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Surprised this isn't also under Tech; would definitely get more people on the drop, even if it is US only
I hope this happens because this is an excellent price for a great lamp! Very highly rated. Good lighting is everything!
Best. Deal. Ever. I have two already - seriously contemplating buying another two...
I received my Stella Edge back in February and have never had the remote work correctly - and the remote is the ONLY way to power on the Edge. Luckily my friend had a working remote and I was able to use my lamp while on retreats with her. I took a chance and emailed the folks at Stella asking if there was a way to get a new remote. I got a very prompt response and have a new remote headed my way at NO CHARGE as a warranty replacement. Sharing my story so that if there are others who have a remote that mostly doesn't work they know to contact Stella!
Hi paulak8,
Thank you for sharing this. Stella is a great company and always does right by their customers. Since these issues have been surfaced in discussions, we were able to figure out that some of the units that were sold to us by a company, other then Stella, were old. We have since been able to make sure that all drops going forward will have new stock so this won't be an issue going forward.

Again, thank you for sharing!
I bought this the last time around and it is a game changer. I'm buying another this time around for another workstation because it's that amazing. If you have middle-aged eyesight, this is worth every cent. I took a chance the first time - I needed a good light and I didn't know how mediocre my existing sewing light was, but when this came and I plugged it in, the other lamp went straight to Goodwill.
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If I didn't think it was, I wouldn't have bought a second on in this drop. To my 30 year old eyes, it would be an extravagance. To my 50 year old eyes, it's a simple necessity. I easily spend $100 on fabric every month (or at least that's the amount I confess to when my husband asks). Getting my stitching and seams correct matters a lot when I have so much invested in fabric (not to mention my machine, thread, batting, etc.). The quality of my work is only as good as my stitching and my work much better when I can see what I'm doing.
Oh, I have no doubt that good light is a necessity, regardless of age. What worries me is the quality of the build as there is no mention on the manufacturer of LEDs. Good LEDs come at high cost but you get assurance from manufacturer about behavior (flickering, colors, etc.).
Hi All,
I want to make sure it's clear that for this drop, and all future drops, we will be shipping new stock to our members. This has been guaranteed for us and will aleviate the issue that some of you have experienced.
Had to return my defective Stella. Tried turn it on and no go. When I plugged cord into socket it would momentarily flash the light. So decided to change battery and it still didn't work. Returned it back to Massdrop.
noticed others had same problem with Stella, so wondering if Massdrop was sent defective from this company?
Hi Hopesews,
It appears we did receive some old stock but I want to make sure it's absolutely clear that we did not receive the product from Stella. We received the units from a distributor. I know that Stella stands behind their products and will honor the warranty for anyone that hasn't returned the lamps. I'm terribly sorry for your inconvenience.

Got mine today! Yeah! Got it all set up, removed the plastic covering the battery, clicked "on".... nothing. Clicked a few more times and the lamp came on. I was so happy, sewed for about 15 minutes. Clicked the on/off button again... nothing. I couldn't get the lamp to turn off. So I've packed it up and put it back in the box. I'd like to return the lamp for one that is not defective. The lamp is beautiful, the remote is another matter.
Hi @MissMori,
Please reach out to Customer Support through the transactions page. This can be found in the top right corner of the page under your profile picture.
I just got my lamp from this drop and it is defective. Who do I contact for help?
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The new battery did not make a difference. It still flashes once when plugged in and then nothing else. I need to either get a resolution on this asap or get a refund. I am very disappointed. Still have not heard from customer support.
I just found the email from support. There is no manufacturer's warranty on this item so Massdrop is going to issue a refund as soon as I return the item. :-(
How much is shipping in the US?
I've had a Stella for about 5 years now. i also have an Ott lamp. You can't beat Stella for it's quality of light. I can sew literally for hours without ANY eye strain. And because the power and type of light is adjustable I can use it in any situation. I purchased the edge as I want to use it on my cutting table. I know it's expensive but I believe you get what you pay for. For me, this is a good deal.
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@shadowphd, no really ... mine was $128 shipped this round. In the US.
I received my Stella lamp yesterday and used it last night. What a difference it makes! Wonderful light quality!! The price was great too. I saw it at a quilt store for $100 more. Thank you, Massdrop for a great deal!