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Tai-Hao Rubber Gaming Keycap Set

Tai-Hao Rubber Gaming Keycap Set

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Anyone purchase a black set and didn't use it but wants to sell it? (: PM me on reddit at /u/rafamundez
So will this ever drop again? Do a certain amount of people have to request it to drop? I'm new to Massdrop.
Does anyone know how close the Sky Blue set comes to matching the Miami set also from Tai Hao?
I love using these on my WASD but I now feel conflicted as it will break the aesthetic I have of my keyboard. I have conflicting emotions, i dont know what to do lol
Buy a new keyboard just to use those keycaps. Problem solved.
lol why not
Yeah how long will the wait be beacuse im considering other keycaps aswell
Does anyone know when this drop is coming back? I want these for my newest keyboard.
If you're looking for black, pm me on reddit (same username). I just took pics of them as I'm gonna clear some stuff out this weekend
Anyone know where I could find a white set of these?
eng: its compatible with Razer Blackwidow Tournament ver.2013? spa: es compatible con el Razer Blackwidow Tournament ver.2013?
i have this one. I think it is compatible for all MX cherry key switch just make sure that your keyboard using this type of switch will be ok.
Wish they added a few blank keys
Massdrop says that my package shipped out of the US on the 17th of jan and I still haven't received them :/
Received! feels and looks really awesome!


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Where did you get the cap?
Looks great .
These rule. Got a set last drop and they feel fantastic. My only complaint was that the 1-6 keys don't have the shift legend which took some getting used-to. Wish there were more color options but I'd probably buy a whole set if Tai-Hao made one.
ugh.. No white :(
Why arent other colors available? Only green and yellow?
sold out there was limited quantities
Sell blank rubber ones like these in 110 key packs and I'll buy.
That's all I want.
This isn't related to the product, but because it's an active keycap thread I though I'd ask here. Does anyone know of custom keycaps that fit mecha-membrane switches? I can't find any anywhere.
As far as I know, the term "mecha-membrane" refers specifically to Razer's proprietary mechanical-like switch, which I think is only on the new Ornata and maybe the new Tartarus. With such a small portion of the market I don't see keycap manufacturers making any custom sets for it, and certainly not in group buys.
If you want an example of what I mean, just look at keycaps for alps switches: even though it is the second most popular switch platform and is just as old as the cherry platform people still struggle to find keycaps for their salvaged alps or Matias switch keyboards. Razer is popular, but given its proprietary nature and how new the platform is I don't think we'll see many key cap sets unless Razer makes it themselves.
If anyone thinks differently or if there's any inaccuracies here please correct me, but I don't want Braden to get his hopes up.
Will these work with a Corsair K70 keyboard?
yeah all of the keys in this pack should fit the corsair k70, I have Tai-hao keycaps on my K70 lux rgb, and I only had to get replacements for a couple on the bottom row. In my experience, they are very high quality and should last a long time, at this price I would go for it.
Interesting. Has anyone tried spray-on rubber on plate , PCB (eek!), inside of case, keycaps, inside or outside switch bottom? Rubber should change the sound but don't know if result will be better or worse.
Are these the same one on Doyu that are in stock for $16.10?
I just wanna say I'm getting impatient atm. The previous drop of this until now I'm not getting any significant updates. -_-
I got mine from the previous one in December when it was scheduled to ship in January.
Aren't there any other gull keyboard ones? I can't find any textured keycaps for the whole KB.
I'm going to just say that while these feel nice and seem like they'll probably last, they sit so far above my OEM Razer keycaps that I can't realistically replace any letters with these without affecting my typing experience. Also, for us non-backlit keyboard owners (and I suspect to some degree even people with backlighting), the printing is very hard to read from anything other than straight above the key, because the white plastic is inset so much. In the end, all I replaced was my 5 macro keys with the numbers 1 through 5 and my arrow keys. I don't know what I'll do with the rest of these caps.
I knew shipping was going to take forever, and it did. I would not buy another set of these caps, but I'm not going to send my set back or anything.
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My default caps are Cherry profile (more or less, you can't swap keys from different rows so they aren't all the same). The thing about this set is that you have to use it with another set of keycaps, because obviously this is not a complete set. I don't know what the proportion of OEM to Cherry is in the wild, but I'd assume there's a fair number of people using Cherry profile, which these caps do not play nicely with.
Like I said, I made it work, but I think it would be better to mention something about this in the item's description.
I would say there are probably more OEM caps out there. I tried a set of these loaned from my coworker and they matched my OEM caps perfectly, and were no problem to type on.
Also, it doesn't get much clearer than stating "OEM Profile" right there in the specs. It's up to the buyer to know what profile they are using.
FYI There this is no bump or dip in the F homing key. Idk if I can get use to that or not but no one else as mentioned it yet so I thought I would.
why is the ship date so far away?
Dunno, ordered mine Nov 13 and I already have them now.
purchased mine nov 10th and the expected ship date is December 28th
Sweet!!, oh wait red is sold out -.- ...
I would buy a set just for F and J. The bumps on these keys are never big enough. I'm hoping the rubber will make locating them easy compared to non-rubber keys. As it is, I will get these and use F and put D on J.
I have this. I love these. I wish more than anything to have a full keyboard set of these. they are wonderful to type on and unique among all key caps on the market.
Please make a full set of these. Please make a full set of these. Please make a full set of these. Please make a full set of these. Please make a full set of these. Please make a full set of these.
So I was thinking... it would be great if someone made a full set of these. Hint, hint.
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They do feel softer. These particular ones are grooved to provide more grip and greatly reduce the chance of slipping... great if you have sweaty hands like I often do. The sides of them where they are smooth almost feel silky.
I do not think I have ever tried a PBT keycap. Would there be any discernible difference offered by a PBT mold I am unaware of?
Yes there is a huge difference between ABS(cheap and expensive which are different) and PBT keycaps. I'm personally using POM keycaps right now and they are awesome imo.
I brought 2 sets already. The grip is perfect for gaming. Just drop by and say, remind me if they make the whole keyboard of these keycaps, let me know. Or at least shift, control, alt and spacebar ;)
Got my blue the other day, fairly on time and everything. Looks decent and reminds me of the keys that comes with the Corsair K-keyboards. Haven't decided which keyboard should go through the overhaul with new caps though... ;)
Got mine today. Must have been lucky and been one of the first to ship. I've never used keycaps like this before so it's going to take a bit of getting used to. They sit *slightly* higher than my other caps and it's still weird to feel the texturized rubber on my left hand and the smooth caps under my right hand when typing. But, I really like them for gaming so far.
Hard to see since it's dark, but I went with the dark blue caps for my black keyboard (Royal Kludge RG-928)
Thanks for sharing a picture of black/blue configuration!