TINA T60 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kitsearch

TINA T60 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

TINA T60 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Can we get rid of that god awful heel?
The plates in the pictures do not look like as if the support any of the split spacebar layouts.
During checkout no plate option beside the color is available. So the layout picture is a bit misleading.
Does anybody know which of the plates this drop comes with? I see on KBDFans website that they have a 2U & 2.25U left shift version.
Description says 2.25u, but it would still be good to have confirmation since KBDFans are out of 2.25u plates for silver and titanium gray TINA-A (and, as of now, only 3 x black plates in stock at KBDFans).

If confirmed, this would be a great chance to grab TINA-A:s with 2.25u plates!
Seems a bit misleading to include pictures of keycaps that aren't available as a buyable option on this drop.
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I am somewhat new, but I legitimately thought XDA canvas would be a buy option for this. They often price products at the lowest pricepoint, (like the tokyo 60 - $150 price did not include optional keycaps for $40).

Do other sections of MD do this? Do they sell a watch displayed with a specific strap but that strap is no longer being sold?

Sometimes the keysets are an addable option, sometimes not. Doesn't seem to be any sort of consistency, seems a bit confusing for people who are new to the hobby.
The best thing to do is to read the description fully. The most important parts being the Specs/Included at the end and the blue box near the beginning.

I'm mainly here for mech keebs now but I was focused on fountain pens for a while and they did picture a pen using certain inks or on certain stands that didn't have an option to add those during checkout. As you said, there's no consistency but that's given due to the nature of some of these drops. Read the blue box and the included parts in the description and you will always know what you're in for.
You are better off buying from kbdfans because at least you know when it comes time to ship you will actually get your keyboard.
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Yes, go for kbdfans, good service and handles problems very well. Will always check if I can get it from them first.
Avoid kprepublic (via aliexpress), I have very bad experience with them. If something goes wrong you are f***ed.
this, i've bought off kbd fans numerous times.
Just got a drop update here. After checking kbdfans I'm guessing this only effects people who wanted the Tina-C since kbdfans currently has that for pre-order on their site.
I got refunded too with the Tina B
That's weird. I'm pretty sure you could just order the Tina A and B from kbdfans right now. As for me I took the refund and joined the Tokyo60 drop :)
Is this Kailh Box Switches "Drop", part 2?

Beginning to wonder if "Drop" means "Dropped the Ball"... Today I can buy this for the exact same price and be guaranteed delivery.
Honestly this drop is just terrible. I received an update from massdrop 11 days ago, and they let me know that they would notify me if the drop would be delayed more than a month. Still haven't received any word on delay time almost 2 weeks later. I wouldn't be surprised if they wait two more weeks before telling us that it will be delayed more than a month lol. Massdrop will not be receiving any more money from me on non limited-production drops. Buy directly from kbdfans and save yourself a 2.5 month + delays wait time (on a TINA lol). If i don't receive a shipping notification (or at least an update) in the next few days, i'm just going to cancel my order and re-order on kbdfans.
Can anyone from Massdrop speak to the status of this drop? I've checked my email and I haven't received any update regarding a delay in shipping, which it would appear there is. Any information regarding this drop would be greatly appreciated.
anyone from Massdrop? anyone? hello?
Anything at all... Literally any update would be better than silence.
I got mine today and received 5 extra plates. Not sure what's up with that!
mine hasn't even shipped yet : (