Takeda Jimuki Kyo-Iro Inks (2-Pack)search

Takeda Jimuki Kyo-Iro Inks (2-Pack)

Takeda Jimuki Kyo-Iro Inks (2-Pack)

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I found some writing samples from some asian websites.

^Cherry Blossom of Kaege
^Soft Snow of Ohara

^Stone Road of Gion
Stone Road of Gion (green)

LOL - WUT? That's green??
the price is very good. the ink is cheaper on rakuten global, but it's $18USD to ship it via JP EMS, which for 2 bottles would total to $46USD
The price is good but I live in areas where temperature is reasonable cold to order inks. my last jHerbin shipment had Leaking ink 😳 not ordering this time. Although I would have loved to. Why doesn’t Massdrop consider those do not freeze labels on ink packages ?! A few Pen retailers do it for their ink shipments
This is a pretty good price for the .Kyo-Iro ink collection. Currently $28./bottle at Vanness and $21.50/bottle at Jet Pens. I found these inks to be well behaved...good flow and lubrication, fast drying, no feathering and gentle on my pens. I typically use White Lines/Black ‘n’ Red notebooks. I’ll try to post swabs of these inks for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend
How about writing samples with these inks?
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I don’t usually chime in... I usually either laugh or cringe over such things.
I actually came to the discussion page to ask if any one had used the inks, how do they perform, ask if they could post a swab... the usual stuff.
Was a bit surprised to see someone respond to a simple question. That one was uncalled for and served no purpose.
Well I couldn’t leave a pen pal hanging.
This still makes me laugh...
What is the status of this drop? My order set with estimated shipping date December 12th 2017. It is almost one month overdue and I'm not receiving any updates.
Received 'Moonlight of Higashiyama' instead of 'Stone Road of Gion' :-/
It is a nice color, yes, but still... I was hoping to get something within the boundaries of 'professionally-acceptable' colors.
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Did you still want to swap bottles? Happy to do it. Need to share addresses. Would prefer to do over email dandbpeters@yahoo.com
Hi, I've just sent you an email.
Hmm, yet another ink drop (teehee, sorry) that hugely overstates the RRP to make the drop look good. Jetpens has these inks at US$21.50 a bottle, Rakuten at AU$17.50 (that’s about $13 US) not $30 a bottle. It’s still a bit of a discount but I’d rather pay a little more to a) get the colours I want, and only the colours I want and b) pay my money to people who are honest to us. I don’t see these overblown RRPs in other communities, why so often here?
The inks I wanted are already sold out. There is no mention on the description page of these items being limited in number. C'mon, guys. You do this for other drops. Why not let us know for this drop? You guys need a supervisor or editor. So many descriptions in various drops leave out important information. It's like you just cut and paste info without bothering to think about it.
Check out Jetpens, they seem to have four colours in stock (and they’re $21.50 per bottle) :)
fountain pen network has a good review of the inks http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/312222-kyo-iro-line-comparison/?hl=%2Btakeda+%2Bjimuki
I noticed in the description that Stone Road of Gion (perhaps my all-time favorite ink) is marked as green. The best color description I've seen of this so far is ash sepia. It's much closer to brown, but with some grey undertones. For green, you'd want Kyo-no-oto Kokeiro.
interesting colour. Not water-resistance though.
Joined just for collection purpose.
Ha ha, me too
Detailed review here: