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Ahhhh just missed it ...
Best stove ever. It's better than my previous Snow Peak Gigapower in every way.
i am very new to stoves but this one popped up multiple times as a best buy whenever i chked... can someone clarify if this works well with the propane canisters and/or the isobu-propane cans? another nube question.. do all the gas canisters come with the same size nozzle head? (so i know if it fits one can, it can fit any other).. sorry if this is not a relevant question but it sure will help me join the drop.
Fantastic stove!! Have decided to buy it after using at Tian Shan mountains, Kirgizstan. I was with MSR Reactor and my friend had Soto windmaster. My MSR couldn't heat well at the altitude of 6200 meters (Peak Khan Tengri) and told me NO at 7000 meters (Peak Victory) because of the windy weather. Performance of the Soto was flawless. Heats well and the perfect weather resistance. I think MSR Reactor is a bit quicker and uses gas more frugally. I would use it for the low altitude climbing and for the trekking. But for the high altitude only Soto Windmaster from now.
Perhaps a silly question, but the 'included' header lists only the 4Flex stand and the stow bag. This drop includes the actual burner head as well, correct?
Received mine today. Another camp stove to test during the holidays.
Yay! Shipping has started!
Does this come with some sort of hard carrying case?
It seems that these no longer include the triflex. Wouldn't the triflex be a good add-on item? No doubt the 4flex offers greater stability but it's also a bit heavier, and at least for me, often overkill. :-)
I see the triflex as redundant. The 4flex works with the smaller pots as well as the bigger pots, and for me the extra weight penalty is negligible, whether I go solo or with others.
I just finished a 5 day backpacking trip where I used the Soto Windmaster. Weighs more than some but is way more efficient. It will be my go to stove on all future trips.
Any one have a clue when this one will be active again?
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Its active!
Lol. Yup. I've already got one last drop. Absolute rippa!
For my husban birthday I got him a Soto Windmaster. He loves it.
Let's talk fit. This stove's wind-resistant head is large and it's a bit tall. What is the minimum diameter pot it will fit? I have the answer.
I just bought one of these elsewhere (damn it, could have saved $15) and it BARELY fits, laying down on the bottom, into my Toaks 750 ml Ti pot. This leaves room for a small canister on top.
Internal Diameter: 3 3/4" (94 ml)
Any smaller of a diameter, it will not fit laying down in the bottom of the pot.
If the stove fits, the pot supports will fit with it, whichever you use. The 4 leg support folds around the stove.
If you put it in the bag it came in, it does not fit. Might be able to put it in a freezer baggie. I'm just comfortable accepting some scratches, and I pack it in with a bandana to keep things from rattling around anyway.
Does a 100g gas cannister still fit in that Toaks with the Windmaster?
Yes. (Edit: But it's tight. Dont' expect to fit much more in there with it. In mine I have: the small pot support, the stove regulator 1 bandana, folded neatly, 1 hotlips, 1/2 steel scrubby, and sometimes my Nitecore Tip. The lid doesn't quite close down unless I use a little stuff bag to hold it all together unless I leave one of those things out.)
I've been a Snow Peak Gigapower user for a long time and recently grabbed the SOTO Windmaster during a prior drop. This stove is great. I haven't done a time test yet; but it boiled water much faster than the Gigapower. A Vargo BOT sitting on top of the standard three-pronged stand seems like it's a little tall and top heavy; but it is stable enough. The stove doesn't pack down as compact as a Gigapower. Those are about the only negative things I have to say about the WindMaster. I've used it maybe a dozen times to boil water for food and coffee and it's a great stove. I'd give it 9/10 stars. If it was a little shorter when mounted to a canister and if the burner screwed off for more compact storage, it would be perfect.
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So the stove fits sideways in a BOT?
Mostly alcohol user here. But I've been looking for something to use in cooler/cold weather where I'm taking a bigger pack and don't care so much about weight, and want something to 1) boil quickly for 3am hot water bottle needs, and 2) something I could actually cook with, like pancakes, bacon & eggs, etc., when its cool enough to take some food in the pack that might otherwise spoil in warmer weather. The only reason I haven't got a JetBoil so far is its mostly single use for doing the boil water thing, and expense. I have a pocket rocket, and it works, just doesn't work as quickly - especially with a little wind - and not all that well for cooking.
So, would this Soto stove do close to as well for boiling water as JetBoil? Depending on the pot perhaps? Based on reviews here, should be decent for cooking - seems like it has a broader flame and more control than the PR.
It's supposed to be one of the best out there for wind, and it might be slightly better for cooking in a pan.
I would probably expand your search though. Maybe take a look at something like the Whisper Lite, or the MSR Windburner, which has a bigger burner than a jet boil. Jetboil even makes some wider stoves. If you really want to cook a lot faster, maybe get a cook pot with a heat exchanger on the bottom.
Neither the Windmaster, nor this stove are very good for actual cooking. Great for boiling water, but not cooking. This stove’s concave burner = a concentrated flame, which means you have one hot spot on your pot. I have and like SOTO’s MicroRegulator stove much better for actual cooking.
Would anyone know if this fits into an esbit 750ml with 110 canister?
Don't know for sure; but it does fit into a Vargo BOT 700 with a 110 canister.
Awesome stove, my favorite of my 6 canister stoves. Kinda wish I needed one lol.
