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Well, my first drop finally arrived :)
And my first Spyderco, and my first wharncliff.

Initial inspection, everything looks flawless and solid on the knife.
Yes, the lock can pinch you, but only takes a minute to figure out how not to hold it while deploying the blade to avoid that. (no idea how people say they get pinched in the lock closing it though?)
Seems like a quality piece for sure, just not sure about the life expectancy of this delicate looking tip. Guess time will tell!
Whoah there’s all these Wharncliffe blades being dropped currently. I’m wondering why the Yojimbo does not ship to my country.
I have the fixed and first gen version of this knife and they are some of my favorite knives to EDC. I found em great to cut up cardboard and pry stuff open.
Jesus, i couldn't imagine prying ANYTHING with the yo2. It's so delicate.
FYI Spyderco lowered their MAP discount so the street price for Yojimbo 2 is now about $136. So if you take the $20 discount by declining case you'll get $116(including Tax & Shipping for my state) which is a pretty decent deal.
This is essentially a list price deal.
$20 is deducted from your order if you decline the case this drop includes by default, making it cheaper than most everywhere else.
I've owned a sprint run version of this for a few years (CF, S90V). It's fun knife to handle, but not very useful for any actual tasks. Very delicate, too.
it's perfect for handling card boxes though
I agree.
Skipping this drop- can get it from Amazon for basically same price and get it in two days. What is the point of these drops if ye price is the same or higher AND you have to wait longer to get the item? Weak
You get a $20 credit to your order if you decline the case that this drop includes by default, making it cheaper than most everywhere.
Fair warning, I had one of these for a while, but kept pinching myself on the locking mechanism, either opening or closing it.
Any word on this drop? The last status update I have is "Order placed with vendor".
Any status updates???????
Ffs, pls do this drop again with shipping to Australia!!!! There is no reason not to ship here, is legal for import & ownership here.
You can purchase this knife on Amazon for $107.58 and get it shipped free with Amazon Prime for Tuesday delivery.
Spyderco’s (& other) ‘fixed’ pricing makes “shopping” for their knives a fairly useless endeavor. All authorized distributors of their products must sell at a price no lower than what Spyderco mandates. Having said that, deleting the ‘free’ carrying case for a $20 credit makes this the best price you can get this model at. I seriously doubt the case is worth more than a buck or two.
A lot of talk about clones here. I hate ’clones’ which is a polite way of saying ’forgery’. I own a genuine Spyderco Yojimbo though it’s the coated S90V version (about $40 more than this one). It’s a well made knife from an excellent maker. I’ve seen Some Chinese forgeries of their knives. They are crap.

Where did you get that deep carry pocket clip?
MXG Gear - it’s titanium