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I got my mat today! I couldn't believe that we got a 5$ coupon to the next drop, a refund, and the mat. Seeing the package made me confused; Idk if the week can get any better.
Did anyone else just get a delivery notice for this? I thought this drop was cancelled?
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Haha, yeah super confused. I got a refund for it and a $5 voucher and now they are shipping it?
And now I have a delivery notice..?
I'm heated that it got backordered and got the cancellation notice. I was really wanting this to come in... 😪
All I meant that there was a hitch and it got cancelled. It was 9$ cheaper to get it though MD. I can wait for when funds are better or the drop comes back.
So any update of when this will ship? I still haven't heard anything beyond the delay, and its been two weeks since the original estimated ship date
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I'd say the cancellation and refund I just got answers this question...
aye yup... that’s a bummer
what is that keycap set in the first picture??? i could tell right away just from the colour scheme that it was LCARS inspired... view it in full size and the font is clearly swiss 911, the LCARS font.. but the picture is so low res. and of course, this is a drop for a desk mat, not a keycap set.
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oh man, it's DSA too! i love the yellow! i got my race3 a few days ago and the yellow arrow keys are by far one of my favourite parts.

man, just a couple days ago i was saying the keycaps that come with this board are basically perfect already (i mean, there are alignment issues on a few alphas, but they go unnoticed unless i'm Looking For Them), and i probably wouldn't ever want to change them... and now i learn of this set!

LCARS has been a favourite aesthetic of mine for a long time. i used the system47 screensaver for years until i switched to electricsheep. i always lamented how bad OS themes based on it were. i made many custom "master systems display"s with ~properly realistic~ labels on the buttons instead of the numbers on most show-props. and now i learn there's a keycap set that not only looks good, but is true to the aesthetic too! ahh!

i've looked at keycap sets before. some of them are nice but none of them capture my imagination like this galaxy-class set does. (or the race3/granite type set). haha, damn it.

i mean, if my full size board wasn't ALPS mount, i would possibly put it on there instead of the race3, and just have both on the go. but i can't so. ho hum.

i mean honestly i don't know if i could afford the galaxy-class set whenever prices are finalised, especially since i just had the outlay on the race3... there's memes about "ouch, my wallet" and then there's "i legit need to not buy this if i want to eat". but. ugh. i hope i can! >.>
is this better than the Mionix drop happening in Tech?
I've got a brand new never used mat from this drop. I ended up buying the Arozzi Gaming Desk so now I have no use for it. Looking for 25 shipped conus. Drop your PP address and I will invoice you.
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$22 shipping to post this thing to Australia through Massdrop that's why I asked if you wanted to part with yours.
That's very understandable but no I am not because of the shipping cost to Australia. My shipping + the cost of the item = selling at a loss so I'm better off keeping in rather than paying you to send you a desk mat as I'd spend more than what I'll get back. I want to sell it at cost so if you can cover the shipping cost + my cost then I can definitely do it.
Buying this directly from Sentraq (formerly known as SentrantPC) would cost you $27.18 including shipping in the US. So for people in the US this is actually a pretty good deal. You just have to decide if getting it a month earlier is worth 10 more bucks.
Alternatively, and for ~$8.00 and Prime shipping, similar specs (30 in. vs. 36) and material, and no branding.

$21.50 shipping to France...
7/3 lol