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Is this solar powered? It charges devices?
Not solar powered. But it does act as a backup battery bank for USB devices. 👍🏼
Was going to join till I noticed that the shipping will cost me more than the light.
Almost ordered this based on the description "the mini version, which features a 2600 mAh battery and only two brightness levels." But caught the details section which included a flash mode. Is there a version without a flash mode?
I’m sure that means 2 brightness levels AND a flashing mode. The large one, which I have, has 3 brightness modes AND a flashing mode AND a red mode.
I have the mini, I believe it has two brightness, a strobe, and red.
Can anyone comment on the warmth of the lantern mode? I'm looking for a lantern for camping and van camping. I've noticed that cool white LEDs are unpleasant and unnatural feeling at night for ambiance, and I'd rather have something yellowish for around camp or reading a book at night.

Looks like a great product and I'm glad Massdrop is stocking this kind of thing. That said, this style of ugly and huge logo is really offputting. I don't get why companies so often hamstring their products with, frankly, dumbass ugly logos and Church-Newsletter-level graphic design. Just keep it small and tasteful and these objects would look so much nicer.
At a color temp of 5500K it’s definitely on the fluorescent side of the spectrum. If you’re looking for warm light, this isn’t it.
I'm loving this light! I can see how handy this will be while traveling. But in the meantime it's great as a bedside light. Though I wish the Low setting was not quite as bright as it is.

And it does, indeed, recharge from any USB-A outlet, as long as you are using the cable that came with it IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION. The Micro-B end plugs into the light and the USB-A end plugs into any wall charger.

UPDATE: Some here and in the Amazon reviews expressed disappointment that the Red mode was only flashing and not solid. However, the large one I received is a solid Red light and not a flashing SOS (unless there is a setting that I haven’t discovered that alternates between solid and flashing).
As of Thursday, March 29th, Amazon has it at $39.95 & $3 off when you click on the box for extra discount. Free Prime shipping if you want it sooner (reading previous comments, it seems that it took a while to get them over to the buyers)

Looks like you cannot recharge devices with the small one. Is that correct? Thank you.
does it write down the data(for example battery capacity)?
Just got my light stick. Feels very well constructed, light output is good. The only issue I have is the charging cable, I have no micro usb hub anywhere To charge. Not very practical if you need to charge & have no micro usb available.
wish R/D would’ve updated with usb 3.0 or usb C.

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Yeah those aren't standard yet, micro is still the go-to.
"... & have no micro usb available."

I realize it's been several months since this post, but I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this - but...You're trying to recharge it incorrectly. Flip your cable around the other way. Plug the Micro-USB end into the SunJack, then the USB-A end into any standard USB port or charger. Your Sunjack will recharge just fine. no need to go looking for a Micro-USB port.
It doesn't seem that the cost on the page matches the cost when you join. The page states says -$14 but it only deducts $12 when you join for the mini stick.
I reached out to Massdrop. They have corrected the pricing within the specs to show that $12 is deducted when ordering the LightStick Mini. Does still kind of bother me that they once were able to get it for $14 less. You'd think that a company with Massdrop's buying power would want to better negotiate prices on products.
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So I got regular and mini lighsticks with last drop and the mini one broke after 1st charge, charging indicator won't stop blinking when the lamp is turned on and the lamp is only usable on lowest light mode, pressing the button after that will just turn off the light again, anyone else having any troubles?
this looks like BlitzWolf BW-LT4 , BW-LT5 & BW-LT5 Pro ( ) ?
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does anyone know where to get the longer one from a cheaper brand? the mini seems to be on bnaggood with a worse battery for aorund 13$
unfortunately it shows as discontinued/out of stock on gearbest/aliexpress and most other places
the only place i found that selles it is for $29.59 (not including shipping)
seen one on amazon ca under the name wanway q7
the keywords you want to use for search: uy-q7 , uyc q7 , q7 waterproof
there is a longer version (40cm) for $39.88