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Chicago Comb Co. Model 1 Comb

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I really liked my stainless steel Model 1 comb, but I it didn't match the rest of my titanium accessories. They have the titanium Model 1 but it has the writing on it, which I was not a fan of. I contacted Chicago Comb Co directly to see if they could do one for me without the writing if I paid extra. They said I don't have to pay extra and I was able to get the titanium comb without the writing for their usual titanium comb price. The service was friendly and awesome.
Is this supposed to have a price on the sheaths? Because as of now it doesn't and that's a good deal if it's included.
correct me if i am wrong but did this just get a massive price hike from the previous $9.99?
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Suit yourself.
+1 for a carbon fiber option. I'd also like to see the titanium instead.
Am I the only one who is discouraged by the fact the comb has “TITANIUM“ written on it despite having nothing to do with titanium? I thought the comb was called Model #1 which would have made a way better logo. Also with a product like this no logo would have been the way to go. Great, now I’ve talked myself out of it :(
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How many drops are you planning to have which have a picture of the titanium comb which you have never listed it in massdrop. The fact that there are 16 photos and you still need the 3rd one to say titanium is sleezy and seems as though it has only been kept there to attract the type of customers attracted to titanium products. I have no dispute that this stainless steel comb is a great product. But picture 3 is marketing a much more expensive titanium comb which can only be bought from your site. (obviously not a mistake) It's underhanded behaviour towards both your customers and massdrop as a whole. From your previous post I had assumed it was just an oversite but since you have posted it for the 3rd time it is clearly intentional.
My friend, you’ve started with the incorrect assumption that we control this website and the photos on it. Why would you assume this, and then build some kind of theory of our motives on it? I happen to agree that the Ti photo should not be here when that comb isn’t part of the drop (although it *has* been in the past), but we aren‘t in charge of this listing.
Hi JL2015,

I was from the last drop with the Olive Shell Cordovan sheath(the one before the most recent drop) and received my comb recently. The build quality and design is great. But there is a little thing that is bugging me in regards to the product description.

The Olive Shell Cordovan sheath stated in this drop and your website, is in fact a reverse Black Shell Cordovan. I only noticed this after I received my comb and was in fact slightly surprise. However, it was my oversight at the fact that the Horween Shell chop will only be on the reverse side as the front side is too oily(and beautiful) to be inked.

Olive Shell Cordovan is more niche and rare as compared to Black Shell Cordovan(pretty common). But I was expecting an Olive Shell Cordovan instead of a reverse Black Shell Cordovan when I joined the drop. Ashland Leather product page also indicate that it is in fact Reverse Black ( And if you google Olive Shell Cordovan image, you will be able to find some shoes made of these so it does exist.

It probably doesn't matter for people who just want the colour(the smooth side is the front and the rough side is the reverse, so if you look into the sheath you will notice it is black). Both sides are great and unique on its own. But the product description is indeed misleading, and I did feel a little disappointed.
Hi MechChia, thanks for your message. It appears the description here on Massdrop has just been shortened a bit. On our website we give a more complete description including the fact that the interior is black while the outside is an olive-green color with the ink stamp:

"Each sheath is reversed to show the ink stamp of Chicago's legendary Horween tannery, of the few places on earth where this rare leather is created by hand in a process taking six months.  The outside of the sheath has a firm, yet suede-like texture, and the inside of the sheath has an incredibly smooth and shiny black finish."

I haven't seen Olive Shell in person, although Horween does make a dark green Shell (perhaps some people call it Olive). I apologize for the confusion and hopefully you can still enjoy your Horween Cordovan sheath.

best regards,

Hello! I know the website offers free engraving, but does this drop offer it too? If so, how do i add it?
If it is the steel version you are selling why do you show it with the word Titanium etched into it? Seems this has been a problem for atleast 2 years. Nice to know the Massdrop rapid response team is on the case
Yeah this is bullshit - I thought looks titanium, says "TITANIUM", so I joined. I've cancelled. As of right now the picture with the false label is still prominent.
Don‘t but this you can get it a better quality on Alibaba for like 89 cents lol. Its made by robots not indentured servants.
Saw that but the problem is the edge of the tooth for the Alibaba comb looks slightly sharper, not as rounded as the Chicago Comb. Don't know if you can actually file stainless steel without using commercial-grade tools, but anything works if you have the patience to file it. But then again, it's hard to beat that price.
The copycat combs are junk, with very sharp edges and poorly made. Please check out the photos in this post:
Or read the verified reviews for these knockoffs:
Is it possble just to order a sheath without the comb?
Where is the Matte Black option?
Was wondering the same...
Yeah, i just ordered this one, hoping for the matte black version again in a future drop because i will surely buy it :)