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St. Louis Folk Victorian Patterns

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P.S. don’t get me wrong... I’m all for new adventures, new opportunities and new revenue streams; but I just feel this could have been handled differently. I‘d love to chat about this and ways to improve collaboration with small businesses.
Hi Kristy,
Understood. Thank you for posting here and starting the dialogue. I will reach out to you directly.

St Louis Folk Victorian is my business and I’m curious how the images from my patterns were swiped and edited to remove the background showing no representation of my business only my work (quilts).

Will the customer receive a legitimate pattern that I have provided via a legitimized wholesaler that I work with...or a photocopied version that was stolen? I’m praying it’s the former and not the latter.

I understand the premise of getting commitments and then contacting the vendor to purchase; but why use the super sketchy edited photos that I did not approve.
Hi KristyDaum,
We are getting these through a legitimized wholesaler that you work with and the customer will receive the actual pattern that you supply to them. Sometimes if the images that our vendor's use are not large enough, we will pull from the main source. Hope that explains it sufficiently. If not, I'm happy to reach out to you directly.
need to change address on just dropped merchandise
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I sent a help reply but maybe you can help me now as I was going to order more as I already dropped the cork order and messed up on the address. I need to know how the merchandise is being shipped to Canada, freight are mail, as I have a address for each type of shipment. I have already ordered cork WRONG ADDRESS and want to order a pattern and have not finished looking at all drops you have going at this time.
Hi JessL,
I think at this point, it might be best to contact Customer Support. You can do that under each transaction.
Help need to change shipping address.
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