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Spyderco Para Military 2: G-10 / S110V

Spyderco Para Military 2: G-10 / S110V

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There are better options out there for this particular piece. Massdrop should make sprint-runs together with Spyderco
I don't get it? How is this even on massdrop when it's the same price ore more than ANY online retailer? Not limited by any means either.
No more pouch that we can say "No" to get discount?
If this was a good price, I would be all over this. One day I will own a PM2. And why not in S110V. I don't have any of this yet. (Is there a better reason for getting one?) I can get one at this price with free S&H anytime from several online dealers. If thes was $150 with free S&H, I would have had to find my Homeless sign (I've got a very nice laminated one in four colors) to raise money for it. Oh, well. It's nice to get my hopes up, even briefly. Actually, it would be nice to get anything up.
Grooaann, no savings?? Check out the screenshot's date -10/1/2018- in stock TODAY and free shipping TODAY, NO WAITING for the drop, at these dealers; SAME PRICE as Massdrop. We don't get a break for getting a bunch of buyers together? By not being purchased at a known big-box dealer, would it have a valid warranty?
Massdrop informed my Fallkniven A1 purchased on MD (Sept 2018) IS NOT warranted for the same reason : ( Although I know it it's genuine, I'd like it warrantied should something happen.


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Yeah, you can get better prices on Amazon at times, BUT I think a lot of people have gotten burned receiving counterfeits from them. Maybe some people dupe Amazon by buying a (genuine) knife, then return it (with a counterfeit) and get a refund on their money !! I read a lot of complaints on BladeForums & on Amazon reviews also; I just decided to never take a chance there.
Yea I haven’t thought of that, super scumy thing to do but at least amazon has good customer servic.
So, we're now up to the same price or higher than other retailers AND no options for deducting anything for a case? What the hell is the point at this point?
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God, I was thinking the same thing, why do I even bother looking?
I wonder if Massdrop was actually running afoul of Spyderco's MSRP rules w/ the pouch/lower price gambit, and that's why its gone?
Spyderco is Spyderco, and they ain't changing for you, me, Massdrop, or anyone else. Which reminds me: a cpl weeks ago in some thread, you argued that Spyderco legacy models--Delica, PMs, Native, etc--were actually over-priced because they were so old and basically unchanged that R&D costs had to be nil at this point, yet their prices hadnt gone down as they should have long ago once those costs were recouped.
I'd never thought of that--I'd always mentally filed those knives in the "good deal" folder, and I tend to be pretty price-sensitive, so I was puzzled why that issue had never crossed my mind. Then I looked at my Spyderco collection, and...well...take a look:

There's nary a standard model in the lot. The closest is the BR green Manbug w/ ZDP-189--thats at least always available. And the L'il Vallaton Sub-Hilt looks "normal" but is actually one of those that was converted to a double-action, scale-release auto by Butch Vallotton. All the others are sprint runs or exclusives, and I did not set out consciously to ONLY buy those, but I do only buy knives I feel are a value for the $, whether its $10 or $500. So those knives are like a manifestation of my semi-conscious cost/value assessment. In other words, my favorite thing about Spyderco is their use of exotic blade steels--nobody even comes close to their level of experimentation. And I think those--these--exotic-bladed knives are great deals. But the normal Spyderco configurations never excited me much, and as you can see, I've never been motivated to spend the $ for one (this is my full spread of Spydies, for the time being).
So thanks for the mental prompt that lead to greater insight into the precise nature of my addiction.
That's quite the little pile of gut instinct there 👍
Happy to hear my little rant was helpful :)
I... really wanna get in on this. I have a thing for Spyderco and specifically the PM2 (since I got mine a month or so ago, It's gotten the most pocket time).
I dont know when, exactly, but sometime between now and 12/31--conventional wisdom is that it's likely to be much earlier than the end of the year, but theoretically it could be any 2018 date--Spyderco will be dropping sprint runs of the Military and PM2 with CPM REX 45 blade steel.
The scales on those versions will be burnt orange G10 because REX 45 is HAP40 that's been forged with the CPM process, and just like they do blue-grey for aogami sprint runs, HAP40 and now the brand new "it" blade steel REX 45, since its compositionally the same. (Incidentally, congrats on snagging a super blue for > $100. That is a screaming deal if its brand new and unused, w/ box and papers; its still great even if not. I got my at the regular retail price because a local shop loves me, so they'll pull and hold new merch for me). So if you're in the market for an upgraded blade steel PM2 keep an eye out. I have the PM3 with the REC 45, and I think it lasted for sale no more than an hour. And when you feel that preternaturally silky steel, you'll understand why.
