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Got the concrete set. It looks great and feels nice. It's disappointing that the frame for my G. Skill keyboard barely accommodates these keys since they're slightly larger than the stock keycaps. Some keys (right arrow, Pause, Esc, etc.) get stuck. To alleviate the situation, I throw in dampeners (as much as 2 o-rings) so they're sitting a bit higher. Other than that, I'm happy with this purchase.

Just received my set yesterday. They seem to be great so far. Slightly thinner than the caps that came with my Ducky One keyboard, but very robust. Letters are darker, thicker and more precise. Numbers are thinner, but just as precise.

They kit includes extra blanks and some random keys, such as a dark blue rubberized #7 key and a random red-lettered Chinese character key, both of which I have no use for. Also includes a Massdrop key and a Tai-Hao key.

Overall I'm very pleased with the quality.
ah, I thought the 7 key was a mistake lol. like the dark piece of potato in an order of french fries
1st time buying on massdrop. 1st time buying keycaps. I rate 10 out of 10 on the entire experience from ordering to delivery time and keycap quality!

I bought 2 sets, one for my Ducky Zero and one for my wifes Redragon. Both sets are near flawless from fit, finish and unifority. I could only find one tiny defect on the Num pad "7" key (a small piece of the darker ledend not covered by the lighter color of the keycap) That said I still cant believe the quality at this price point! If a drop like this happens again I will definitely consider getting more.

Can I use this on my Blackwidow Ultimate (link: )
I'm new to the whole mechanical keyboard customization stuff so like everything is really confusing atm.
Thanks in advance :D
I'm in the same boat as you.

Unfortunately, this keycap set won't work on Razer. The Razer keyboard doesn't have a standard bottom row layout. In a standard bottom row layout, all the keys in the bottom row (except the keyboard), are the same length. If you look at your Razer, you'll notice that the Windows, Function, and Menu keys are smaller than the Ctrl and Alt keys. They're all not the same length. These keycaps follow the standard bottom row layout.
Damn that sucks. These would’ve looked so good too :(
Will this spacebar work with my Anne Pro?
Yeap It fits. I had on my Anne pro and I loved it
The Anne Pro uses a standard bottom row layout, so yeah.
In for the Miami punch set. Really hope all the keys noted in the drop actually come with it. Also wish the Miami Punch had a choice of half aqua/half flamingo to make it a little more Miami...
iso option??
Would these work with a cooler master masterkeys pro m?
Yes the extra non-standard layout keys you need are included in this drop
Remember that the Pro M has a 00 key for the numpad. You can probably use a blank key that comes with this set, though.
I wish we could get these as blanks
Is it too much to ask for regular, normal, and simple White on Black colorway? All of these colorways look like Play-doh.
AGGGG! I am such an idiot, they just arrived and they are keycap set, not including a keyboard!! XD still looks cute tho.
Just got aquamarine and it's not at all like the picture. It's not cream and mint at all. It's the same blue as miami with very pale pink alphas. Still pretty, but disappointed it's not what I expected. Oh well.
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That's a good shot to show how pink it is.
Yep. Gonna skip this one. Shame. Had high potential. Thank you for sharing your picture!