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Mine arrived this morning. Definitely worth the wait!
I hear some orders were shipped. I haven't received a tracking # yet and when I contacted support they re-sent the original delay notice. Anyone in the same situation?
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Just got shipping today.
Just received my tracking #. It's all good.
Got my tracking number today.
Same here
Just received an email stating that these orders are delayed, but not a word about how late they are going to be. Does anyone know?
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Did anyone got any news after initial delay notification?
Anyone get theirs yet?
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I haven't gotten anything yet.
I had ordered this watch specifically for an event Saturday, so the delay is really annoying.
Come on! You guys come here with SP-5039-02 as an option and limit the heck out of it??? :( Hopefully there's another round in the future with more white dials.
In for one (my first drop). Seems like a no-brainer for a hundred bucks. I would have liked the white face, but ended up with the 01 model, which looked nice on the YouTube videos I found.
I would have been onto it if there's a white dial!
add more white dials get more sales......make it happen Massdrop!
Is the movement windable and hackable?
Description says it has an NH-35 which is a hacking and handwinding movement.
I have watches with this movement it is both hackable and handwinding. It’s is a Seiko movement and for both of mine is less than +\- 20 spd.