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Taccia Kimono Pen Roll

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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I have two pen rolls in Midnight Sakura And Sensu Fans if anyone is intrested.
How much are you asking for?
32 euros plus shipping
Selecting the option "No thanks - I want the single pen wrap only! -$44.99" reduces the drop price to below zero, but it won't allow you to checkout (unless you also choose to purchase an additional single pen wrap to push the price back up to a positive balance).

I guess the drop price used to be higher, and Massdrop has lowered it without considering how this interacted with the current option prices.

Pity, I'd have been tempted to join for a free single pen case plus $3 off the shipping cost!
You'll have to choose a single pen wrap option. You'll *only* get one single pen wrap if you select "no thanks" and choose the single wrap option in the next menu. It won't let you check out because then you'd be getting nothing.
Ahh I see! That makes a bit more sense, thanks for pointing that out :)

Still it seems a little off that I could order a single pen wrap shipped to Australia for $21.50, when someone who's ordering one of the larger pen rolls would have to pay an extra $23 just to add it in with their existing shipment.

Even worse if you're in the US, a single pen wrap order will cost just $18 versus $23 if you order it as an add-on.
Did I just see this drop too late or is the "bunnies" pattern the only option in silk?
This is my first Massdrop purchase. If the target is not made does the order not happen or do I pay $25 more?
If there aren't enough buyers to meet the target (or one of the targets if the drop has more than one target price) the drop effectively gets cancelled and doesn't go ahead.

The current drop only has one target price ($41.99) so if there are enough buyers to reach the target that's what you'll pay (plus shipping and/or tax depending on your location) otherwise the drop will fail and you won't be charged anything.
why it is so so much expensive ? what is so special about it ?
Hand woven silk.
So nothing if handmade isn't important to you
I want to echo the comments below regarding new colors on the next drop. :)
I would like to see more silk kimonos :) Maybe 2018 edition is out already? :P
It would be much appreciated if you could offer the solid colors in the next iteration of this drop! Taccia's website shows solid black, green, purple, and blue!
Would it be possible to add the silk option for patterns other than the pastel bunnies?
Absolutely love my 8-pen wrap! Gorgeous and very high quality. Thanks to the folks in the writing community!
My Floral Garden And Sensu Fans (Poly)
arrived! Very nice!

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
I just bought the same pattern in the four pen holder. Thanks for sharing your photos, this confirms that I made the right choice.
Make the single sleeve available on its own, please!
it's available for the current drop