Tai-Hao Neon Rubber Backlit Gaming Keycap Setsearch

Tai-Hao Neon Rubber Backlit Gaming Keycap Set

Tai-Hao Neon Rubber Backlit Gaming Keycap Set

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Anybody know when these are going to ship?
Estimated date was July 26, and there have not been any updates.
You can buy these exact keys off AliExpress for $15 and get them in a week or two. Sold by KPrepublic Store.

Edit: got mine in about 5 days. $15 flat.
Question! I wanna buy TWO of these. But one of different colors (1x Flamingo, 1x Bluebird). But how do I go about ordering like this? It seems like MassDrop doesn't allow for different styles/quantities to be selected.
same.. i want 2 colors and im lost on if its possible :/
Just drop by and spam, please make a 104 full set, I need 3 sets XD
Full sets and blanks please!
Bought the blue ones. These are great! They feel good, much better gaming experience. The light shines through the characters no problem
The colors are nothing like in the pics, the "neon" part of them is non-existant. I bought 2 sets, the green and the yellow (supposed to be orange but...).
The grip is great, i have other rubber sets and this one has one of the best grips but the aligment is off in some keys, they wobble much more than my other sets (they are thicker so i guess thats to be expected) but the colors, or should i say "lack off" is really bad. Specially the green but the yellow-supposed-to-be-orange isn't much better. Nothing on them screams "neon".
Been using these for about 9 months, and the W key just broke. Half the crosspiece that connects to the switch just broke off.
If only this had the red and black keycaps, would buy these in a heartbeat.
They have them in both red and black. Just go and request a new drop
kinesis gaming has red and black
I wish tai hao would come out with a blank set of these. I am like other people here, I have a set, and using it makes my other keys feel like crap. I would buy a blank set in every color they offered these keys are so comfortable!!
why do the numbers not have the symbols?
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if you think that after 15 years of being a computer programmer I know what's on theses keys then you're wrong.

also, your edginess is unneeded
I type on a full blank set every day and while I do fine with most of the board, I do still have issues with the number row. Getting the hang of it though.
i have the non neon ones and they are great and all but I was wondering, does anyone else think that the arrow keys are just failed "A"s?
The legends are positioned incorrectly to be failed As, not to mention they're shaped differently and the keys are a different profile. So no.
Any updates on the shipping date for these keycaps? The estimated ship date has passed and there's been no notifications whatsoever.
There was an email that went out.

"Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know."