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Did all the folks who are getting their orders "early" from the most recent drop order Gateron switches? Trying to sort out what the pattern is for who gets their boards now vs. February.
I ordered two keyboards (gat. yellows, gat blacks); both of which arrived this morning. Didn't know it would include an aluminum plate, which I was considering buying separately. I had heard others receiving boards with poor soldering jobs. I will report back if I find the same issue.
Mine “shipped” two weeks ago but tracking still says it’s waiting for the item. Anyone else having this problem?
I got an email with a tracking number but it's safe to assume that it's still shipping in February right?
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Gateron greens, black plastic case, no legends
Definitely could be the case. I received 2 of my boards on wednesday -- both of which are gateron (black, yellow).
This is too late, it ships in Feb!
just received my 2 boards today!
Yea, I got mine too. This comment was typed with the very same keyboard. All good.
Damn it! Just missed the drop :(
Anyone know where the company is from?
Does anyone know how frequently these are available on massdrop? I was hoping to get the white case with zealios today.
You can buy it whenever you want. https://kbdfans.cn/products/tada68-mechanical-keyboard-gateron-swtich-65-layout-dye-sub-keycaps-cherry-profils When I ordered mine from KBD, it came within days (I live West Coast USA, shipped from China). I am extremely happy with KBD.
Finally got mine, two months late. Does anyone else's keyboard wobble? Upper left corner is low. Super annoying.
The description says that the key caps are double shot pbt but the specs list says that they are printed and the pictures of the caps certainly don’t look double shot?
The Tada68 I got last year had dye sublimated caps. The keycaps were one of the best ones I've had though.
Just got mine this weekend and they are doubleshot PBT. Cheers
Are the caps Cherry or OEM profile?
The stock Tada caps are Cherry profile.
Thanks for the info.

After some delays, I just got my keyboard from the drop in May yesterday (October 26). I already had one Tada68 with Gateron Blacks, which I think is a great board. So I decided to get another to try out the Gateron Whites/Clears, and to have a place to put my steadily growing collection of keysets. I got the white case with blank keycaps, and I was surprised how nice it looked in person. I plan to swap out the caps eventually, but for now they look quite cool. The white switches are extremely light, which is what I wanted, and I actually think I like them quite a bit. But they have a bit of a hair trigger, so you have to be careful about resting your hand on the keys.

This is basically a drop for the folks living in the US.. because for us EU people say for me living in the tax gouging for normal hardworking folks The Netherlands I have to pay 21% vat and 11% customs fees that's 32% on top of the $147 that's $193.... There are other vendors in the EU that sell that Tada for $147... So Massdrop time to open up a EU warehouse.. everyone else can do it.. so can you..
Is this the premade keyboard? Or is it coming in as a kit?
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Thanks for clarifying.
You can buy it as a kit or fully assembled from KBD, and they only take a few days to ship.
Is there a translucent case for this? Can’t seem to find one online.
Not that I'm aware of maybe try hitting up u/jolimon on Reddit for something custom. https://stratakb.com <- his shop
Does it have usb type c?
Mini usb
Any chance of either getting zealios or a kit with no key caps on this drop?
Mine was just shipped
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My August 30th drop date keyboard has just shipped.
finally after almost 2 months T_T My 30 Aug order, shipped as well
Has anyone gotten any updates about oct. 8th shipment?
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mine as well
Mine too :D
" My name is Matthew with Massdrop Community Support, and I'd be happy to help. It looks like our warehouse has received most of the units and they are working to get them shipped out by the end of the week. I apologize for the delay and appreciate you patience in this matter. " This is for the 8/30 ship date. I hope this means that they'll ship soon.
You'd think they'd refund shipping costs or something, but alas.
" Judi from Massdrop Community Support here.  I have an update on your Tada68 Mechanical Keyboard order! The product is leaving the vendor today en route to our warehouse, due to arrive there approximately 10/17.  Our warehouse will be working as quickly as possible to get individual orders on their way. "
I've had to put in support tickets 3 separate times to finally get this answer with an actual date.
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It's the 17th. Anyone get updates?
Someone just posted an update they received, 3 hours ago. Warehouse received the items and are hoping to have them shipped out by the end of the week.
This is really poor management by massdrop. Worst drop ever. I am done with this. Getting back my refund now.
Got this yesterday (mine listed 8th of octobre): Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know.If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button on your transactions page and our Community Support Team will be able to help cancel your order up until it is ready for shipment.
August 30th was the shipping date... Still waiting. Can we get any update at all?
Got the email showing another delay..
I didn't 🙃
Does Massdrop not communicate with their manufacturers or what?? I'm not understanding why we can't even get an estimate of when we'll receive these. We've waited over a month now to hear anything at all.
Are there others who had an estimated ship date of October 8th after purchasing on the June drop?
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Mine still lists August.
Yep, I purchased in June and have the October 8th ship date... haven't received anything and have not received any updates.
Over three weeks have gone by already. Wonder if there's another delay mail and/or a refund program coming this week.
Wish they would do something soon...kind of ridiculous
At this point I'd appreciate any sort of disclosure from the vendor. Current situation makes me suspect the worst tbh.
Any ETA on when I can expect my order to ship? Getting a little nervous as I am due to shift house in a 2 months... Didn't think this is gonna be an issue when I first ordered it.
told them via email that I'm buying this for someone's birthday so timing is important... asked for further info and this is what they replied :))
"Thank you for reaching out to Massdrop. While we are working diligently to provide the best and quickest experience as possible to our members, we are still currently experiencing a high volume of requests leading to longer wait times for responses. We will respond to your message as quickly as possible and in the order in which your request was received. "
Which means absolutely nothing and still gives zero time frame :)))))))))))
How long should we wait before pulling the plug usually? :"(
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This is David from Massdrop Support. Thank you for reaching out to us on when your order for the Mechanical Keyboard. I apologize for the delay in shipping out your Keyboard. I am happy to help.
Regrettably, the vendors do not know as of right now on when your Keyboard will ship out. When your Keyboard ships out to your destination you will receive a confirmation email along with your tracking number.
I do again apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused. If you have any other questions or concerns I would be happy to assist.
Okay, myth confirmed. As a first massdrop experience, this is awful.