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Suunto Spartan Quartz Watch

Suunto Spartan Quartz Watch

Where's the price?
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is the warranty included?
No warranty unless stated on the description page.

This is from the FAQ :
Some products purchased on Massdrop include a manufacturer's warranty. These products will have the warranty listed on the drop page. Products that don’t come with a manufacturer's warranty will be subject to a 30-day return policy.
I do not see the "Spartan Quartz" model on the Suunto website. Is this an older model or renamed?
This is the Spartan Sport Wrist HR.
Does this watch have a barometer?
This looks like the Spartan Sport Model.

No Baromatric Altitude.

Other Models with Barometer: Suunto 9, Traverse, Ambit 3 Peak, Spartan Ultra


Is there warranty on this?
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