Any idea when this drop will become active again?
One of the best stove for backpacking. I have pocket rocket, gigapeak, kovea, and jet boil minimo, Soto windmaster made them all obsolete.
A very well made piece of art. I picked the WINDMASTER up during the last drop and have been using it daily during the past 6 weeks. Everyday began with sub-freezing temperatures and a cold canister. It works better than advertised, IMO, and has met and/or exceeded all expectations. The WINDMASTER, OLICAMP XTS POT, and Optimus Windscreen work well with the TriFlex pot support for my boiling set up. The 4Flex address my distaste for the instability of stove with 3 pot supports.
Would this be a good option for actual cooking (not just boiling water)?
Simmering? Making Backcountry pizza
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It has very good output control.
I'd go a step further: it has nearly unparalleled output control. The only stove I have that's more controllable than this is the Viking gas kitchen range that I spent an ungodly amount of money on.
Hi. Does anyone know if this stove with either the 3 or 4 leg pot supports will fit inside an Evernew Pasta 1.0L pot along with the MSR 110g/3.9oz canister? I can't find the stove anywhere in person to check it out. Thanks.
Yes, with either or both the 3 and 4 leg supports.
Thank you so much for the picture. I'm in. Much appreciated chugger!
Does anyone who has this happen to know if any of the components will fit inside the little plastic cups that come with the GSI bugaboo cookset ? Seems like a perfect compliment to my windburner for when I want to cook. I'm torn between this (Jim's AIS review really at has me interested in it) and a cheap remote canister stove with a windscreen; an invertable canister stove would be more flexible and I'm a bit weary of super tall canister stoves (yes, I've dumped a meal by accident). It seems this Soto is no longer a "super light" stove at 2 oz (when there are lots of cheap sub-1 oz stoves available) but it does seem to have almost all the features other than being remote canister.
edit: screw it, I'm in. This seems to be a way better stove than what I'm using now. I hope it will fit my gear but don't have time to measure and won't have time until the drop ends. Right now it's at 4 in, 1 committed for the 5 person pricing so for the 1 dude who's on the fence, this one's for you.
Shipped ! Yay I may have this in time for Christmas. I can't wait to wrap it up and open it on Christmas day and show the family what they bought me :)
I got one of these in August 2016. I liked it so well I bought a second one (which I've kept pristine for... someday).
I used the first one at home multiple times per day (not every day but more days than not). Finally it started not quite shutting down fully. At first I noticed a very small flame dance across the burner surface even after closing the valve fully.
I found I could light the gas escaping the jet (through the air holes).


I emailed Soto. They're sending me a new one. More than I could have expected since the stove is well over a year old. I'm only posting this as a testament to their customer service.
I had a similar experience with Soto. My pocket torch stopped igniting (I still had a spark, still heard gas flowing, just could NOT get it to light). One email and I had a new one on the way. They sent it USPS Express so I'd have it in time for my weekend trip.
I've been wanting one of these for a while now. Finally found the best deal! Going to use it with an Evernew pot for a lighter stove option than my Primus.
Me too! Replacing my Primus ETA Lite from a few years back (I tried a BRS-3000T this year but it has already broken -- shoddy threads)
If I didn't already have two of these, I'd jump on it for this price. (Especially since it includes the 4flex)
BTW, the burner and a 110g MSR cartridge fits in a Snow Peak 700mL and a Vargo 700mL BOT.

(With the BOT, I put the burner in first so the lid will screw on.)
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Do you remember what the price for this drop was? Thanks!
No, I don't remember. I already had mine.
But it looks like it might have been about $55 USD according to this site:
+1 for me. Love mine and used it in some fairly windy condition in fall and no issues - lives up to its name. Packs into my Snow peak 900 ti with a 230g canister - with the bigger 4flex.
What's the difference between this and the Soto amicus?
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Thanks, that's good to know!
that's exactly what simmer control means. believe it or not it can be a real challenge for many canister stoves as well. with liquid stoves you can at least control the pressurization of the tank to fake it out a bit even if the stove itself doesn't simmer very well.
Nice specs. 4.3 oz for a cold weather stove setup.
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Doesn't get to be much of an issue where I backpack. Even in November, we only hit high 20's a handful of times. But I see what you are saying. I have a similar stove I use for it and haven't had a problem.
This stove is really solid but I've not yet vetted it in winter conditions as of yet (fantastic with windy conditions). Didn't need low pack weight during the last winter drip and have an old white gas stove that gets use. The problem with cold temps is that the mix won't burn evenly and you will get less mileage out of your canisters. It would have to be damn cold to prevent it from firing up and a little warm up in your interior pocket would do the trick.
I already own one of these, so I'll put this here for anyone wondering: quality wise, this is hands-down the best upright canister stove I've ever seen. The Piezo is actually protected from damage by running up the inside of the stove, and the electrode doesn't hang out right in the fire. Wind will still affect boil times, but won't blow the flame out. I use this with my Olicamp XTS pot, and it boils water with a quickness. Hikin' Jim has done a review of this stove, if you have any doubt left go read his review.
Edit: As an aside, I hope we see more Soto equipment. They have some really nifty things on their site that are only sold in Japan, so maybe we can get some of them over to the States?
Love mine as well as a double walled TI mug I picked up from them.