PM2 in burnt orange! Yes please!
For everyone complaining about the price, spyderco enforces its MAP heavily. That's why the case is there so customers can decline it and save $10 to $20. Every spyderco drop can be found for close to the same price elsewhere.
Man, mine just showed up more than a week early! So far I like the action, super smooth. Can't say I like the feel of the G10 in-hand, it's rough and uncomfortable in my opinion. I wonder if I would like the feel of another Spyderco like the Delica with a FRN handle instead... It's also bigger than I imagined, or my hands are smaller than I remember XD Otherwise it seems to be excellent knife, I look forward to using it!
S110V is impressive but I just bought a red g10 PM2 with M390, exclusive from DLT trading in Wisconsin. I’m gonna stop there...unless I see one in CPM 4V
Overrated. VERY, overated
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Do you mean the Tenacious? The Resilience is much larger than the Para2. I think the blade is 4.25". I have them both and they are great knives. The Resilience feels better in my big hands than any other knife I own.
Would love to get the Resilience with a super steel.
Actually I have a few copies of both, and I like ‘em all; as-is!
exact same price as BladeHQ
Yeah, I'm sure there are some people out there willing to wait a month to save $10 by declining the case, but I am not one of those people
Cheaper on amazon and you get it in 2 days.
Litght weight , great over all design. With a blade steel that holds an edge better than anything I've personally used prior.
Not to bad to sharpen using diamond stones.
Well, I received the knife early. But there is side to side blade play. I also noted that the return address said Returns Dept which I’ve never seen before in my other MD packages. Its been 2-3 days and the only response I got from MD is that they forwarded my inquiry to a specialized Dept.
I think everyone can see from above the conclusion I can easily jump to, it would be nice if I can get a fast resolution to avoid that conclusion.
Update: all was resolved. Excellent customer service, just took a bit longer but nothing critical. Knife was new by the way.
Of course... this pops up on my feed the day after I purchase one. Lol at least I got a good deal.
Here’s mine from bentobox.com but I did a small amount of smoothing for comfort, and made a Kydex thumb-assist on the spideyhole which makes a WORLD of difference. I like that this knife has the bearings instead of just washers and I love that locking mechanism. The titanium lanyard hole and glowing back spacer were not necessary but they provide me some utility. Great knife in the S110 and I’m quite happy with it.
Wonderfull !!!!!
This knife has Bearings? My Para 2 blurple S110 I bought a year ago from DLT doesn't have Bearings just 2 bronze washers. Did they change the design?
Blade HQ has this exact same spec for the exact same price, and you dont have to wait a month for shipping
And that's why Spyderco's MAPs suck
Spyderco's MAP (minimum advertised price) means no retailer can list this below what they say it is. Granted MD can lower it by $10 if you refuse the pouch (but why wouldn't you want the pouch). Also good for Canadian buyers since no one (not blade HQ nor knife centre) will ship to Canada at the moment.
BladeHQ has this one for the same price or an all black for 134 or so
Purple....REALLY? :-) Why on earth have over 400 sold. I can find this cheaper online and have it 2moro????
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Congrats man! I wish I found that deal! I spent $152 at BHQ.
Yeah. I’ve gone back and forth on the deep carry clip. Not sure if I want to keep that One or try a different one. It makes a pretty major hot spot. Lol.
I question this sites intentions. I believe truly that you have used your name and initial purpose to take advantage of us as customers. I doubt I will warrant a response but maybe you will take a moment to analyze what you are becoming. The price here is a match exactly for blade hq. If you are gonna move product for a vendor and take a month to ship then where is the deal?
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I've bought a few spydercos on amazon that were all fine. That being said they clearly said SOLD FROM AMAZON, not a third party. That's where you can run into junk or fakes, is buying from third party or market sellers on Amazon (not all of the third party are junk but some are). The main thing is to read the reviews. If it doesn't have many, or if they are bad and lots of complains on the merchant/item just move along. Amazon's customer service is phenomenal though they take care of you even if it's one of their third party sellers that screws you over.
