is an app available on this device.
I got it. Thx!
This plays ps3 games via PSNow, right?
Isn't this the model with the child lock that can't be disabled? Sony claimed to have fixed it with a firmware update, but I still see complaints around the net.

Can anyone tell me how much overlap this might have with a Samsung Smart TV?

Any features or improvements this would have that the TV wouldn't? I need a blu-ray, but just bought a TV that has these Smart features, and haven't set it up yet.
The app functionality would be entirely duplicative. My advice for buying a blu ray player now would be to spend the additional money to get a smart/wi-fi, native 4K/UHD compatible version that supports HDR formats, unless you're purposely looking for something for the short-term. That will provide at least some level of future-proofing for the next few years.
If you need something cheap to play regular Blu Rays RIGHT NOW, then I suggest just getting the most basic version you can find on Ebay or something. I'm in kind of the same boat as you and thats what I did and found something around $30. If you want bleeding edge tech and something that will last, do like the other guy suggested and get a 4K player that supports HDR, specifically, Dolby Vision and HDR10+. It's the wild west out in HDR land right now, kind of like how when blu ray started around 10 years ago.
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