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Correct me if I'm wrong, but contrary to the description, the SP-5039-06 has a dark green dial not a black dial... Yes?
I want the white dial too! Is it possible to increase the supply :(
I missed the white dial AGAIN. And I didn't get the notification I requested.
Good movement, excellent strap, great accuracy. These are an excellent buy
Damn, missed the white dial. I have the brass plated with dark green dial. Love the watch. The Seiko Movement runs better in my Spinnaker than my Seiko Prospex Scuba I got here on MD. Latter is a disappointment. Looses 2 to 3 minutes per week.
Missed the white dial as well. It looks great
I will keep watching for another time and hope it shows up. Don't want to pay near retail. Would have bought it if offered a previous time around versus the one I have, although I lobe my Brass Case, bezel and emerald dial.
Is there any way to get a reminder from this particular deal? Last time when it was $99, I missed out the white one. I already requested the deal and signed up for the reminder. Yet this time the white color still out of stock with no emails from Massdrop. I don't have time to go check the site everyday.
Why did it go up 29 bucks? Last one I got here was 99.00 usd.. great deal.
So is the yellow one brass? PVD? Pic reads brass but everything else reads stainless.
Stainless steel.
Has anyone counted the number of bezel clicks with 360 turn? It seems to be 84 - pretty odd for a diver...
With a Seiko hacking movement, two straps and quite nice looks, I believe this is a very decent watch for the price. As other members pointed out earlier, bezel won’t exactly line up with the 12 mark and there is a little play - but this is barely noticeable. Delivery was pretty fast. Overall very satisfied with the purchase.
I love the look of this watch. The watch came with the leather strap and the blue/orange nato. The only reason I will not give a 5 star is the bezel won’t line up with the 12 mark and there is a little play. The little play does allow me to move the bezel a bit to be center. Good packaging, love the extras and the watch looks great. I’d did test the accuracy and it was at plus 19.5. I’m hoping I can set it on its crown over night to slow that down.
cant believe this drop happened 3weeks ago
time flies.
anyway, today i got a confirmation email from massdrop that my watch is on the way.
will post some photos once i receive it
Mine has not been cancelled but still shows "order placed with the vendor". Estimated ship date is 28 September. Massdrop, will you make it?
Hopefully, this will run for a 3rd time soon. When & if it does (and I am in for sure) can we bump the numbers up on the White face with Orange/Blue bezel please?
That version seems to blow out quick and I appear to not be the only one wanting that watch.
Lume marker at the 12 position on the bezel is not centered (see pic). Also, the self winding mechanism is awfully loud (sounds like a lot of friction inside). Anyone else have these problems?
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It sounds like there's a coin rattling inside the case. Do your other NH35s sounds like that? Time keeps find if manually wound, but the automatic movement is questionable.
No coin sounds, and if it won't keep time with automatic winding, you've got a bad unit. Sorry man. NH35 is an average or slightly below average Seiko movement so there are a few "lemons" out there, and I think you've got one. Hopefully you're still inside your warranty or something... Good luck! 👌
My order has also been canceled, I am very disappointed and angry. This situation is ridiculous. No more shopping here.
Really Massdrop??? Now you cancel my order?? Has this happened with anyone else before? This is the first time I joined a drop here since I joined and this happens! After they took my money! I am very annoyed!
Dammit. Really wanted the Orange one. Ah well, guess that makes it a touch easier to wave off. :(
have the sp 5039-06 a green dial like the photo?......or black dial like the description?
According to the website it is a green dial. The band is also dark green.
Thank you
when can i get orange watch back? this item is only sold out.
I just purchased the black one with the blue. All the reviews I watched online said good things about it I'll give it a shot for $99.99. How can you go wrong with a seiko movement? Was kind of disappointed the lose out on the white faced with their Orange and Gray Bezel.
I got the same one on the last drop. Wear it more than anything else right now, you won't be disappointed!
Is the leather strap water-resistant?
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Now I know why they give a spare nato... Is this all-leather? Looks like the inside layer is from different material.
There's some kind of fabric in between the leather. I don't know what it does, maybe just to add thickness to the strap or something more useful.
Orange is sold out 😢
Is the “brass” case solid brass on just some type of plating? I scrolled thru the description and the discussions and did not see an answer.
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Thanks for the info. I would have grabbed one if it was brass, but I’m going to pass on the plated.
Same. I almost jumped on it when I saw brass. Good thing I decided to investigate further.
Where does it made?
Hong Kong/China
You might want to compare it to the many Invicta Pro Divers that are similar to this in movement, features, and price, but have a metal bracelet.
The metal bracelet on the Invicta Pro Diver is trash from my experience. That said it can be had for cheaper than this. Plus this Spinnaker Spence is a tad on the chunky side.
I got one w/ Popeye for ~$60. Just personal preference.
I have my recently purchased $84 Invicta on a NATO also, a black and gray sometimes, and a camo sometimes. The bracelet at least comes with fitted end links. But yeah, it is light and cheap and uses cotter pins, which are easy to break. It would be hilarious to replace it with a $200 higher quality bracelet. I have an Aragon on which I sometimes use a leather strap whose price, had I paid list, would be higher than the watch price, at its maximum Aragon website discount, had I waited until that came around again.
Didn't see any photo for the green one yet, here's my take:
Got mine today, it has a play up/down on the bezel @ 6, a dent on the left side of the case, and the crown is obviously not machined properly since it grinds against the sides. Box also kind of anonymous; overall a big drop in quality from Spinnaker compared to previous watches. Still, watch is beautiful, and @ 99 is cheap. But had I known all this would I still ordered it? Not sure...
Is this brass or some kind of PVD?
Got these today.


Both run smoothly, bezels have a slight play ( right/left & up/down ). No alignment problem, one user complained about this on the main picture ( maybe due to angle shot ). Both straps are good, but the leather one is thick ( around 4mm ), that's the main negative, watch is not oversized, but a bit bulky at 16mm and with the leather strap, that adds 8-9mm at the buckle, not going to work with a double cuff shirt. Overall, these are quite good watches, especially if the thickness is not a concern for you.
PS: Price was $99.99 ( per watch of couse ).