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SteelSeries Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker

SteelSeries Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker

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"the Sentry Eye Tracker allows you to understand the decision-making process of professional gamers and improve your own gameplay by analyzing eye movement during competition..."

See where a person looks on the screen only tells you where they looked. It doesn't tell you what they were thinking or why they behaved in a particular manner. It's only part of a picture. Maybe if the user knew they were being recorded, asked to think allowed and then a follow up interview was conducted. That would give more accurate analysis of of that player's gameplay, motivations and behaviors.
What makes this different/worth more than the Tobii EyeX?
Who goes euls on veno. This guy can't dota...
Could one use this with Arma 3? I have TrackIR for head tracking, but I imagine this could be less invasive and possibly more accurate? Any thoughts?
Check on Tobii EyeX website, they develop software for this thing, if Arma 3 is supported, it'll be mentioned somewhere.
Thanks! I'll check it out.
Ive got the EyeX version of this. I really like it. Admitededly I got mine for free, so im not sure if its worth the price really
How'd you get it for free? Can't just go sayin that and not say how eh!
Why so nosy? Maybe it was a gift or promotion or something but it's obviously was a one-off thing and they do not give these things out for free on a regular basis. MD certainly is not going to give it to you for free unless you know a guy who knows a guy lol
Man, if I had the money I would be so on top of this. So damn cool. Here's a video of someone playing elite dangerous with it:

Admittedly, you could just get a 30$ head tracker, but THAT'S NOT AS COOL.
This device is PURE EVIL. Subliminal messages will be implanted in your brain. You will lose control and do whatever evil is devised for you. Or, it could just be another input device. I don't really know.
Hardly a deal, goes for €119 / $139 on Tobii EyeX website, who developed this thing. Not to mention, you can emulate eye tracking with any decent webcam and a free FaceTrackNoIR software.
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