I also heard that even if sold by Amazon people will substitute a return with a fake. Overall I’m careful about what I buy from Amazon, especially Spydercos. I once bought a fake from an auction site and it’s the worst feeling ever. I don’t like being duped no matter what the price I paid. I was lucky enough to get a refund.
This is $150 on Amazon and I can have it in two days...
This was 150$-15 = 135$ when I got it from last or second to last drop
This is a regular price, with coupons blade hq, knife center and many others will end up being cheaper.
It's a beautiful knife. I already had the limited edition PM2 in olive drab scales/black blade and it's an exceptional knife. So about a month ago I bought the blue/purple PM2 at Amazon for $150. It's cheaper than here, and it's the cheapest you'll find it new anywhere. But the box was a little damaged, and had extra tape holding it together, like it was used. It was also missing a paper inside. The action was mighty stiff compared to my PM2 OD, but I guess that could be fixed with some adjusting. It didn't sit well with me, though, that it was obviously a knife that had been used and returned, and if I was paying $150 for it, might as well pay $15 more and get it from Blade HQ or Knife Center or DLT or any other legitimate seller. So I returned the knife. I still want it, but I want the PM3 version because it's more of an EDC size for me, and I already have a PM2. If I had no PM2 I'd definitely go for this. You can get it for $155 here if you opt out of that phony case. Yeah, you have to wait a month, but it's $10 less than the (legitimate) competition. Truth is, this is a luxury, not a necessity, so the wait is fine with me. I buy a lot from Amazon, but I wouldn't buy another Spyderco from them. Still, what I like the most about Amazon is the incredibly easy return policy, and I get refunded as soon as I drop off my package at UPS. But as far as Spydies, I'd look elsewhere than Amazon -- someone will buy that same knife I returned. Even though it's not a huge discount here, if you want this knife, I'd get it here. My 2 cents here is worth $10, trust me.
Aside from the fact that this can still be had cheaper from many other places..... This is my favorite part:
Me: I'd LIKE to get a $15 credit for the case
MD: Too bad, we'll give you 10 bucks. Take it.
Mighty confusing... Or just terrible math.
More likely that the discount was $15 when this originally dropped here, then they cut it back, but missed a spot
More Spydiegreed.
A genuinely excellent pocket knife. But why wait a month to have it in your pocket?
Buy it right now, at this exact same price, with free shipping, at both KnifeCenter and BladeHQ:
These are just the first two vendors I checked, but I imagine others are also selling at this price.
And, OK, to be fair, MD's price is actually$10 lower, if you get the knife without the useless case ... So in return for only $10 ( a 6% discount), you get to wait for weeks to get your purchase - if the drop even attracts enough buyers to go forward. If this seems like a good deal to you - great! For me, not so much ...
MSRP is actually $254.95, but who pays full MSRP for Spyderco products - ever?
For that matter, why does anyone sign up for a MD offering like this (complete with delayed shipping!) without even checking the actual online retail prices at major knife vendors?
More importantly: why does MD persist in promoting offers like this as "bargains," when they clearly are not?
For the five of you who signed up for this drop without checking other sites, it's not too late to cancel your order, buy this great knife at the same price at KnifeCenter or BladeHQ - and have the knife in your hand next week, instead of a month from now.
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Australia. 🇦🇺🇦🇺
It’s a win for me. I rolled the dice, the drop just moved forward (yah!!!), I don’t need the case (a knife is meant to be used!!!!) so I saved a few bucks (saved a bit more since I had an additional credit) I honestly don’t mind the wait - I have a PM2 in S30v.
Life is good. But I hear what you are saying. But I guess my point is Massdrop will work for some folks.
I may swap out the clip with a deep carry and the scales with carbon fiber just for fun. I have these lying around somewhere. Depending if this is the blue or red loctite model. For those who are thinking of doing the same thing beware if your knife had red loctite ( they only recently switched to blue), you’ll strip the screws. You can take special precautions or send your knife in to Spyderco for them to back out the screws for you.
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AhhhI see it. That is pretty confusing though.
Yeah, it's that annoying way that Amazon combines products and shares descriptions. Always make sure to check the "details" section
the blue para 2 ”blurple” is a great knife. But this price is retail msrp. i don’t see any reason to buy it here on impulse. I will just wait till I’m ready.