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Spyderco Mike Draper Liner Lock Knife

Spyderco Mike Draper Liner Lock Knife

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Okay... so it's a Ti scales on what I can assume are steel liners. It would have to be steel liners since Ti liners would be too soft. Any weight reduction by using a Ti-framelock setup is lost with the addition of liners.

Like 90% of this built doesn't line up with it's cost. It's design shirks a bunch of industry norms... It kinda feels like one of those Cutlery Corner knives they try to sell for $100 because it isn't made of complete garbage.
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Sometimes they need to just decide that a knife shouldn't be made if it's not going to be worth what they expect to get out of it
I wholeheartedly agree. There are a couple of brands that use their trademarks and countries of origin as an excuse to overcharge (Benchmade being a prime example).
Seriously, nobody likes this?
I get it's a bit pricey for a vg10 but it's a fantastic looking knife, a fair old size and looks great.
Ohh I'm not just saying it because I own one :p
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I don't dislike it, but I can't justify the price point. VG10 just isn't acceptable in the entry mid-tech price range. For the same price I got an S35VN/Ti Framelock from Rike with their crazy signature style. As much as I love Spyderco (and believe me I'm really tempted to pick up a Paysan when they release) they're designer stuff tends to be overpriced for the material. Given the price and materials, I'm guessing this is made at their Taichung factory. Virtually everything out of Taichung has an over-inflated price tag.

Don't get me wrong, Taichung is by far their best production facility (better than Golden in most cases), but it still doesn't justify the price for me.
I guess it's all down to opinion, I have encountered this before especially amongst spyderco fans, but for me personally I think it's great :)
Now that is one ugly knife. Could be worse--could be blue and rose gold!
170 for vg-10...... yeah.... no
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$20 it's made in Taichung and that's one of the reason it's extremely over-inflated.
Nooope, not touching that bet lol
Lame, need more pics, please!
A “cont?” Really? MD needs to proofread this stuff before they post it.
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