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Spinnaker Spence Automatic Watch

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Didn't see any photo for the green one yet, here's my take:

Got mine today, it has a play up/down on the bezel @ 6, a dent on the left side of the case, and the crown is obviously not machined properly since it grinds against the sides. Box also kind of anonymous; overall a big drop in quality from Spinnaker compared to previous watches. Still, watch is beautiful, and @ 99 is cheap. But had I known all this would I still ordered it? Not sure...
Got these today.

Both run smoothly, bezels have a slight play ( right/left & up/down ).
No alignment problem, one user complained about this on the main picture ( maybe due to angle shot ).
Both straps are good, but the leather one is thick ( around 4mm ), that's the main negative, watch is not oversized, but a bit bulky at 16mm and with the leather strap, that adds 8-9mm at the buckle, not going to work with a double cuff shirt.
Overall, these are quite good watches, especially if the thickness is not a concern for you.

PS: Price was $99.99 ( per watch of couse ).
Got mine one strap was on upside down so you can see “water resistant leather” on the outside. Easy to flio over. Overall, happy with the piece.

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LOL, you know where they got them, don't you? Their first football coach was from UVa, and he chose them for Auburn's. They're exactly the same! Go 'Hoos! War Damn Eagle! :D
Nice watch, btw :-)
Mine arrived this morning. Definitely worth the wait!
I hear some orders were shipped. I haven't received a tracking # yet and when I contacted support they re-sent the original delay notice. Anyone in the same situation?
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Just got shipping today.
Just received my tracking #. It's all good.
Got my tracking number today.
Same here
Just received an email stating that these orders are delayed, but not a word about how late they are going to be. Does anyone know?
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Did anyone got any news after initial delay notification?
Anyone get theirs yet?
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I haven't gotten anything yet.
I had ordered this watch specifically for an event Saturday, so the delay is really annoying.
Come on! You guys come here with SP-5039-02 as an option and limit the heck out of it??? :( Hopefully there's another round in the future with more white dials.
In for one (my first drop). Seems like a no-brainer for a hundred bucks. I would have liked the white face, but ended up with the 01 model, which looked nice on the YouTube videos I found.