Spyderco Para Military 2: G-10 / S110Vsearch

Spyderco Para Military 2: G-10 / S110V

Spyderco Para Military 2: G-10 / S110V

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exact same price as BladeHQ
Yeah, I'm sure there are some people out there willing to wait a month to save $10 by declining the case, but I am not one of those people
Cheaper on amazon and you get it in 2 days.
Litght weight , great over all design. With a blade steel that holds an edge better than anything I've personally used prior.

Not to bad to sharpen using diamond stones.
Well, I received the knife early. But there is side to side blade play. I also noted that the return address said Returns Dept which I’ve never seen before in my other MD packages. Its been 2-3 days and the only response I got from MD is that they forwarded my inquiry to a specialized Dept.

I think everyone can see from above the conclusion I can easily jump to, it would be nice if I can get a fast resolution to avoid that conclusion.
Update: all was resolved. Excellent customer service, just took a bit longer but nothing critical.
Knife was new by the way.
Of course... this pops up on my feed the day after I purchase one. Lol at least I got a good deal.
Here’s mine from bentobox.com but I did a small amount of smoothing for comfort, and made a Kydex thumb-assist on the spideyhole which makes a WORLD of difference. I like that this knife has the bearings instead of just washers and I love that locking mechanism. The titanium lanyard hole and glowing back spacer were not necessary but they provide me some utility. Great knife in the S110 and I’m quite happy with it.
Wonderfull !!!!!
Blade HQ has this exact same spec for the exact same price, and you dont have to wait a month for shipping
And that's why Spyderco's MAPs suck
Spyderco's MAP (minimum advertised price) means no retailer can list this below what they say it is. Granted MD can lower it by $10 if you refuse the pouch (but why wouldn't you want the pouch). Also good for Canadian buyers since no one (not blade HQ nor knife centre) will ship to Canada at the moment.
BladeHQ has this one for the same price or an all black for 134 or so
Purple....REALLY? :-)
Why on earth have over 400 sold. I can find this cheaper online and have it 2moro????
I wasn't sure about the color either at first. But once I saw it in person I like it a lot. It really is more of a bluish purple than purple. It usually looks like a dark blue to me.

I definitely don't see how it's selling so many. I got one in brand new condition on Reddit for $130 that came with the original box etc AND an MXG deep carry clip. Before I found that deal I was going to get it on Amazon for $150 with prime shipping... so IDK what the deal is with this drop.
I question this sites intentions. I believe truly that you have used your name and initial purpose to take advantage of us as customers. I doubt I will warrant a response but maybe you will take a moment to analyze what you are becoming. The price here is a match exactly for blade hq. If you are gonna move product for a vendor and take a month to ship then where is the deal?
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I've bought a few spydercos on amazon that were all fine. That being said they clearly said SOLD FROM AMAZON, not a third party. That's where you can run into junk or fakes, is buying from third party or market sellers on Amazon (not all of the third party are junk but some are). The main thing is to read the reviews. If it doesn't have many, or if they are bad and lots of complains on the merchant/item just move along. Amazon's customer service is phenomenal though they take care of you even if it's one of their third party sellers that screws you over.
I also heard that even if sold by Amazon people will substitute a return with a fake. Overall I’m careful about what I buy from Amazon, especially Spydercos. I once bought a fake from an auction site and it’s the worst feeling ever. I don’t like being duped no matter what the price I paid. I was lucky enough to get a refund.
This is $150 on Amazon and I can have it in two days...
This was 150$-15 = 135$ when I got it from last or second to last drop